The Alain De Benoist Collection

This Collection of articles features pieces by Alain de Benoist - and others about him. It is impossible to do justice in a brief introduction to the importance of the thought of de Benoist. Readers should appreciate that in a career of over three decades, de Benoist has laboured to change the very discourse of that mercurial entity sometimes labelled - 'radical nationalist politics'. Through the Research Group For The Study Of European Civilization (GRECE in its French acronym), and the circles and publications which grew up around it, de Benoist developed a theory of long-term counter-cultural struggle for hegemony with the dominant 'Western liberal internationalist ideology'. Drawing upon the theories of the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, de Benoist started a struggle to 'contest' and delegitimise this opposing ideology. Labels should not be imposed on de Benoist although the term 'Nouvelle Droit' (New Right) was one which he used. In a war of ideas, it was the appointed function of the Nouvelle Droit to provide new arguments. The breadth of de Benoist's thought ranges from his defence of the old 'pagan' ethos through to his dissection of American cultural imperialism and the Indo-European myth in European civilization.

It can be said, as some of the material here reveals, that there are now visible indications that liberalism is under substantive challenge. Yet the hour is late and the ideology of market-driven disintegration is still empowered in all European societies. The thought of de Benoist, of course, was first composed in French. Thanks to the labours of other Europeans, it passed into most languages, progressively through the 1980's and definitely throughout the 1990's. For the first time on an Australian Internet site, it appears. And recently, the related 'Rallying Point Information Service' has published some of de Benoist's texts in English.

The importance of de Benoist in altering 'our' discourse is one where some participants in our politics express their thoughts in a language without knowing its source. That is 'success' indeed! The ideological outpouring of the GRECE school is vast and covers the gamut of contest, from the characterisation of European Identity with its Indo-European roots through to the discussion of race, the place of economics in society, psychology and philosophy.

We expect to add to this Collection over time. Last addition: November 2005

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