Red-Brown Politics In Eastern Europe

Dr. Jim Saleam

This speech was given to the Sydney Forum in December 2001 and modified for the Conservative Speakers' Club in January 2002. It has been edited slightly for publication here.

Fellow Australians, Ladies And Gentlemen:

I gave a version of this speech to the Sydney Forum in December. The tone of the questions by that audience showed me that a number of patriotic people were vitally interested in this subject. It is necessary therefore to deepen our study of it. I was also moved by the impressive David Duke. On his website (he is currently in Russia) is an article predicting and praying for a political upheaval in Russia.

It was some time ago, when a television report alerted me to a demonstration in Moscow. A crowd of older people, many women, were opposing the privatisation of industry; they condemned unemployment figures and the moral decay of Russia. They carried pictures of Joseph Stalin. "More Russians are dying than are being born", a woman told an American news-reporter. "Once we were a power, now we beg for International Monetary Fund loans," she added. Lost power, purpose, jobs, security. Could I condemn her? Pictures of Stalin or no pictures of Stalin!?

I remembered another anomaly. In 1993, President Yeltsin ordered the Russian army to surround the parliament house. Parliament had impeached him and appointed Alexander Rutskoi, Vice-President, as the President. Russia tottered on the brink of civil war. The men who defended the parliament against that tool of western bankers, as the drunkard Yeltsin was, presented a curiosity. They called themselves the National Salvation Front. They were a broad alliance of Soviet era officials and ex-communists, ardent patriots like Lysenko and Rutskoi and many others. They were an alliance of what was the Left with those we’d call the Right, and had formed in 1992. They failed to overturn Yeltsin that time, but the alliance has lived on and flourished.

In fact, what is incredible about this alliance in the first place was the presence of men like Jean Thiriart (unknown to most here) who belonged on the European ‘Right’, Alain de Benoist whose theories have bolstered the French Front National and others. With machine guns, some European nationalist youth fought with their Russian friends against the NWO and this set off a new inter-penetration of ideas. A European Liberation Front now exists, with affiliates in several countries.

To get the background story about the Euro-nationalists working with the new Russian forces, I recommend this book: Kevin Coogan, Dreamer Of The Day: Francis Parker Yockey And The Post War Fascist International (1999). (Produced)

What has happened to Soviet, indeed to eastern bloc communism? We saw how Slobodan Milosevic, for all his faults, set up the old CP as the Socialist Party, invoked Serb patriotism, rallied with Selecj of the nationalist Radical Party (he’s a friend of J-M Le Pen after whom a street was named in Belgrade) and fought NATO imperialism. The Greater Romania Party, which includes many ex-communists, has protested asylum-seekers and NATO imperialism in the Balkans. Left and Right are in melt-down. New categories have come into being. The academics call it all ‘red-brown politics’, they say it’s old time reds with fascist appetites! I won’t labour their term, but use only to describe things new to our eyes. Most importantly, dare we hope for a new mass popular movement against globalism on the old Continent? What can we Australians learn to achieve our own freedom?


From Communism To Nationalised Socialism: What Happened?

We must first set the stage. How did internationalist communism become late-Soviet Era nationalised socialism? This seems to be part of the basis of what’s happening and we need to grasp it.

Walter Lacquer, an international expert on fascism, in his book Black Hundred: The Rise Of The Russian Extreme Right (1993), tells us that a key issue in the change was the vexed Jewish question. I agree. It was not the only issue, but an important one.

Lacquer wrote:

".(it) is a well known fact, and it is also clear that for about a decade after 1917, Jews played a role in the party and state leadership far in excess of their part in the population. There were also a great many Jews in leading positions of the Red Army and the GPU/NKVD, the secret police. There were even more in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade; Jews (it was believed) were more likely than Russians to know foreign languages and to feel at ease in a foreign surrounding. Frequently, Jews appeared as commissars, as representatives of Soviet power in places where Jews had never been seen before. Thus, they were identified with the deeply unpopular policies of the new regime. Jews qua Jews had not decided to launch the Red Terror, nor to unleash the civil war, let alone the collectivization of agriculture. But they appeared frequently as the executors of these policies. It is not known that there was a specific anti Jewish reaction in Russia after 1920. But it is equally obvious that the actions of these deracines, non-Jewish Jews were bound to be remembered by the Russian victims of their rule."

The great Arthur Calwell in his biography Be Just And Fear Not told us this in 1972:

"The 1917 revolution in Russia was warmly welcomed by that country’s Jews. They had bitter memories of Czarism and the pogroms, and naturally they helped Lenin in the October revolution. Almost everybody in the Russian public service refused to serve the Bolshevik regime. In the Russian Foreign office for example, every post vacated, right down to charwoman, was taken by a Jewish men and women. Leon Trotsky, Grigori Zinoviev and Lev Kamanev are the names of three highly intellectual Jews who joined Lenin’s administration. But the anti-semitic feelings of the Russian people had been so long ingrained that Stalin, having purged many Jews in the 1937 faked trials, had arranged for the infamous trial of seven Jewish doctors on bogus charges of having conspired to murder Russia’s leaders, before death overtook him in 1953. It was this alone that saved his intended victims from extermination.."

I remember that some old Australian right-wing people thought the connection between Jews and communism was a big secret and they held to this even when they weren’t preaching in face of the facts (as I shall show), that communism was still as late as the 1980's - a Jewish plot!!! Funny, I learned about Lacquer’s information in under-grad-history. There was an elderly gentleman, Jimmy Hobson, who ran the Conservative Bookshop in Brisbane. He told me in 1974 that the Jewish involvement in communism was the biggest secret of the 20th century. He told me that the very day my uni lecturer laid it all out before us. In the same year I read George Katkov’s classic The February Revolution with its chapter ‘Jews And Revolution’.

But the question was not a simple matter. More Jews were mensheviks than bolsheviks. The former were pseudo-scientific westernisers. The latter looked in haste to a world republic. Yet, in giving up their cultural roots, the bolshevik Jews alienated themselves from their strength. As a part of the ruling elite, they had no ‘capital’ except their cleverness. It made their elimination easier by the brutal dictator. He had written in 1913 that Jews were not a nation and looked for any suggestion they sought it as treason against communism. Years later, he enforced that idea with deadly violence.

Beginning with Socialism In One Country in 1927, Stalin banished the idea of world-revolution. It forced Russia upon its own resources and the leader-elite had to identify with the new cause – or perish. When Stalin collectivised the land, many of his enforcer-commissars were Jews and they were hated. He would eliminate them too.

The Russian revolution was always a mixed affair, the revolt of certain nationalities against the Great Russians, the peasants for land, the workers for justice, the russophiles against westernisation. If we look for signs that the film was later run backwards, we won’t be disappointed.

But then Wilmot Robertson of the Dispossessed Majority said something changed in Russia in the 1930’s. (Produce) The famous Francis Parker Yockey, author of Imperium, said it too.

David Duke in his My Awakening counsels the same idea. I’m not alone here.

The Great Purge 1936-38 was a violent watershed in Russian history. Amidst the mountains of the dead, perished the world revolutionaries of 1917 – and their ideas. In those years Stalin waded in the blood of the Russian people for the second time after the collectivisation of the land.. Again,he used some Jewish fanatics and other bolsheviks to purge the big men. And then he killed them too! By 1941, only one Jew (Kaganovich) remained in Stalin’s central core.

Essentially too Stalin’s alliance with Hitler, and then his war with Hitler, altered the internal balance of the Soviet state. Wilmot Robertson says it. In November 1941, as the German Army approached Moscow, Stalin revived Great Russian patriotism. In his famous speech, he reinvoked the heroes of Slavdom and pronounced the war, one between Teutons and Slavs. It was German occupation policy which made that claim a sad truth.

Many Russians chose Stalin over the Germans. In the hard winter of 1941 some Moscovites were amused by the execution of 200 Jewish profiteers. As the Germans approached Moscow, they were selling German-Russian dictionaries and little swastika pennants to welcome the invaders. Stalin’s victory in The Great Patriotic War brought nationalism back into vogue. There could be no going back.

By 1949, Stalin was waging the anti-cosmopolitan campaign against rootless Jewish intellectuals, denouncing Israel, developing Soviet patriotism. He was slowly strangling Jewish cultural organisations in the name of Soviet patriotism. He had come to see Zionism as a foe of his power. Remember the old Khruschev joke? What’s the similarity between Moses and Stalin? Moses led the Jews out of Egypt. Stalin led them out of the Central Committee.

By 1952, he could propose the re-unification of Germany as a neutral state. He let Rudolf Hess out of jail to talk unification with the Socialist Unity Party.

None of this makes Stalin a good fellow. But history can work through the most misdirected of phenomena. It can compel players to do what is demanded of them, not what they desire, let alone takes seriously what they say. The great German historian, Oswald Spengler, used to say: "history reeks nothing of human logic".

In early 1953, Stalin hatched the Doctor’s Plot. He had already slain Slansky and the Jewish leaders of Czech communism. When he accused Slansky of being a tool of the Joint Jewish Distribution Committee, he repudiated the very men who had helped Trotsky to Russia in 1917. Radio Bucharest commented on the arrest of the spider-like dictator Anna Paucker:

"We also have criminals amongst us, Zionist agents and agents of international Jewish capital. We shall expose them, and it is our duty to exterminate them".

The Doctor’s Plot scared his henchmen as it was the prelude to World War. Perhaps they killed him. But they inherited his state and continued the broad policy of Russification of the empire. In 1956, when Rakosi was overthrown in Hungary, Jews were removed from the leadership of Hungarian communism.

Alexander Yanov wrote of the nationalisation of the communist party and organisations in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. The great Prof. Gumilev who argued that nations and identities, with their racial underlays were locomotives of history, became a prominent Soviet academic. The Komsomol issued documents in Leningrad in 1965 decrying the idea of racial intermarriage. The KGB sponsored the somewhat notorious ‘Pamyat’ to defend Russian cultural heritage and agitate against Zionism. Under the threat of nuclear war. President Brezhnev told Margaret Thatcher in 1980: the only question is whether the white race will survive. In the Seventies Caution Zionism appeared and Judaism Without Embellishment was published, and the USSR supported Palestine and the Arab revolution. Western Jewry began a long agitation against the USSR and the CIA plotted to bring it down, giving us John Paul II and Solidarity!

Factions began to emerge in the CPSU. One called the ‘national bolsheviks’ wanted to preserve the power of the USSR, its unity etc, but rehabilitate the Slavic past, including the Romanov achievement. They followed in the tradition of those who, even in the 1930’s, saw a similar development then in its infancy. Russian military men formed Soyuz to defend the patriotic memory. Religious Orhtodox groups operated more freely.

In 1991, the USSR which after all, was still an empire, collapsed, and the CPSU was banned. In the same year, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation took its place.

Dare we say what Wilmot Robertson, Common Sense, Yockey and others had said at different points? That what called itself communism, failed planned economy and all, was something else?


Understanding Gennady Zyuganov

This ex-professor of maths with a PhD on ethics, heads the Communist Party of the Russian Federation (KPRF).

I think Zyuganov will dominate the factions of this party for a long time. He has built a mass party which commands thirty percent of the vote.

There are two representative quotes from this man which break the mould. He said:

"Perceptions, cultures, and ideology in the western world are more and more affected by the Judaic diaspora … which traditionally controlled the financial life of the continent..(it) began expanding its market by becoming the bearer of the controlling pack of shares in the industrial economic system of western civilisation.." (Beyond The Horizon, 1995).

In 1999 in his The Geography Of Victory he said that the "new world order seeks the standardisation of humanity.."; he said that, "the destruction of all nations and their merger into a formless mass", was their vision. The "Slavic world" was regarded as an "obstacle" to this poison.

And now, but two weeks ago, he called for a "cordon-sanitaire" around Russia and former Soviet Central Asia to keep out both "refugees" and the globalists who hope to seize the oil rich Moslem republics.

These ‘communists’ are not really communists. They are condemned by the left-over Left Trotskyites in the West, as fascists and racists. They are loathed for their plan to form a new confederation out of the ex-USSR and play the Central Asian oil card. They work with the men of Russian nationalism. They don’t advocate the old state central plan/control everything economy.

Before we go on with definitions, why can’t we just judge for what they fight for? A con? No, there are a hundred better ones. Con who? These people represent where Soviet state-communism was going, slowly, like a glacier, turning into its opposite, a type of populist nationalism, part-conservative, part radical.

On The Streets Of Russia, Left And Right Unite.

For the last five years, Russia has become a hive of nationalist action. There are now several organisations which express the revival of Russian nationalism. They have vastly different labels and they don’t all have the same programmes, but we can witness a certain general resistance to decay.

The Liberal Democratic Party, 6% of the popular vote. On the way out, yes, and known for its flamboyant leader, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. In the new book by Stephen Shenfeld, Russian Fascism: Traditions, Tendencies Movements, we read that it is the residue of this party and where their well organised machine will eventually move, which is important. It has presently 20,000 members. Nominally anti-communist it is populist, anti-multinational and concerned at the threat to the white race from the east. Zhirinovsky recently changed line and went pro-USA. This will speed the crisis of his party.

The Russian Communist Workers’ Party. Now this group of a few thousands, recently worked with David Duke, America’s first white rights’ activist in Moscow to launch his new book. Communists? Well with about 2% of the vote this party this group condemns the "nasty monetary international" of the Zionists and their partners. They want the Russian identity preserved. No leftist from the West will work with them. Our own Green-Left Weekly said in 1999 that they were patriots not marxists.

The Russian National Unity, had up to 50,000 members in the police, army and civil service and youth until a break up only last year. Led by Barkashov, it was strongest in the eastern provinces. The RNU spoke of genuine Christianity and a genuine reconciliation of the white and the red in Russia’s past.

The National Bolshevik Party of writer,. Eddy Limonov, founded in 1993, presents a real anomaly. Now with 8000 members, it is regarded as the best-organised "neo-fascist formation". Noted for black leather jackets and berets, the young members are strong in Russia’s universities where they impress Russia’s intellectual life by wanting preserve the past, the whole past white and red, and move on. They want a revolution to free Russia of the NWO and new business class, reunification of the Slavic territories and a united Europe of peoples from the Atlantic to Vladivostok. The IMF gang has asked Putin to suppress them, say their papers.

Now too, Limonov is a friend of Alain de Benoist and they have contributed together to journals in France which have riven the Left over the national question v globalisation.

I have only dealt with Russia. It is broadly the same in Ukraine, Belarus, in Rumania. That’s all another story, but the thrust there is clear and the new forces link up with Russian forces. In a small way, it showed in the Internet petition for Milosevic. I know I signed, but so did the whole set of national radical forces across eastern Europe. The hour of reckoning comes closer for the masters of new evil empire – in the NWO.

A Russian Revolution? Australian Independence And Freedom?

Professor Alexander Dugin is a sort of wild Russian character, part Rasputin, part-academic, and today he instructs Russia’s Left and Right on geo-politics. He operates the EURASIA ARCHIVE on the Internet, a site dedicated to Russia and Europe re-forming its independence and identity upon a new trade-friendship system with the Central Asian states whose great oil wealth has attracted those "fighters against terrorism", the western-alliance. He is secretary to the president of the Russian duma and he recently published one of my articles. He has told us why the ‘freedom boys’ are in Afghanistan. A new Europe from the Atlantic to Vladivostok might break the NWO order, eventually strangling it in its New York/Washington lair. That is his message and he instructed the NBP, Zyuganov and even President Putin in geo-politics.

Dugin tells us that Russia will inevitably break with the false westernisation of today. If that is so, what does it mean for Australia? Malcolm Booker, ex-diplomat said in 1979 that even a soviet Russia would have had no problem with a Euro-Australia rather than an Asian Australia. What view would a new Russia have? I think the same.

The Australian Left is in disarray. There are leftover leftists from the old CPA/SPA stable, most now united in a new CPA. There are some unionist types who favour the more ‘national’ road. These developments in Russia excite and confuse them. Officially, our CPA has relations with Zyuganov.

Could it be possible, that like in Russia and Serbia and Rumania, some leftists might, in their hatred of the new Trotsky-label internationalist Reds, go more national, and pass over into a different camp? It’s possible. And the Russian case in particular should be pointed out to them so we can help them along the way. Have Australian patriots ever considered this sort of politics: a friendship of outsider forces against the establishment? Of winning over the genuine Left to fight the evil empire?

Getting Over The Left/Right Hangover

For myself, I have struggled over the years to never suffer personally from this ‘divide’. Ditto with the groups I’ve been involved in. Like you, I’ve never approved of the Marxist ideology, but I haven’t been too concerned from my youth to now, with ever kicking the commo can. These days it’d be plain stupid anyway. The comms are Trotskyites today, rabid internationalists, gay rights off-boys and part-girls, supporters of open-borders for refos and free-trade activists, NUTS. They are reds who work for capitalism.

I think most patriotic people today look beyond official terms like Left and Right. Does Left really mean being for people and the Right being for other values? Does the Left mean state economics and the Right stand for economic freedom? Is the Left for utopia and the Right for tradition? All these things fall down. Today official Left might mean following the politically correct social agenda and Right fronting for the world order forces, but both TOGETHER laying down the chains of slavery to the peoples of the earth. By god, labels are worn out!!

Could it be that some ideas from the Left of yesteryear like the rights of peoples to national self-determination has merged with the old Right idea of identity? Could it be that standing up for the downtrodden has merged with the right to justice and a future? Could it be that nations, peoples, families, have re-emerged in the language of patriotic and old Left forces – like has happened in Russia, Serbia, Rumania and so on?

We have to get smarter and not worry about the old divide. We have to move on.



It seems that there are changes coming in the old eastern bloc, particularly in Russia. A government could come to power which sets out to break half the old-continent from the New World Order imperialists. Now that would be to our interest. To Australia’s interest.

We need to be in at the ground floor. We need to make ourselves and our anti-NWO views known to the new Russian nationalists and keep in broad touch with their struggle. They are not our salvation of course, but they’re part of a developing picture of resistance to the greatest monster ever known: the globalisers’ order. If that means talking to the Zyuganov communists, then why not?

We need to work on disintegrating parts of the Australian old Left with the truth of where Russian communism has gone and make some pretty weird and wonderful new allies in our local Australian struggle.

Most of all, understanding this so-called red-brown politics, frees our brains from old intellectual prisons. And we must think clear if we are to become the best-informed defenders of Australia’s Identity, Independence And Freedom!




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