Neither Washington Nor Mecca But Australian Independence!

Dr. Jim Saleam


This speech was delivered to the second Sydney Forum in September 2002. This Forum was addressed by His Excellency Dr. Saad Al-Samarai, charge d'affaires of the Republic of Iraq. Dr. Al Samarai delivered an address on the futility and foolishness of an attack on Iraq. Observing diplomatic protocol, he left shortly after the conclusion of the adjournment after his address. The following speech has been edited.

Distinguished Guests, Fellow Australians, Ladies And Gentlemen.

It was George Orwell who said: "in an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Trite but true.

In that sense, this Forum and this speech are revolutionary acts. And given the mindset of our political class, we could be assumed as subversive here, and defacto revolutionary in our stand for the independence of our country. Fantastic!

At this point in time, our leaders are hatching a war against the country of Iraq and waging a so-called 'war against terrorism' - or more truthfully a war on Islam, and not just militant Islam either. The two things are inter-related. Most of you are suspicious of their motives and fear the consequences; potentially, this free thought makes us targets of our own state. We might be lumped in with 'the enemy'.

There is an ocean of material in the press dealing with the need for a so-called 'war on terror', wars on Islamic fundamentalist terrorism, and against Iraq, and so forth. I believe a lot of lies get mixed in with the odd truth. I'll come to that. But even when we sift through the mass of detail, we're short of anchor points. If we are to make sense out of chaos, we must learn to be systematic and organise the facts into a picture Australians can see. We are people drawn from many Australian patriotic groups. If we see clearly, we can lead properly.

International politics is being presented to Australians as a dichotomy, two alternatives: Washington, the light, progress, money, your lifestyle, liberal freedom OR the spiritual-entity of Mecca, the dark, reaction, envy, backward morality, unfreedom. Two poles. Then, as a side-line, there is the old worn out struggle of democrats verses dictators. Well, in so far as either picture contains any truth and in so far as either side has whatever virtues and faults, I say Australian independence should be our third position.

The Real Challenge To Australia.

Essentially, the challenge for Australia’s identity, independence and freedom lies in the emergence of the New World Order political system, which has as its underlay – globalist capitalism. That challenge does not come from Moslem terrorists regardless of how bloodthirsty they are. We may call the system that governs us all whatever we wish, but that’s how it shapes up; it is multinational and money capitalism. I have no problem with that word. Many publications explain a lot of it, such as the creditable services organised by Jeremy Lee, the Strategy newspaper, The News Report. The patriotic parties talk about it, but even all this needs to be simplified into formulae that people can then turn into persuasive propaganda, propaganda to answer the globalisers’ propaganda. The globalisers call themselves DEMO-crats. But they are PLUTO-crats, those who rule by money.

We all know that there is a new climate of repression building in Australia in the wake of the Islamic terror attacks on the USA.. On the street level, the League of Rights was ordered out of a venue in Sydney. Wreckers inside patriotic groups have been busy. Provocateurs are active as Leon Gregor who I believe is mustered to the Open Forum, will detail briefly. The Trotskyite street gangs are targetting anyone and any group who/which talks of an Australian national interest. Unions that put Aussie workers first are under attack. Thought crime came to town when an elderly Christian lady from Launceston - Olga Scully - was condemned in the Federal Court as a racist. Her crime? She said Israel was illegitimate because most modern Jews are not Hebrews but descendants of a tribe of people from Southern Russia who converted to Judaism in the eighth century. Her accuser? Jeremy Jones, top Zionist, whose feelings were "hurt".Domestic spying has been put on a new legislative basis and it is patriotic and nationalist groups which are the targets. Like never before, the pressure is on to secure Australia within the NWO order and to back up the regime with laws and the games and methods of a political police.

It is difficult to cut through the censorship to tell the people the truth about the 'war on terror'. The Establishment does not want us to be able to market our truths or to expose their lies.

The themes of discussion underlying this assembly have a particularity: our aim will be to relate the politics of the slogan Identity, Independence, Freedom to the developing politics of permanent war engaged in by the Australian state. We must address the issue of the internal ideological terror the state must organize against its own citizens to be able to be a part of the globalisers’ war. We must explain what the globalisers' war is all about and why we shouldn't be part of it.

True Patriotism And Opposition To Foreign Adventures. Who Is The Enemy?

Nothing is harder than to oppose a foreign adventure, something all wrapped up in the national flag and something which might kill our men and fuel the passion to revenge the dead. Nothing is harder than to say 'no'. Particularly when there's so obvious a murder gang like that around bin Laden, and which supposedly threatens the earth.

Yet Australia has a mighty tradition of questioning foreign wars. Even allowing that the bin Laden gang are killers, mad dogs, I'd say his previous paymaster, the CIA, can't be a friend of anyone. If we think that subversive thought, we're only behaving as other Aussies have before us.

When the old Empire sent troops to the Boer War, the late, great, Bulletin magazine, said 'no'. It was a war for the gold kings and sweated labour, a disaster for western civilisation. Where was the valour in locking up Boer women and kids in the world's first concentration camps? Yet our Army still talks of the war as part of our 'tradition'. We now know The Bulletin was dead right.

And the First World War. During that war, we were the only country to hold a referendum on conscription. It lost. The government side accused the other of treason, helping the German darkness, the boche, of being slackers. In that case, the majority of Australians, including the men at the front, were traitors by their standard. We know now what a twisted war that was. Side by side with ANZAC glory (irony: we helped free Palestine and Iraq of the Turks!) was the secret Jap plan to invade while our men were away; this was a war fought to make the bankers rich. Who was right? The red, white, blue men? Or those who saw through it and argued an Aussie interest?

And then the Second World War. I remember the name Percy Stephensen. This giant of Australian literature, asked before the war and until he was interned in a concentration camp, whether Australia had any business in a European war? He said: well the Empire said we're a free Dominion, even free to leave its bonds. If we don't want to die in a foreign war, let's leave the Empire and put Australia First. In 1942, when he urged the return of our army from the Middle East to defend this country, the government hatched a plot, called him a Jap traitor and threw him in a camp. He was exonerated of every lie, but never compensated. The men who questioned his 'Australia First' line hatched the Brisbane Line, the plan to divide Australia with the Japs, set up an Occupation Government and wait for peace.

Who are the heroes, who the traitors?

No, folks. The main enemy is at home. He always was. The enemy is that Australian business and political class that toadies to overseas. Look, I just don't want to see my country attacked because we support Israel's right to kill Palestinians, because we support the right of the oil monopoly to steal the oil off Iraq and off other Arab countries. Some Australians don't like Arabs and Moslems. Fine even to that. But do they want to send their brothers and fathers to die for Zionism and oil?

The political class tells us we're in mortal danger so they crawl to the money-empire based in Washington. They crawl to the men who are only too happy with the terrible loss of life last year in New York, since it gives them the moral right to crusade for oil and Zionism. This is the same class that knew, yes, knew, the Japs were going to hit Pearl Harbour in 1941. What's a few thousand dead when you can get the war you want?

Lifting The Lid On New World Order Imperialism.

It is necessary for activists and for members of the various patriotic and nationalist associations, parties and movements to become adept in explaining the nature of the globalist madness and how it affects our lives, from the macro to the micro levels. If we can do this, we can move more and more people into action.

First: globalisation is the means by which its instigator and beneficiary, the transnational capitalist class, ensures its dominance over the economy and politics of our planet. This class, possessed either of wealth or intellectual or organising capital, has no nation and sees in open borders/open markets the destruction of all identities in a consumer herd mass.

A group of people who would turn their collective back upon history, culture and identity, for a nebulous future founded upon the logic of a market bazaar, are hardly likely to agree to accept popular consultation and genuine democracy. They’re big on slogans about that, yet bankrupt in substance. Our task is to make wide sectors of the people see the contradiction.

Second: to ultimately govern such a system, as much as to build it block by block, only force and terror will suffice. The 1990’s saw war everywhere and creeping legislation to shore up the authority of the state everywhere within this ‘western’ system.

War and secret policemen, destruction and mind controlling repression, are not recipes for the realisation of human potential. It is necessary this reality of ‘democracy’ is popularly explained.

Third: a system which proclaims itself a sort of end-of-history is not one which articulates a future – just an existence. It is a system of repressive and regressive government, excess in the name of its perfection.

It promises within the borders of its Roman Empire some degree of prosperity if people will leave politics to the new Caesars of global capital. Existence is not an inspiration for creativity and true progress. This mind-numbing conformity is an enemy of ours, yes, but it places us outside as the only force upon which people can focus – for change.

Why is the Islamic world, and the Arab countries in particular, being targetted by the new imperialists? Is it because of a 'terrorist' called bin Laden and a bad man called Saddam Hussein? We Australians are European, should stay European; our culture's religion is Christian, whether we are all Christians or not. Our culture gives us that personal choice. Yet, we can accept other peoples have other religions. We are not crusaders. But now, using the mask of our difference, the warmongers want war. Aren't the Islamic countries being targetted because they are outside the NWO? We live as we live and they can live as they live. But why does the New World Order want to fight them? Is it the new order wants to convert them into clones of the perverted world we have to endure daily and against which we are in rebellion - the free market, of drugs, sexualisation, corruption. Is it any wonder the Islamicists called us Satanic? Indeed our West, our Australia, is sick, or at least the official West and the official Australia which is breaking up our heritage and identity is mortally ill. It's taking us for the ride.

It is against this order that I can see emergent, and highly diverse, forces of revolt. If we are in a position to use the resources the freedom movement already has, I repeat, already has,

there is a real opportunity to be in a position to focus the widening groups of people who are suspicious of the globalisation, or who have begun, in their own ways, to oppose it.

Different types of people have begun to take new stands. It's happening everywhere.


Inspiration From Horst Mahler

Recently, I obtained some guidance in understanding the war on terror and the system's war against us, its own people, courtesy of the German political activist Horst Mahler, a man we may yet all manage to hear at the next Forum in 2003.

Mahler is at this time the defence lawyer for the patriotic German National Democratic Party (NPD) before the German Constitutional Court. Here the German branch of the NWO has tried to ban a legal, constitutional political party, just as Human Rights gangsters and the Victorian Bracks’ Act thugs try to ban speech that opposes "tolerance" and "multiculturalism" as they define it in Australia. And Mahler is winning, all the while as his party favours German neutrality in the 'war on terror'.

In the 1980’s, and especially after German reunification, Mahler then a leftist, surveyed the German Left and asked himself some questions which few (yet!) on the Australian Left have ever contemplated:

if it was okay to demand the unity of Korea and Vietnam , why not of his country, Germany?

if it was okay to talk of self-determination in the Third World, then why not for westerners?

if it is okay to confirm identity and independence for various nationalities across the globe, then is this not a universal principle?

Mahler became a nationalist, passing from the Left to a new position.

Western people should take pride and that's not racism. Mahler explained to me the real racism in this world is the anti-western racism of our ruling class! It hates our culture, our identity, our respective national cultures and identities, and strikes to replace it all with a free-trade/free-labour multicultural/multiracial fantasyland everywhere. Genuine people both from Left and Right should defend the right to identity as fundamental and inviolable and condemn and fight any force which seeks their destruction whether by ideology or market vision. Indeed! Yes, it is the right to identity that is under attack.

With such a view, why should we westerners be enemies of peoples who want what we want? That doesn't mean we have to like all they say or do; in some cases, like bin Laden, we may condemn it. But what of the Islamic Salvation Front in Algeria which has kind words for Le Pen? Or the Ba'ath in Iraq? Or the neo-Nasserites in Egypt. These names don't mean much to most Aussies, but these movements are not confrontationist religious fanatics. These movements are nationalist movements.

In particular, since the attack on the USA last year, Mahler has asked whether the NWO system was itself not born in violence and terror and lies? I looked at these arguments and I think they're right.

We can say that this system had as its moral genesis the 1945 terror attack on Dresden and the subsequent atomic bombing of Japan, events without military meaning since 'our side' had already defeated the German and Japanese enemy, but which give the lie to the idea of peaceful democracy; the system has continued war ever since, ostensibly against communist and other dictatorial systems, but in reality, to shackle the earth and intimidate all to silence. It has millions of dead on its conscience. Today it wrongly identifies militant Islam as its new totalitarian enemy.

We can accept that it was actually the communist Lenin who best understood the linkage between war and political change; if war was inevitable under capitalism, then we should ask, will war ultimately cause the weakest links in the chain to break? And so what?

It is my belief that as Left/Right categories break down, a new mass social movement of discontent will develop, in so far as its outlines cannot already be seen. This is what we need to be thinking about. We need to look out for new allies against the main enemy. We need to ponder whether the system we live under now has a 'use-by-date' stamped on it, and thanks to its own criminal folly. Apocalyptic? Or just a nice thought?

The Ten Point Argument

We Australians yearn for a rightful place in the world, as an independent country that makes its own decisions. We need to look very carefully at the foreign policy issues, hard as they are. And then draw the bow for Australia. We want this country to be free, but how will we get it.

1. Reasonably, the terror attack on the USA on September 11 2001 was made by fanatics inspired by Islamic-based visions. Yet the Islamicist perception that the US superpower has condoned and abetted the Zionist colonial state called Israel in its war on the Palestinians and Islam - is not erroneously based. As long as this actual USA/Israel axis of evil exists, and as long as the Israeli state is a Zionist entity, this war will continue. It is not Australia’s war. Australia’s foreign policy is not based upon the true Australian interest, but it is our concern that while our country is part of a political-economic alliance system (the New World Order – NWO) it is a target for Islamic extremism.

2. The war declared by the US President on September 15, ostensibly a war on terror (that is a retaliatory war with the additional component of pro-active violence against states that supposedly sponsor terror), was a declaration for war without end. It was declared for the principles of pluralism, tolerance, security (and now said to be aimed at an ‘axis of evil’ in Iraq, Iran and N. Korea). This declaration was issued in the language of the past. These were the words of 1917 and 1941 and of every grubby war waged by the Washington gangsters this century. The fine words have never expressed the content of the imperialism of the US regime.

3. The war waged in Afghanistan was not being waged to arrest certain individual terrorists but to position the New World Order (NWO) system in Central Asia. The great oil wealth of the Central Asian states must be harnessed to global capital and the military forces of the NWO order must be there to be in position to coerce those states like Russia and China, which are not yet integrated into the global economy, to adopt ‘western democratic capitalist’ norms.

4. The war for tolerance, pluralism and security, does not impress the Islamic world (diverse as it is politically), China, India or Russia. That itself undermines the globalists’ propaganda that their system is already the only one on earth and the way, the truth and the light. Nonetheless, the present ‘war on terror’ has been initiated to establish the borders of the NWO system as widely as possible, and like the Romans of the past to establish limes or limits of power towards which the remainder of the globe will be invited to extend. And inside the current realm it will tyrannically enforce its vision of the cultureless, raceless, nationless hominid, consuming, obeying, dying, according to market needs.

5. The war has brought out the internal crisis of western multiculturalism. The regime-leaders have had to concede that the violence in America and the security fears elsewhere inside the western ramparts could never had occurred if it was not for open door immigration. They have had to fight a war against those who loath not just the liberal West, but the European race, and they do so whilst extolling their love of ‘diversity’ within their own borders. Their enemy and one of our cultural enemies too, lives next door. Next week, when the USA remembers the attack on New York, Yank schools are being asked to run classes on the virtues of diversity. Are they mad?

6. Australia’s involvement in the war which makes the country a target for Islamic terror intensifies the degree of political integration of all the establishment parties and fuels internal political repression.

7. The strategic reply of Australians should be to mirror-reverse the positions taken by the NWO. The globalists say that their war: unites all who favour peaceful western multiculturalist tolerance, pluralism and economic growth against those who favour separatist cultural zones and economic political closures; any and all allies, internal and foreign, who can be won to support any aspect of the program will be courted and rewarded. We should say: this war without end is a war not for our ethnic-cultural survival, but only for the hegemony of the transnational elite and it should be opposed in order that a world based upon defined cultural zones becomes a reality; any and all allies internal and foreign, whether the most conditional or the most wholesome, who oppose the globalist programme -should be courted and supported.

8. The refugee invasion of Australia will take new forms. This crisis a tool which exposes the ideological contradictions of the regime. The regime has no cultural, economic or moral basis to exclude such persons, whatever be its security concerns. The refugee invasion is the real clash of civilizations. On the one hand it serves the processes of capitalist industry but on the other it undermines both the liberal world of the globalisers and the traditional world of the European Australian people by introducing unassimilable people and a totally alien and separate culture group.

9. The conquest of Australian independence involves the obvious recognition that the globalist system is too strong to be overturned in Australia either by violence or by electoralism. While it is certain that new organizations for political struggle must be built, this system is challenged by its own internal contradictions. War is the locomotive of history. In the 1960’s the Left employed the slogan ‘one, two, three, many Vietnams’ in its then-quest to weaken the USA. Today the true patriots of all countries say, ‘one, two, three, many Afghanistans’. We must get rid of this system that's killing us. It is a Frankenstein monster. The system must bleed economically until it can wage war no more.

10. The eradication of the present global system, no less than the Concert of Vienna, the Treaty of Versailles, the Yalta treaty, the Sonnenfeldt doctrine, PACRIM, pretty much like all those dreams of yesteryear, will involve human suffering. The alternative is destruction by war and terror of all human identities within the boundaries of a slave state. These are options unparalleled in human history: In this struggle, we shall fight along side every enemy of the system, regardless of how vile he may otherwise be, against the real axis of evil. We must be prepared to pay a price to rid ourselves of the New World Order. And we would concede the Islamicists and the Arab nationalists of all sorts the one thing they surely desire – victory in Palestine!


We Australians are not the brightest in some ways about complex politics. Amazingly, nonetheless, Australians seem to have got it right. They are against wars on terror and wars on Iraq, regardless of their private prejudices on these subjects.

I believe that the Sydney Forum in two days of political formation will highlight the madness of the 'war on terror'. I use the term political formation, not because I’m an old student of political theory, but because it says it all. Gone are the days when patriotic people, nationalist people, can assume that the repetition of a few slogans can win the day, pushed as they might be by a pseudo-electoralist party or by a wake-up-Australia association. The enemy is a deadly machine of armed violence, backed by psychological terrorism and manipulation and fronted by facade institutions that neutralise and time-waste. That is a hard truth that more and more are facing and thinking about.

Against such a machine, we must develop cadres trained in ideas and, hopefully, trained to be a political resistance, thence a political vanguard. The definition of the new politics might be reducible to good ideas and appropriate and rapier-like force. Each cannot win without the other. All that takes time. This sort of force and this sort of unity is only built in action.

I hope the Sydney Forum may have clarified for all patriotic and nationalist resistance organizations the urgent task of winning Australian independence. But it's obvious this will not be a simple and painless task.

I think that we need a patriotic campaign against the war on terror and the war-drive against Iraq. I don't want to see silly old pacifists, or worse, the peaceniks from the vile Left, take up the running. Why should they? The true anti-war people are the patriots, the nationalists, those who value our identity and who cherish the idea of independence and who seek to create a country of freedom. We'll fight for "Australia only" - as Henry Lawson put it.

We need a grassroots campaign, with members of the One Nation (Pauline and Oldfield) groups, of the Australia First Party, of the League of Rights, of the patriotic press and others too. Non-sectarian, inclusive, organised from below. The few patriotic MP's who say they're there for Australians, should stand up to save our men from the oil-war, the Zionist war. There is a huge gap there in Australian politics and it’s a fighting issue. It brings people out of the closed meetings and into action.

It's neither Washington nor Mecca for the Southern Land, but Australia and Australians first, Australian independence.

Thank you!

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