Foreign Policy Issues
And The Struggle For
Australian Independence

The idea of Australian independence inspires all true patriots. The quest for Australian national independence has been a strong aspect of the national story. Australia began as a colony of the British Empire. Before independence could be won, Australia was passed over into the control of American imperialism. Some Australians considered both these imperial arrangements - quite proper. In the case of the British Empire, it was held by the ruling class that Australia was beholden to its motherland and bonded by sentimental and cultural ties. In the years of the Cold War, new ideological justifications were constructed which posited that Australia was a 'liberal state', and thus this implied a natural solidarity with the American system. Since the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, the American system has moved to globalize itself into the New World Order system.

It is against the emergent New World Order system that Australia must vie for independence. This page will see various contributors offer their views on matters of foreign policy. They may suggest ways and means for the achievement of national independence. It will not be necessary that they agree with each other on every aspect of the struggle or to every element of the problem. It is necessary that nationalists develop perspectives that can be applied to the political movement for independence.

We will update this page as necessary. Last Update, August 29 2006

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