by Constantin von Hoffmeister

On February 26, 2005, the EURASIAN UNION OF YOUTH met in Alexandrov
(Russia) for a congress that concerned itself with the destiny and
greatness of Eurasia. About 400 people attended. Its host, Alexander
Dugin (head of the MOVEMENT EURASIA), chose the monastery of Ivan
Grosny ("the Terrible") as the ideal place from where to send the
message of Eurasia's sacred mission into the world. This particular
monastery symbolizes a stage: henceforth, reprisals will be dished
out after all wrongs committed against Russia today will be undone
after the new (final) age has unfolded itself. Dog heads represent
the devouring of the rotten system that is about to collapse.

Alexandrov is located about 70 miles from Moscow (the Third Rome).
Several people spoke at the event, including yours truly. In the
background, the images of Sergei Eisenstein's classic film IVAN THE
TERRIBLE (1945) were reflected off the old white stone walls.

In one of his speeches, Alexander Dugin said, "Eurasians always
viewed authority as sacral. We recognize that authority is sacred,
that it is the maximum form of service, the maximum degree of
spiritual pressure - to dominate. This kind of authority is a
spiritual experience. But we do not love authority for authority's
sake. What calls itself 'authority' today simply does not correspond
to the term. Today's political elites in Russia simply do not
understand the historical pressure which weighs on them. Nowadays,
authority is merely at a feeding trough and a warm place. ... Our
native land is threatened. ... We have been sentenced. There is a
unipolar world which is building a global model in which the Russian
space is considered an object that can be directly influenced. ... It
is necessary that we oppose this process. And if it is not us
Eurasians that will do this, then nobody will."

A young Orthodox priest, Father Igor Shestakov, said, "In this hall
in Alexandrov, the steps of the Terrible Tsar are still audible. He
ruled with an iron fist and unified Russia. He acted in the interests
of the Russian state and all of Europe and all the then-known world.
In the name of this great figure, we can now see the beginning of a
new Russian state which is embodied in this youth movement. All the
servants that surrounded Ivan the Terrible were young, and they
wished to serve the state with their blood (an evangelical concept),
not sparing their stomachs."

The press-secretary of the MOVEMENT EURASIA, Valery Korovin,
said, "The center of the sea civilization was England, and then her
successor, the USA. A land civilization is something completely
different. It is a reasonable, contemplative and spiritual set of
various peoples that originated in the great open spaces of the
Eurasian continent. Today, the sea civilization considers itself
universal and tries to impose its model of civilization everywhere,
unifying peoples and cultures, erasing any distinctions. Eurasians
support the preservation of all sets of peoples and cultures in their
original form and oppose the unipolar process of globalization under
the direction of the USA."

Justin Cowgill, from the NATIONAL ALLIANCE (USA), said, "Although I
live in Russia, I consider myself an American patriot. I love
America. I spent six years in the United States Marine Corps of which
I am very proud. However, I am opposed to America's policy of the
last 50 years. As traditionalists and conservatives say, America has
become post-American America. Our foreign policy has nothing to do
with the general interests of Americans and American security.
Traditional American culture has nothing to do with globalization.
And it hurts to me to realize that people associate international
corporations with America. American culture is traditionally
isolationist. It is necessary to remember that the strongest
antiglobalist movements are in America. I, as well as many others,
know that Europe has high hopes for Russia for the construction of a
continental block to balance powers with America. This would be good
for the whole world. I ask myself: Why do our leaders try to destroy
the concept of America in the name of the post-American empire?
America more and more resembles a police state. I hope that, within
the framework of our union, we can all work together at the
construction of a multipolar world where all cultures and people can
live freely."

Please read my speech below. I held it in front of Ivan Grosny's
richly adorned throne.

Dear Comrades,

I want to send you greetings from Germany. As a member of the
National Democratic Party of Germany (NPD), I have been active in the
fight for a free Europe for quite a while. Like in Russia, more and
more young people are waking up in Germany. These young
revolutionaries are sick of the liberal-capitalist system and want to
create a new socialist order.

On 13 February of this year, 8,000 nationalists marched in Dresden to
commemorate the innocent victims of the Anglo-American terrorist
attack in 1945. This cowardly and vicious bombing raid was not only
meant to wound Germany, but also to send a signal to Russia. Since
the German Reich was technically already defeated, this unnecessary
attack of the Western Allies was meant to weaken the morale of the
Soviet Union. After all, Dresden was situated in the future sphere of
influence of Russia. Yesterday (as today, like in Afghanistan and
Iraq), the Anglo-American warmongers wanted to display their military
might, with total disregard to the dreadful suffering of the civilian

Russia and Germany were fighting against each other in World War II.
This was partly the fault of the Western warmongers Churchill and
Roosevelt who wanted the German and Russian armies to bleed each
other to death. To honor the memory of the fallen heroes of both
sides, this tragedy must always be a reminder that only together will
Russia and Germany be able to withstand the forces of disintegration
within and without their respective borders.

The eternal Teutonic-Slavic Alliance must be solidified with a new
Rapallo Treaty. This treaty, signed in 1922, marked a glorious
partnership between our two nations. Both Germany and Russia
benefited from this agreement, with economic aid and exchange of
technologies crossing the borders regularly.

As General Otto Ernst Remer, veteran of World War II and a long-time
advocate of German-Russian cooperation, said in 1992, "The principle
of Western politics has been for a hundred years: Germans and
Russians must be enemies and exterminate each other. In order to
achieve this lucrative goal, the Anglo-American capitalists triggered
the First and Second World War and are now preparing for the
third. ... We want a new Rapallo. Rapallo means today: Europe from
the English Channel to the Ural, the resurrection of Europe, the end
of Anglo-American imperialism in Europe and the end of Zionist
blackmail of Germany."

Whenever, in the history of our peoples, Germans and Russians worked
together, it was for the benefit of both our nations, for the benefit
of Europe's freedom, against imperialist exploiters (like Napoleon
yesterday) or alien occupants (like the US and its lackeys today).
This is why Germany and Russia must again strive to reach a mutually
beneficial agreement, to work hand in hand to defend Europe's
integrity against the lecherous Judeo-American enemy.

In the spirit of wise Lenin who, as the only statesman of the time,
condemned the oppression of the German people through the injustice
of the Versailles mandate, I say, "Glory and honor to the Russian

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