Imperialism, Zionism And The Criminal War Against Iraq.

Speech To The Sixth Sydney Forum. August 26 2006

Dr. Jim Saleam

(Edited for publication)

I shall begin this address on the point that we had hoped to have the Ambassador of Syria speak here, to explain his country's perspective on imperialism, Zionism and war. It was not to be. A gaggle of forces shouted at His Excellency we were haters, white supremacists, fascists, neo-nazis et al. He withdrew in haste, unsure if he would have a public relations problem. We understand. Of course, we are now around this problem by hearing an important speech from a representative of Syrian nationalism and a short address by a Palestinian eye witness to the Zionist crime in Palestine in 1948. However, what our Australian oppositionists showed was that they were confused (even through their very bigoted tinted glasses) by two utterly separate issues.

Let me spell it out: the Australian people instinctively understand that the matters of imperialism in the Middle East, Zionism and the criminal invasion of Iraq in which our government is complicit - are not matters concerned with immigration policy or multiculturalism in Australia.

I say that because in recent weeks, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon drew out some comment from some ordinary Australians who have been angered by the pattern of our immigration policy which has created unassimilable groups of Moslem, Middle Eastern people in the large cities, causing them to laud Israel for its state-terrorist attack upon that country. They have sort of considered it a vague historical square-up. They couldn't be more wrong.

But others get it right, like on radio-talk-back, amongst the real patriots too. Australia First has it right. The League of Rights does too. The News Report tells it straight. They know that it is Israel's usurpation of Arab Palestine in 1948 and its occupation of other parts of historic Palestine which fuels the violence which underlies the terrorist experiments. They know it is Israel that wants more and more land, which drives poor Moslems into the hands of the terrorists. They can dimly see that only be dismantling the Zionist monstrosity can there ever be peace. And they have started to notice the Zionist apparatus in Australia, with its grip on the political leaders who apply Australian resources to ends cooked up in Israel.

Back in 2004, when public opinion polls were taken on the matter of Australia invading Iraq, people said that while they were highly critical of immigration from the Arab and Moslem worlds, they were not in favour of attacks upon these countries either, especially Iraq.

Indeed that is the position which puts Australian interests first.

When the Cronulla Civil Uprising of December 11 broke, Australians expressed themselves as tired of Middle Eastern crime and racism and violence. In the nights that followed deracinated, de-culturated youth from Arab backgrounds carried out racist violence against Australians. The divide is there and is irreconcilable at least on Australian soil. A certain 'anti-Arab prejudice', if I may coin a phrase, was rather inevitable and understandable. Yet, the separate nature of foreign policy and internal policy demands we see the bigger picture. I say we must precisely because we are generally people involved in organizations which advance the cause of Australian identity and independence. We have a duty to provide proper leadership. Let us look at the big picture of war in Iraq which most Australians can understand as an act of empire-building. Let us see if we can develop an argument and a policy to mobilise patriotic Australians and other Australians against the policy of war without end, of oil wars, of war for Israel, the war-drive that actually guarantees the existence of Islamic extremism.

A Tilt At The Euro-Nationalists

We are Australian nationalists but we learn from others in the European countries. We take note of what they say and apply experience. Jean-Marie Le Pen needs no introduction. In 1991, he was in Baghdad, making it clear that his party opposed the First Gulf War. He has thereafter opposed the American oil wars. He has said that Israel is the source of the Moslem unrest. He was in Lebanon last year, speaking of the need for a secular Arab nationalist response to Islamicism and he spoke against great-power involvement in the region.

Janey Le Pen operates an organisation known as 'SOS d'Enfants d'Irak'. This was set up to counter the effects of the inhuman US-sponsored blockade against Iraq.

The National Democratic Party of Germany opposed the recent invasion of Iraq, denounced all imperialism.

The British National Party wants British troops withdrawn from Iraq, opposes the escalation of the war with an invasion of Iran.

And on it goes. Name a nationalist movement and it's against the war.

In Australia, I am proud to say that Australian nationalists after 2001, brought about a big opinion shift. Neil Baird, Welf Herfurth, Mark Wilson and myself of Sydney Forum and many others including Joe Bryant, Ray Platt, Geoff Muirden and Wayne van Blitterswyk, signed an anti war statement in The Strategy newspaper. After that, we saw more and more patriotic people, come forward to embrace that position. Australian patriots say it is true patriotism not to follow the lead of the New World Order forces in America to war. True patriotism is neutrality.

Imperialism Gets Stuck

In the minds of the foolish, the war drive of the coalition of the willing, is to do with extending democracy, getting rid of dictators, fighting terrorism and bringing a new prosperous age. We know it was to do with four things: to get the oil of Iraq, to position the American military machine where it could strike at will, to extend the boundaries of the consumer capitalist ethos, to serve and defend Israel.

After the so-called 'September11 matter', the American president declared a war. It was a war for freedom, democracy, tolerance, all the rest of the moral propaganda rubbish of the biggest gangster regime on earth. Its motives were those I just mentioned. But it is a war without end. How can one defeat a nebulous thing like 'terrorism' without attacking all and sundry and revolutionising the politics of countless countries?

I spoke at this Forum on that subject in 2002. Dr. Ibrihim, Saad Al-Samarai, charge d'affaires of Iraq was here at Sydney Forum. He told us there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, the justification for war. He said Iraq would resist invasion and wage unceasing war for national freedom.

The Yankee military entered Iraq. Some 2600 dead and 20,000 wounded later, it is bogged down in a war it is destined to lose. Experts are now saying that. It has been a trillion dollar war and the bill runs on and on. Its allies have bailed out one by one. The Australian lap dog remains.

The aggressor's idea was that the war would end quickly and the resources of Iraq would be available to the oil companies. The only oil in Iraq these days which makes a pipe-line soon ends in the sand as the insurgents blow up the lines. The idea was that freedom (USA style) would come, but the country is in a civil war as well as an insurgency. The idea was that Israel would benefit: but how was that?

Whole cities are no-go zones for the occupiers. Hundreds of police and soldiers of the puppet army are now deserting. The Ba'ath party militants and the nationalist army men of the Sunni group lead the insurgency in their zone. Amongst the Shiites, restiveness grows daily. Now that Israel struck at Shiite Hezbollah in Lebanon and given the US is thinking of attacking Shiite Iran, the country sits on the edge of a Shiite explosion. Make no mistake: the coalition of the willing is going to be driven out of Iraq.

Is it good or bad for real Australian patriots?

I say it is good. It is good because we do not command this state of ours. Our state is in the grip of a ruling class which is part of the New World Order system. The system is ultimately backed up by the American policeman state of the New World Order. This ruling class opens the borders to the free movement of labour and capital. It breaks down our identity. It threatens our personal freedoms. This state is strong, too strong to be dealt with by normal politics. Only by this state getting weakened in some manner can we ever hope to play a role in reshaping the nation.

Right now, like in 1970 when America was stuck in Vietnam, we see the New World Order group is about to make decisions of a strategic nature. It can widen the war. In 1970, America went for Laos and Cambodia to supposedly shut off supplies to the Viet Cong and remove small guerrilla armies there. Five years later, all Indo China went communist. Now the Americans look at Iran, Syria and Lebanon. They want to seize their moment and go for broke. This was the plan in 2002-3 and it went quiet for a while. Now it's back on the agenda. The idea seems appealing, but in one perverted way, I'd almost pray they do it. After an attack upon Iran, their system will drown in its own bloody contradictions! One wonders indeed, how some minds work. They cannot win in Iraq and they dream of winning elsewhere great victories and then finishing off their problem in Iraq. It all sounds a little like Hitler's strategy for an attack upon the Soviet Union.

To defeat this insurgency and the ultimate joint Sunni - Shiite revolution is impossible. I think we can smell it. Can we see in the distance an apocalypse of the entire capitalist one-world dream? I think so. Let the Iraqi insurgents win their war. Or whatever, because we have to win Australian independence.

Role Of Zionism

Zionist interest in this war was absolute from the start. The American neo-cons (the new conservatives as they are called in the USA) set out the theory for war.

They said that by using the military force of the first superpower, the entire Middle East could be rebuilt. The imperial vision of great armies protecting the oil wealth, shabby client regimes of corrupt democrats and growing consumerism turning Arabs into new Americans - and Israel safe for a century - intoxicates them all.

For these Jews, often ex-Trotskyites, the role of Israel was always the point. It always comes back to what the French foreign minister called "this shitty little country". Why is it so important? I suppose it's part of the liberal democratic myth. This country came out of fascism and the defeat of fascism in 1945 made the capitalists masters of their part of the earth. It also covers over the lie which won this place for the Jews in 1948. Every Arab and every Moslem of intelligence knows that the Jews of Israel are not related in any real way to the Hebrews of the Bible. They are the descendants of the Khazars, the people of southern Russia who converted to the religion in the eighth century. Once upon a time, Jewish scholars would agree that was true, but I did the Google search recently and I found hundreds of articles disputing all that, colouring it and so on. These eastern Jews were called Ashkenazim and the others Sephardim. Interestingly, a new book from France, uncovered the barbarity of the foundation of Israel which saw up to 100,000 Sephardim die in Nazi style medical and other experiments in the years after 1948. The myth of Israel as a democracy, our friend, the brave product of a people tested by Hitler, is just all propaganda. Palestine was stolen, colonised, lied over and to cover the falsehoods and sustain the myths, we must now let the Zionist entity (as the Ba'athists call it) do violence at will and with our support.

No, Israel is in great part the cause of Islamic entremism. It is time to think of new policies and new alliances to disarm the entity of its nuclear weapons and its great military. If Jews live in the future on that land, they live as members of a community of faith on the soil of a democratic secular Palestine. Any other option means war for a thousand years and a war linked through to the false war on terror. It's time to get out of this square!

Zionism In Australian Politics

Zionism is the subject that Australian politicians touch at their peril. Years ago, in Melbourne, the Labor Party's so-called 'even-handed' policy on Israel / Palestine was a focus of great dispute. As I read in a PhD thesis by Chanan Reich, the Zionists clubbed together to oust Bill Hayden the Labor leader, and eventually they helped to replace him with Bob Hawke, the fawning tool of Israeli propaganda. What sort of a man would condone an Israeli nuclear attack upon Egypt? Well Hawke did in 1973. We see Liberal politicians too, cringing and running every time the Zionists call. Check out Malcolm Turnbull's agenda! There is not the slightest degree of real questioning of the existence of this state; there are the endless demands Moslems "recognise" it before anyone will negotiate with it and so on. Zionism is part of the power structure of this 'Western democracy', part of its myth, its psyche.

The pathological devotion to Israel causes the distortion of Australian foreign policy. We are then committed to this war on terror by very definition. We commit ourselves to the lies about Israel and internal thought-policing. The subject of Zionism in Australia was recently broached by young Loewenstein who, as a Jew, wrote a book on 'My Israel Story'. He rebelled against Zionism just as once, long ago, Isaac Isaacs and General John Monash told the Zionists that their ideology was a recipe for war. The truth is circulating, but the war on Zionism in Australia, has just begun.

Australian Independence In An Era Of Zionist Warmongering And Islamic Extremism

For some people, getting a handle on contradictory matters is never easy.

Islamic extremism can be a threat to us all. It can utilise migrant communities. It can kill Australians here and overseas. Of course, we recognise that it is used as a slogan, particularly when Howard adopts George Bush's slogan about 'Islamofascism', a buzz phrase invented by Daniel Pipes a Jewish neo-con who came up with it to justify the Jewish Zionist agenda. Don't forget too bin Laden once worked for the CIA. How times change! Nonetheless, we have to deal with it. It is here right now. It is ready to explode into violence.

Equally, we understand Zionism. If some young Moslems here deny any affinity with Australia and go overseas to fight for their cause, then what of the Zionists? Only recently, Mark Leibler spoke at a Melbourne rally. He spoke of 'Israel uber alles'. He demanded all Jews support the Zionist state. We know that many fight (and one died) in the Israeli army in Lebanon. Not a word about divided loyalties from Alan Jones or any politician.If it's good enough to imprison the foolish David Hicks, what about 'Australians' in Israeli uniforms? Let me be very blunt: Zionists would have you offer up your youth to die for Israel. Israel is not worth the life of one Australian soldier.

I believe that by the time the next Forum is due, Australia may be involved in new wars of New World Order making. We need to work beyond the labels of Left and Right in creating new broad alliances against war and imperialism. We are devoted to doing this. In your organizations and associations, get active!


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