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Tutorials, technical & design


1. Basics

Back to basics with flashing LEDs

  Why bother messing around with radio-electronics?

  Understanding radio circuits through block diagrams

  Further information on circuits is contained in the following:

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2. Receivers

Anatomy of a homebrew 40m superhet receiver

  Testing opposite sideband rejection of SSB receivers with an Android mobile phone

  Slope detecting 2 metre FM signals on an AM car radio



3. Transmitters

A QRP CW transmitter RF power amplifier chain


4. Transceivers

Anatomy of a 30 watt 7 MHz CW regenerative transceiver (and a DX demonstration)

  Anatomy of a homebrew 40m superhet CW transceiver

  Homebrew QRP 7 MHz SSB transceiver: circuit anatomy


5. The vagarities of DC to daylight

Demonstrating Capacitance, Inductance, Reactance and Frequency

  The best way to connect a trimmer capacitor in an RF circuit

  Testing materials for RF properties with a simple receiver

  Two tricks with tuned circuits

  How to tame parasitic oscillations in variable crystal oscillators

  Inside a mains power supply and how it could be built better

  Modifying QRP circuits to operate on another band

  Debugging an LM386 audio amplifier circuit



6. Further information

More projects and descriptions of them appear at Amateur radio projects.


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