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Equipment and equipment reviews


1. Equipment

Your first HF transceiver and buying guide

10 things you can do with your cheap Chinese VHF/UHF handheld

15 things you can do with (or to) your Yaesu FT-817

Tips and tricks for the Bitx SSB transceiver

Tips and tricks for the uBitx SSB transceiver

Ultra-simple 'survival radio' gear: is it a scam? (video)


2. Equipment reviews

Review of and improvements to the Pixie QRP CW transceiver

  Ten Tec R4020 CW QRP transceiver

  Xtal Set Society QRP Attenuator

  OzQRP MST400 SSB transceiver

  OzQRP MDT DSB transceiver

  SOTABeams WSPRLite WSPR transmitters (WSPRLite Classic & WSPRLite Flexi)


  Digitech AR1780 portable shortwave receiver with SSB

  SOTABeams Laserbeam digital audio filter

  SOTABeams Laserbeam Vari digital audio filter

  SOTABeams Pico Tuner


  Reviewing a $14 electronic component tester

  VK3BQ Cliptastic 50 to 2700 MHz portable link antenna

  Want more reviews? Visit eHam for reviews of almost
every amateur transceiver (and accessory) ever made.


3. Book reviews

  Radio Theory Handbook by Ron Bertrand VK2DQ

  International Antennas edited by Stephen Appleyard G3PND

  Soldersmoke: Global Adventures in Wireless Electronics

  15 QRP books reviewed in 7 min

  Details of some other QRP books are given here.


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