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VK & ZL Yahoo email group

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The VK-ZL QRP Mailing List is a way to get in touch with VK-ZL QRPers on-line. By subscribing to the list you can read about other people's QRP projects, test a new transmitter by arranging a sked, ask a technical question or enquire about the availability of a hard-to-get part.

Subscribing to the VK-ZL QRP mailing list costs nothing. Every active QRPer with e-mail should be on it.

Click here to subscribe to the VK-ZL QRP mailing list

Click here to view the VK-ZL QRP mailing list archives

  To subscribe by sending an email rather than visiting the web link above, follow the steps below:

1. Send a blank email to vkzlqrp-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
2. Await an automated 'Please confirm your request to join vkzlqrp' reply (normally within 5 min)
3. Send a blank reply message to confirm you wish to join vkzlqrp
4. Await a reply from the moderator approving your request (normally within 24 hours but usually much quicker)
5. You will receive a confirmation note that you are now subscribed
6. Post any messages for the group to vkzlqrp@yahoogroups.com




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