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Available QRP books

Selected currently available books of interest to the QRPer.

All have been favourably reviewed (by myself or others) and are likely to be worthwhile purchases.

ARRL's Low Power Communication by Rich Arland K7SZ

This is a general purpose QRP manual with a mix of information on operating, antennas, equipment and kits.
It has inspired many into QRP. Low Power Communication first came out in 2004 with updates since.

Minimum QRP by Peter Parker VK3YE

Minimum QRP is a wide-ranging book covering most facets of QRP operating. It provides advice on equipment,
antennas, operating and strategy. Its content is suitable for beginners and more experienced amateurs alike.
If you've tried QRP but struggle to make contacts the reasons why could be contained here.

QRP: The Zen of Amateur Radio by Grant McDuling VK4JAZ

While shorter than the previous two books it receives praise from readers for its engaging style.
It's also up to date, having come out in 2015.

Hand-carried QRP antennas by Peter Parker VK3YE

Almost no theory but many practical ideas for portable antennas and accessories. Most are wire-based
and can be put together in an afternoon. HF pedestrian mobile antennas is one of the author's interests
covered in this book.

Portable Wire Antennas by John Hill KF7SQQ

A comprehensive manual suitable for the antenna experimenter. Read and be amazed at the variety of
antennas possible with a hunk of wire, a bit of land and a few poles.

Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio by Jack Purdom W8TEE

A collection of Arduino-based projects for radio amateurs. Some, such as the CW decoder,
power/SWR meter, frequency counter, DDS VFO and solar power source may interest QRPers.

The ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications 2017

While not specifically a QRP book, every amateur should have at least one edition.
A great reference containing theory and practical projects.

Other QRP books

Other QRP books are out of print or are available through QRP clubs to members only.
Keep an eye out at hamfests, clearance and junk sales - you never know what you may find.
This video runs through some of the titles to look out for.

Disclaimer: I am the author of Minimum QRP and Hand-carried QRP antennas featured above.
I also receive a small commission for sales of other items through this site.


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