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QRP: Low power amateur radio


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VK3YE Radio Books

QRP operating

1. What's QRP and why do it

2. What's possible with QRP

3. QRP activity and band guide

4. QRP frequencies

5. Ten steps to QRP success

6. QRP awards and contests

QRP equipment

1. QRP radio guide: Commercial, kit or homebrew?

2. Top picks for QRP projects

3. Review: Ten Tec R4020 CW QRP transceiver (video)

4. Review: OzQRP MST400 SSB transceiver (video)

5. Review: Xtal Set Society QRP Attenuator (video)

6. Review: OzQRP MDT DSB transceiver (video)

Other QRPers

1. QRP club

2. QRP mailing list