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Various antenna masts demonstrated

One of the most important things for HF portable operators to consider is how to get (and keep) your wire antenna up. You might be lucky and have, along with a good throwing arm, a tree with favourable branches. Or maybe favourable weather conditions and a kite. But if you can't guarantee these then the most sure fire way of getting a signal on the air is with some sort of antenna mast. Following is some videos on antenna masts and allied topics. Most are on various types of types of telescopic poles. as these are most useful for the operator who needs to hand-carry their entire station.

Pictured here are three classes of telescoping mast and one fixed mast. The 5.4m telescoping mast is ideal for pedestrian mobile antennas like the Wadetenna, quarter wave verticals for 14 - 28 MHz, or where you need to take a mast in travel luggage. The 9 metre is a good general purpose portable mast light enough to carry by hand and great for supporting verticals, dipoles and end-feds. The much stronger 12 metre can still be hand-carried but is heavier and less convenient to take.

Compact telescoping poles: how good for portable antennas?

Comparing a 9m fishing pole with a Spiderbeam 12m mast

Using velcro straps for mounting the mast

Why you need a sand spike

What can happen if using a mast to help a kite antenna (and the support string is too slack)

... and what to do with the leftovers when it does

A home station tilting timber antenna mast

A 12 metre Spiderbeam mast used at home



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