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Electronics on the Floor: Videos on basic electronics and construction

Electronics on the Floor is a series of videos on basic electronics. They are intended to demonstrate that you don't need an engineering degree, shelves of expensive test equipment or even a proper workbench to enjoy practical electronics.

With a strong use-what-you've-got ethos there's heavy emphasis on using salvaged components. The first few videos describe what to look for when going over thrown away items for parts. The ones after that talk about the functions of components you'll often encounter and use in projecs. Not all are the same and I discuss suitable switches, resistors and capaciators for the job. Later on I discuss my experiences with a few projects. Items that may be useful are shown under each set of videos.

There is a heap of other material on basic electronics and I encourage you to read and watch widely. And don't forget doing as well! Despite surface mount and programmable electronics, I still think a good starting point is simple transistor and IC circuits such as you see described in the older books and on website like Talking Electronics.


1. Salvaging parts and what they're useful for


2. Components

Parts needed for beginning electronics and radio construction has some ideas on common 'can never have too many' parts to stock up on. The videos below discuss the characteristics and applications for some components you'll come across.


3. Construction techniques



4. Projects and things to do

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