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Amateur radio projects


1. Start here

Introducing the Pixie Hack Challenge

What's radio construction about and how to get started

Parts needed for electronics and radio construction

A guide to test equipment

Electronics on the Floor: Videos on basic electronics

Uses for 7.2 MHz ceramic resonators NEW!


2. Receiving projects

A simple crystal set

Novel crystal set requires no antenna, earth

Regenerative AM receiver

Thousand hour AM receiver (video)

Simple 3 - 23 MHz HF regenerative receiver (video)

Experiments with ceramic resonator regenerative receivers

Listening on 160 metres

3.5 MHz direct conversion receiver

3.5 MHz superhet receiver

Hear Amateurs on your shortwave radio

Starting in simple software defined radio

LF to HF converter

High quality AM through your FM stereo

Hear Amateurs on your FM radio

Car radio tunes the amateur bands

1.8 MHz to 27 MHz converter(video)

7 MHz to 27 MHz converter(video)

Superregenerative receivers for the FM broadcast band

50 MHz to 146 MHz converter

Taming a 144 MHz direct conversion receiver (video)

Glass CW audio filter (video)


3. Transmitting projects

Frequency agile 3.5 MHz CW transmitter

Review of and improvements to the Pixie QRP CW transceiver

Hand-powered 7 MHz CW transmitter (video)

'Tiny Toy' 7 MHz CW transceiver (video)

'Bigger Toy' 7 MHz CW transceiver (video)

3.5 MHz DSB transmitter

'Micro 40' 7 MHz DSB transceiver

'Beach 40' 7 MHz DSB transceiver

'Knobless Wonder' single channel 7 MHz SSB transceiver

Tips and tricks for the Bitx SSB transceiver

Tips and tricks for the uBitx SSB transceiver

Phasing SSB experiments

One Valve CW transmitter

Two Valve CW transmitter

Experiments with low power VHF transmitters

Experiments with low power UHF transmitter modules

Wide-swing variable crystal oscillator

Tinkerings with DDS VFOs

RF actuated CW monitor

Morse adaptor for your VHF/UHF FM rig

Build a simple CW keyer in 10 minutes (video)

Automatic Morse CQ caller (video)


4. Test equipment and accessories projects

Antenna couplers galore!

QRP power meter

Handheld transmitter and range testers

Simple test equipment to build

Dip oscillator for HF

3 - 12 MHz Signal generator

CMOS IC audio oscillator

Dual tone audio oscillator

1A variable regulated power supply

A two-way Morse practice set


5. Further information

More projects and descriptions of them appear at Tutorials, technical & design.


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