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Amateur radio antenna projects

1. Home station

The versatile end-fed wire PDF ebook version

Antennas for confined spaces

Home station magnetic loop for 40 metres (video)

Home station magnetic loop for 160 to 15m

Home station timber tilt over mast (video)

2. Portable

A compact L-match ATU for portable use

The 'Shoddytenna': 160m vertical for portable use

Experiences with kite-supported wire antennas

Roll up coax cable 40 - 20 metre magnetic loop for portable operating (video)

Triband end-fed half wave antenna (video)

Half square antenna for 30 metres and more (video)

Half square antenna for 20 metres (video)

Delta loop for 20 metres (video - 2 parts)

Sand spike antenna on 15 metres (video)

Bi-square antenna for 10 metres (video)

Build a hanging dipole for 2 metres PDF ebook version

4 element portable yagi for 2 metres (video - 3 parts)

3. Pedestrian mobile

Ped mob magnetic loop for 40 to 10 metres

SummerLoop II: Pedestrian mobile magnetic loop for 20 to 6 metres

Hand held pedestrian mobile HF whip

Wadetenna for pedestrian mobile HF

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