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Exploring WSPR

Weak Signal Propagation Reporter (WSPR - pronounced 'whisper') is a super efficient digital mode that allows milliwatt radio signals to span paths on frequencies you wouldn't think possible. It achieves this by being both narrow band and ultra-slow. In fact it's so slow it takes two minutes to send a few characters and it's a beaconing rather than a conversation mode.

These videos demonstrate various aspects of WSPR: transmitting, receiving, construction, portable and more.

Homebrew 30m WSPR under test

  Homebrew 30m WSPR

  Trying portable WSPR (and other modes) with an FT-817

  Review: WSPRLite transmitter from SOTABeams

  Milliwatt WSPR - how low can you go?

  Pedestrian mobile WSPR gets seal of approval

  10 MHz portable WSPR from the beach

  Greyline WSPR from the beach

  7 MHz WSPR with kite-supported antenna



These videos show some of the variety that is WSPR activity today. For more information, including a real-time map of what's being heard where, visit WSPRnet. You can also stay in touch with WSPR happenings on Facebook.



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