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Minimum QRP e-book: Doing more with under five watt amateur radio

Start here

1. First contacts (start here)
PDF ebook version

2. An HF primer - Pt 1
An HF primer - Pt 2
PDF ebook version (both parts)

3. Your first HF transceiver
PDF ebook version

4. A VHF/UHF primer
PDF ebook version

5. Voice repeater basics
PDF ebook version

6. Hear amateurs on your shortwave radio
PDF ebook version

7. The versatile end-fed wire
PDF ebook version

8. Build a hanging dipole for 2 metres
PDF ebook version


1. HF portable the simple way
PDF ebook version

2. HF QRP pedestrian mobile

3. Transmitting on 160 metres

4. Ten metres for the newcomer
PDF ebook version

5. Making the most of Sunspot Cycle 24

6. Radio contesting

7. Amateur radio direction finding

8. Ham Babble - making sense of what's said on the bands
PDF ebook version


1. Homebrewing for the novice

2. A guide to radio test equipment
PDF ebook version

3. Amateur radio's 'hidden curriculum'

4. Radio hints and tips

5. Exploring rechargeable batteries

External resources

1. Amateur Radio: A 21st century hobby (video)

2. Foundations of Amateur Radio (podcast)

3. Radio & Electronics School

4. Wireless Institute of Australia

5. Australian Communications Management Authority