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Amateur Radio Magazine Article Archive

I've been writing for Amateur Radio magazine, published by the Wireless Institute of Australia,
and Lo-Key published by the VK QRP Club on and off for the last thirty years.

Will VK6UU has scanned and made available online back issues of Amateur Radio from the 1930s to the 2000s.

Doug VK1ZDJ has scanned and made available online earlier back issues of Lo-Key.

As a result many of my articles are available online and can be found via the links below.

1. Technical

January 1988: One valve regenerative receiver, storage idea for end-fed antennas

February 1988: Valve equipment power supply, shorting stick

March 1988: One valve QRP transmitter, Two valve audio amplifier

April 1988: A tune up indicator

May 1988: An ATU, antennas and operating

September 1988: One valve regenerative receiver

August 1990: ATU in a cake tin

July 1995: 80m CW transmitter

September 1995: VK6 80 direct conversion receiver

December 1995: A compact 80m loop antenna

January 1996: Garran 40m CW transmitter

July 1996: Experimental receiver for 2m FM using a car radio

November 1996: Micropower 2m FM transmitter

March 1997: Morse Mouse

June 1997: 70 centimetres from a two metre rig

September 1997: A receiver for the Garran

October 1997: Receive SSB on your Shortwave AM radio

March 1998: Further thoughts on the Garran

April 1998: Six to two receiving converter, Two way Morse practice set, Super VXO heads south

June 1998: Junk box regenerative receiver, The versatile end-fed wire

July 1998: DSB 40m transmitter

August 1998: One transistor frequency synthesiser

October 1998: Yoghurt container sound projector

March 1999: Receive SSB on your FM receiver

November 1999: Moorabbin simple regenerative receiver

January 2000: ACT 3.5 80m CW transceiver

September 2000: Receive SSB on your VHF/UHF handheld

October 2000: Build the 'Funway 80' receiver

January 2001: The 'good enough' Morse key

April 2001: More crystal sets

September 2001: An antenna coupler for the FT-817

October 2001: DC2000 experimental direct conversion receiver

April 2002: A constructors report on the WBR Receiver, A cradle for portable transceivers

December 2002: Build an electronics set

February 2003: The Versatenna - A traveller's antenna for VHF & UHF

July 2003: The NoPA 40m DSB transmitter, New life for your old broadcast receiver

March 2005: 160 - 15m indoor magnetic loop

September 2011: A simple SDR Part 1

October 2011: A simple SDR Part 2

November 2011: Portaloop antenna for MF reception

March 2012: Salvaging parts: What to take and how to use it

May 2012: A valve receiver that runs on 12 volts

June 2012: A computer powered multimode transmitter

July 2012: Magnetic loop for HF pedestrian mobile

August 2012: "Match 22" QRP antenna coupler

September 2012: RF Portatest universal test instrument

November 2012: 'Porta 40' direct conversion receiver for 40m

2. General interest

May 1997: Wanted - 100 members to replace the dead!

July 1997: Book review - CB PLL Data book

October 1997: Producing an amateur radio news broadcast

February 1998: Amateur radio on the world wide web

February 2001: Australia's new electromagnetic radiation requirements

April 2001: How much do you know about your WIA?

November 2001: The Australian Amateur Radio FAQ

July 2002: WIA Federal Convention 2002 - an observer's observations

December 2002: Book review 'The Dick Smith Way'

December 2003: Try this - Your computer as a sound recorder

Jan-Feb 2012: Ten tips for ten watts: by someone who does it with two

October 2012: Usability and complexity

3. Novice Notes

This beginners column started in the 1970s and has had several sub-editors.
I compiled it between 1995 and 2002 every two months.

Old articles are available online.
They still have good information but verify important details for currency.

Some of my items have been enlarged, updated and republished at Amateur Radio beginner articles.

4. Lo-Key

Lo-Key has been published by the VK QRP Club since its formation in 1984. Earlier issues are now available online.

Many of these back issues (since about 1988) contain articles I've written. Click here for an index to Lo-Key articles.

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