Heritage, Environment and Systems Consultant
Heritage Consultant
Environment Consultant
Computer Systems Consultant
Qualified Trainer
Other Skills and Interests

My background is in Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Town Planning and Computer Science.

I am an experienced Project Manager, Team Leader and Trainer with a wealth of experiences and achievements across a wide range of business and community projects.

I love working at the leading edge of technology, and conducting training programs and giving lectures on computer systems to help others keep up with these developments.

I am experienced in Engineering Heritage, Family History and Local History research, and
I also possess a wide range of leadership skills in Outdoor Recreation, Outdoor Education and Eco-Tourism.   So I am particularly keen to assist with the protection, enhancement and interpretation of our natural and cultural heritage, and to work with businesses and the community to achieve these needs.

If I can be of service in helping you with your Heritage, Environment, Systems or Training needs, then please contact me.

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