Statement regarding abuse - Summary

My name is .... and I was born on the 10th of January 1950. My life has been severely affected by the intervention of the Jewish Welfare in my family's affairs when I was a child. This is a brief summary of how this has affected me. I have more information in a full statement.

The abduction of my baby sister Sally

My strongest and most shocking childhood memory is when my younger sister Sally was abducted by the Jewish Welfare. I remember months of preparing for my new sibling's birth, and being totally involved when Sally came home from hospital with Mum.

One day, out of nowhere, there came three Jewish people - two men and a woman. The Jewish woman grabbed Sally from her cot and the three Jews ran out the door as my mother fell to the floor screaming.

I will never forget how I watched, speechless, with a big lump in my throat. I cannot ever explain in a million years what the taking away of my baby sister did to me.

Mum was on the floor crying. The younger siblings had no idea what happened.

I felt ashamed that our family, or I, must be so bad that the Jewish Welfare and relatives got Jews to take our new baby away.

I could not, at six years of age, explain that that my father's family the Jews don't like my father for marrying a non-Jew. I could not explain how they exploited my weak and powerless family. I could not speak, because the Jewish welfare and Zionist club leaders had called my mother a dirty shiksa.

Demoralised in shock and grief, I could not tell anybody that the Zionist Youth leaders told me on a weekly basis that I wasn't a very good person because my father had married a shiksa.

I do not understand how the Commonwealth of Australia and the Victorian Children's Services could allow me to be so emotionally abused as a child. I was depressed and suicidal at 6 years of age.

My sister was kidnapped. I was six years old. The family had no recourse. I am still traumatised by the memory of this to this day. It is not clear who authorised or arranged the abduction.


The adverting of Sally for adoption

Later the Jewish Welfare Society put a notice in the Jewish News advertising my sister for adoption. I have copy of the advert, dated 26 October 1956, which I obtained from the State Library archives. The Jewish Welfare Society is now called Jewish Care (Victoria).

I remember talk around the street about selling Sally for 200 pounds.

Later, I discovered that Australian Child Welfare act of the time made it illegal to advertise a baby for adoption in newspapers. Yet she was advertised like second-hand furniture. Instead of a baby with siblings and parents, they advertised my sister as a virtual orphan. Sally was auctioned off in the miscellaneous section of the 1956 Australian Jewish Newspaper. The ad was next to lingerie and handbag advertisements, death notices and advertisements for tiling as well as advertising a cabaret

The Commonwealth of Australia should not have ignored such an advertisement, which was fraudulently placed in the Australian Jewish News, falsely intimating that an orphan baby needed a home.

After Sally's abduction

The Jewish Welfare continued to come weekly to take me to Zionist Youth groups. They called me a "dirty shiksa" because they thought I was not properly Jewish.

After Sally was taken, I was different and very sullen and overnight I became a "difficult" child. Nobody seemed to care about what had happened, although the change in me was obvious, because I started wetting the bed and screaming in the middle of the night.

I was totally traumatised, yet the Jewish Welfare let me think I had a sudden emotional problem. Nobody, not one person, alerted any authorities to child abuse, seeing how traumatised I was. Nothing was done to get Sally back.


Growing up

Totally depressed, I entered my 15th and 16th year and started working part-time. But I was very sad and distressed and would fight with my mother and siblings. I was totally unable to express the deep pain and grief I was in, and my mother was taking pills to cope.

I found out I was pregnant, and so depressed I was, unable to even go to a doctor until six months to have my pregnancy clarified. An older neighbour who I turned to for support then raped me whilst I was pregnant. I couldn't express anything, and then I'd have outbursts. I kept on working at the Taxation Department.

I went to see the Queen Victoria Hospital Social Worker as advised by a doctor. I was hoping at last to tell somebody about everything. But before I knew it, I was being visited by a church worker who said they would be helping me with my child.

On the 8th of August 1968, I have birth all by myself at the Queen Victoria Hospital, to my son Andrew. I was told it would be more responsible if my child went to a good married family who would give my son an education. I did not agree, as I didn't speak to this idea. I couldn't speak. I felt so weak and overpowered. I was reminded that I wasn't married and from a poor family

Six months later, I was pregnant again. I have no idea what happened, but this time a message was left for me that the Jewish Welfare Social Worker wanted to see me. I went, and there was one of the social workers from my childhood. She said she'd help, but to my utter shock I was also separated from my second son, David who was born in September 1969.

I was numb now to pain and in a permanent disconnected state. Having shock treatment and taking pills. Just like my mother did when I was a child. History had repeated itself and I was completely unaware, and completely unsupported. But the Jewish Welfare knew exactly what had happened to me from the beginning. Shame on the exploitative Jewish Welfare.

In 1976 when I was working 3 jobs to keep busy, I was anorexic and had overdosed three times.

My adult life

As a result of the adverse effects that the Jewish Welfare Society has had on my family I have had a dysfunctional life. I have been affected by drugs and treated for mental disorder. I received shock treatment. I do not think that I suffered or suffer from a mental illness. What I have suffered is years of institutional abuse since childhood, which has led me into these situations.

I went to Sydney in 1983 after years of psychiatric abuse, including being sexually abused in care and being trafficked in a brothel in between so called "psychiatric treatment".

In 1986 I met a man in Sydney who wanted to be with me and get married. But he had a lot of problems and drowned when he was inebriated. I was left pregnant and alone.

In 1987 my daughter Daisy was born. The social workers who I turned to for help, tried to take my baby daughter. But as things were different then, I went to court, and although I won, I was revengefully pursued for years. This left me a nervous wreck and affected how my child and I Daisy lived.


Meeting my sons

In 1997 I saw my niece came across my Jewish son David. In the next few years, I met both my forcibly adopted sons. I was nearly 50 years old and they were 32 and 31. The so-called reconciliation was a joke. My first born son Andrew was on drugs. My relationship with my second son David is also difficult.


What I really worry about now is how this all this is affecting my daughter Daisy.

My claims

I have written this for a reason. I am calling for an urgent investigation into the shocking child-abuse by the Jewish News and the Jewish Welfare, and how their appalling organising and enabling of the selling of my sister is still wrecking hell and havoc on me, 55 years later.

Even when I rang up the Jewish Welfare, now Jewish Care, to obtain my files from 1955 and beyond, I was lied to by them, and told there was a fire in 2000, and the files were destroyed.

In all my inquiries about a fire at the Jewish Welfare in 466 Punt Road South Yarra, or at their new place, there are no records of any fire at the Jewish Welfare or Jewish Care regarding any files.

How is taxpayer-funded Jewish Care allowed to treat child-abused former forced clients like this? And not have any accountability whatsoever, unlike other religions who are obliged to be accountable because they are a religion, and receive taxpayer funding.

I would like an apology and some support for what has happened to me.

More information supplied on request. Extract from Jewish News