To filmbuffs of all persuasions, welcome!

As you have accessed this site, I expect you are particularly interested in Hong Kong and its cinema. If not, I guess you have been attracted by the filmbuff angle. Whatever your case may be, I wish you a good and pleasant stay. I am well aware one cannot be all things to all people, still I have tried to cater for you.

If you love films but are new to Hong Kong cinema, I hope you will find my enthusiasm contagious. The films discussed on this site are all very good; they all deserve a wider audience than they have up until now received, in the West that is. As a neophyte to the world of Hong Kong films, you might only have heard of Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Whatever you opinion of them may be (and I do not wish here to enter into a controversy), they represent only one aspect of Hong Kong filmmaking. As much as they have contributed to a worldwide awareness of Hong Kong cinema, they have also been responsible for the erroneous impression that Hong Kong's film production is limited to the karate/action genre only. This is far from the truth. You will find in this site a small array of films whose genres and styles you might not have associated with Hong Kong films before. Hopefully, what I had to say about these films will intrigue you sufficiently, so you may want to seek some of them yourself. It this is the case, I recommend you consult the section of this site referring to Video Compact Discs, and their availability.

The Hong Kong cinema lover will probably be aware of most of the films featured on this site. My intent in writing about these films was not to review them; I simply wanted to share some of my thoughts about them with you. I am not interested in criticism. I personally believe there is too much of it around already. What I have been attempting to do here is to enhance your viewing experience (and inevitably mine too) therefore rendering it more rewarding and pleasurable, by looking for qualities in the films that might or might not have been obvious. I do not claim to be particularly insightful, yet I believe some of my observations may have hit some kind of proverbial mark. Hopefully, my comments will make you see the films in a new light, maybe a brighter one. Of course, in the process of thinking aloud so to speak, opinions are expressed and judgements passed. You might find yourself agreeing with me on some points, disagreeing on others; you might even think I am totally off the mark! Whatever the case may be, I would love to hear from you. Feel free to write to me with your comments and own observations. I believe films are opened to a multitude of interpretations. I intend to post the most insightful ones on this site.

This web site has been designed mainly around my personal collection of Hong Kong films on VCD. The choice of the films I have acquired since discovering I could play Video Compact Discs on my computer (I own neither a television nor a VCR) has been guided only by my own tastes and inclinations, therefore the name of this site: Hong Kong Eclectic. As the name also suggests, it is not restricted only to films (although it is and will remain its main focus). There are other aspects of Hong Kong culture I find interesting, music for instance. Eventually, I would like to expand this site to cover some of these.

Over the years, Hong Kong has provided me with many pleasures. It has been and continues to be, for me (and for many others), a great source of enjoyment. I hope it is or will be for you too.

Wing Mong Yee
(Jacques Tremblay)