"Man without Law is the Lowest of Animal" ... Aristotle

" Some bastard has carved his name into his Steyr (rifle) . . .
If I could find him I'd charge him! "

Regimental Sergeant Major Royal Australian Artillery
" We couldn't check the lights . . .
It was night time"

Same Idiot
Royal Australian Artillery

The use of Falsified Documents, by Australian Army Officers, to Organise
the Unlawful Discharge of Australian Soldiers so as to protect themselves.

("One worried father and Vietnam veteran, who asked not to be identified for fear of repercussions against his son, said it was insulting ........")
Sydney Morning Herald 15th August 2003

(The Importance of Propaganda - The Cover-up of the Deaths of PTE Jake Kovco and SPC Pat Tillman and The Rescue of Pte Jessica Lynch U.S. Army)
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