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C390 Ford Escort XR3i Red #6 (Lowered & Repainted)

This is a car I restored at the same time as a restoration of a couple of other XR3is, figuring I'd kill a few birds with the one stone. This was in a real mess when I picked it up, along with a green Rover 3500 in similar condition. It had been butchered a bit in an attempt to lower the chassis to improve the handling (which wored by the way). The locating lugs on the chassis had been removed, and tiny screws had been inserted on the sides of the body to hold it in place. Once it was all cleaned up though, and a spare driver platform inserted, it didn't look quite so bad. The windscreen was in terrible condition, but I found a couple of spares that I picked up somewhere along the line, which was very handy. I had to grind and bend the interior to fit the lowered chassis under it, but got there in the end. I had plenty of suitable running gear and I also made up my own bumpers and headlights, etc. The paint job was OK, but the addition of my own decals seemed to brighten it up somewhat. So, how does it handle now? Surprisingly it handles very well compared to the unmodified versions, with only a little more lead than I used in the others. It is very easy to drive hard, and has certainly lost a lot of that tippiness that similar narrow top heavy cars have. Check out the lowered Rover 3500 as well, which handles even better.

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