Very Early Yaesu Musen Co. Amateur Radio Equipment in Australia

Shown below is a 1974 photo of Bail Electronics Services' staff.

Bail Electronics Staff Photo, 1974
From left are Fred Swart, Greg Whiter, Fred Bail, Jim Bail and Brian Stephens. This photo was taken inside Bail's showroom, which was co-located with Fred Bail's private residence at 60 Shannon Street, Box Hill North, Victoria, Australia. Although the Showroom/Workshop building has now been removed, the residence still exists today and, until late 2002 was still in the hands of Fred Bail's widow, Gladys Bail. In 2002 Gladys Bail passed away. Seen in the background are some of Yaesu's product range of 1974, including an FT-101B on the bench between Greg Whiter and Fred Bail.

Yaesu Musen Fukushima Factory in 1970 - FT-101 production line.
Shown above is a view of Yaesu's factory at Fukushima in northern Japan. The photo was taken in the early 1970's and is of the FT-101 production line.

Fred Bail and Malcolm White, a Bail's staff member in the early 1970's, are shown above at an amateur radio convention at Leongatha, Victoria.


Fred & Jim Bail Shown at left are
Fred Bail,
and Jim Bail,

At right are depicted
various Bail logos.

Bail Radio & TV Service Logo
Bail Electronic Services Logo, early version
Bail Electronics Services Logo, late version

Fred Bail passed away in the late 1970's, Jim Bail passed away in the early 1980's. Following Fred's passing their company was sold to Stan Roberts of Teletramel, who continued to run Bail Electronic Services into the early 1990's from the Victorian country town of Wangaratta.

The author would be happy to hear from anybody who has very early Yaesu equipment, such as FL-20 Mark's 1 and 2, or FL-100B Mark's 1 and 2. By way of some background information on the author, he was employed by Bail Electronic Services from the late 1960's through to 1977, after which Greg Whiter formed the company GFS Electronic Imports, of which he is still a director today.

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