Our political Quislings, media sycophants, and the bourgeoisie in the so-called ARM, are promoting a slick campaign for a vote for a republic. Sportsmen, clerics, and other public figures, who have never previously had a constructive political thought in their lives, are now sailing forth extolling the proposed new system. But are questions of substance to redress the abject failings of the Commonwealth State and its British monarchy being addressed, or is it all in fact just a con job?

National Republicans assert that inherent in a Republic is cultural, political and economic independence, in a National State that is comprehensively committed to the heritage, and in the service of its citizens.

National Republicans pose these questions:-

1] Will real democracy be achieved, where Australians can direct the political order and the agenda via citizens' councils, or will the current party system continue; - of hacks serving their big business money changer masters in a system where nothing ever alters and voting in elections is a total waste of time?

2] Will the Australian political order finally throw off the vestiges of subservience to overseas interests, where our foreign policy is directed from Washington; where our monetary values are determined in New York, London or Tokyo; where our productive wealth can be stolen by foreigners at any call?

3] Will the vision of a new European Civilisation, as demanded by our pioneering peoples at Federation, and defended by our Kokoda heroes, flourish, or will Australia continue to be a dumping ground for plagues of unwanted alien immigrants who can never be Australian?

4] Will Australia's unique cultural heritage, that which provides the sense of community and purpose, of advancement of our society, be fostered, or will anti-Australian multiculturalism continue to be forced down our throats as a prelude to our politicians' wished for "Asian future"?

5] Will the eco-systems of our Southern Motherland continue to be obliterated by the internationalists pursuit of consumerism and materialism through their exploitive trade system, or will National Self-Sufficiency; - ensuring conservation and ecological sustainability, and real quality of life and values for citizens come into being?

The answers are self evident; none of these points will be considered by the Systems sham republicans and their vote. It is only more of the same. THEY ARE THE LAST OF YESTERDAY!


to the internationalist's fake republic.

The fairdinkums National Republic
will be forged in the 21st century!

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