The Social And Economic
Principles Of
National Republicanism

(1) National Republicanism is the popular ideology from Australian roots developed to answer contemporary Australian social and economic problems.

(2) It is what the Australian Labor Party could have become had it not compromised long ago with parliamentarianism, and what the trade unions were until the internationalists and social democrats took charge.

Our nativism is therefore the very essence of the promise of the early "Australian Socialist" movement. These Australian idealists (1870s - early 1900s) worked towards the creation of the "working man's paradise" in the richest of continents, a land where all classes could benefit from the wealth of our land, where workers, farmers, small business people, could create a new social ideal.

It was this movement which recognised the poignant facts of Australia's struggle with Asia and brought forth the Immigration Restriction Act. It was the same movement which worked for a state free of the bonds of all "imperialism", an independent Australian Republic.

This promise of freedom and a unique identity for Australia was implicit in the earlier movement. The cause has been reborn in the modern age as the new force of National Republicanism.

(3) National Republicanism implies the solidarity of all social classes within the Nation, each a vital part of the Nation.

(4) National Republicanism is a progressive ideology which balances the needs of the individual against the requirements of the Nation.

(5) National Republicanism is the political means by which the whole citizenry achieves National solidarity; where the struggle for our historical culture and identity, and Australian independence can in fact, be achieved. It is a recognition that it is meaningless to fight for the preservation of the Nation without achieving the economic future of, and social justice for all Australians.

(6) National Republicanism desires neither a capitalist consumer economy nor a socialist bureaucratic economy. It permits the widest range of economic enterprise within the parameters of the national goal. It would develop (a) state public, (b) private business, (c) worker partnership/worker co-operatives, (d) union, (e) municipal/provincial and other forms of enterprise, in any particular area of a NATIONAL SELF-SUFFICIENT economy, to which the "form" is best suited.

National Republicanism has no time for either private or state monopoly, or rampant free market activities, but strives to forge a balanced economic order.

(7) National Republicanism applies the principle of order to our social and economic life. The aims of the new system are ecologically sustainable development, production, distribution.

(8) National Republicanism asserts the positive value of the National Unit created by history as the ideal unit for human cultural integrity and social development. International Monetary Funds, World Banks, Multinationals, "global village ideals" as much as the activities of internationalists - are negative forces for all nations and peoples.

Globalism has pronounced a death sentence over Australia's economic, social and cultural future. National Republicanism therefore implies the Sovereign Nation with its people united to win the goals of its social "plan".

(9) National Republicanism is an attitude to life. Its spirit is not that of contemporary consumerist Australia. It is the lost ethos of the old co-operative Australia. It is the vision of the old pioneer and free citizen against the "victim" of the shoddy products and cultural values of the local monopoly or multinational.

It is the conscious Nation against the post-1945 "consumer society" with its bourgeois conformism, and its mind bending pursuit of economic gain at the national expense.

(10) National Republicanism is itself a slogan for action! It is the social faith the Nation yearns for and promises the National Revolution complimented by the foundation of the Social Republic.

This new faith is a revolutionary call to rescue the Nation before there is no nation to save.

Declared 3rd December 1989.
135th Anniversary of the Eureka Stockade

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