National Republicans



1. The creation of a National Peoples' Republic.

2. The formation of a "Republican Government" in a National Assembly of Citizens Deputies, reflecting geographical, occupational and other forms of representation, to provide the widest participation for Australians.

3. Primacy of the "National Republican Government" with an empowered Executive President and Assembly Council.

4. Abolition of the States in favour of Australian Provinces. Citizen's Deputies to be elected to Provincial Chambers undertaking all local administration.

5. A "ceremonial" Australian Governor, appointed by Provincial Governors elected directly by citizens.

6. The introduction of Participatory Democracy, under the concept of Republican Forum.

7. Freedom of political association.

8. A Constitution setting out the fundamental laws of the Australian Nation, and the "responsibilities" and "basic rights" of citizens.


1. The creation of a command - development economy, based on moderate and ecologically sustainable growth.

2. Australian National Self Sufficiency.

3. The economic order to comprise family type businesses, worker co-operatives, worker partnerships, worker owned, and industrial democracy enterprises, together with government corporations for national economic expansion, administration and defence.

Ensuring an equitable spread of wealth to all citizens for financial and personal self-reliance.

4. Restructuring of Trade Unions and Employer Associations as Workers' Federations of a National Economic and Reconstruction Authority.

Workers' Federations to participate in national productivity & development.

Workers' Federations to be responsible for ensuring the productive employment of citizens, as well as contribute to the welfare of members, including social/cultural activities.

5. Reduction of unemployment through the reconstruction of Australian enterprise based on ecological principles, community works and other projects.

Unemployment benefits restricted to citizens between jobs and undergoing retraining.

6. Australian processing of mineral products under pollution free standards.

7. Australianisation of multinational corporations.

8. Replacement of the arbitration system by Workers' Federation Productive Councils to obtain income/wage justice inside a framework of national reconstruction, including price control mechanisms to curtail excessive and speculative profiteering.

9. Cessation of credit/money creation through the private banking system. The creation of a "Peoples' Bank" to issue Government monies commensurate to the nations wealth.

Private Banks to act as transferors and lenders of money on deposit or held as shareholders funds.

Eradication of usury.

10. Abolition of the National Debt.

11. Taxation rates to be minimised to enable Citizens full use of their own wealth. Taxation to be based on purchases to a maximum levy of 15%.

12. Eradication of foreign ownership of Australian land.


1. Maintaining a policy of independence and neutrality.

2. Suspension of all foreign aid (PNG excepted) - Australian wealth to benefit the wellbeing of Australians.

3. Repatriation programmes utilising the transfer of ecologically sustainable technology.

4. Dismantling of U.S. military establishments in Australia.

5. Assumption of sovereignty of the Antarctic area under Australian mandate, and its declaration as a permanent wilderness.


1. The acquisition of technological defence capabilities to fully maintain the liberty and prosperity of the Australian People.

2. Equipment of the Australian armed forces to be standardised and adapted for continental defence.

3. The construction of an Australian aerospace system, submarine service, naval coastal defence system and merchant marine.

4. Constitutionally the armed forces not to serve in foreign war zones.

5. Universal National Service for citizens, to encompass the Army, Navy and Air Force, including military, educational, construction and environmental corps.

6. Foundation of a militia.

7. A constitutional role for the armed service, including for the appointment from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, of the Minister for Defence in the National Government.

8. Removal of all foreign-loyal military and intelligence staff.


1. Assertion of our identity as a European civilisation. The abolition of multiculturalism in every facet of Australian life.

An Australian Nationality Policy for our European and Aboriginal peoples.

2. A population policy to secure a birth rate commensurate with population requirements of the Nation.

3. The cessation of all immigration thus retaining our unique culture and identity, and avoiding environmental and economic decline.

4. Deportation of illegal immigrants.

5. The repatriation of persons who cannot assimilate into the Australian identity and culture.

6. Abolition of dual nationality for Australian citizens.

7. Aboriginal control over their own affairs, and for the advancement of the Australoid race.

Provision for a system of "Land Grants" to be enshrined in the Republican Constitution.

An Aboriginal Assembly to provide an Australoid Affairs Minister for the National Government.


1. The development of an unitary national education policy for Australians advancing Australian national development and interest.

2. Assistance to Australian writers, artists and film-makers to promote Australian culture.

3. Protective measures to ensure the viability of the family unit as the prime consideration of the Nation.

4. Advancement of the status of women in Australian society, including a system of stipend payments to family women.

5. Restructuring of the Judiciary in a system of District, Provincial and Republican Courts.

Replacement of adversarial procedures by enquiry concepts in the European tradition.

Uniformity and simplification of Australian law under a National code.

6. The availability of capital punishment for violent crimes, murder and hard drug pushing.

7. The Sacred Symbol of Eureka shall be the Australian flag.

8. Stringent measures to protect the Australian natural environment including large scale return of debased farm land to its former state, or suitable reafforestation.

9. The cessation of uranium mining.

10. Adequate retirement benefits for senior citizens.

11. Comprehensive and independent benefits for Veterans.

Labour is the source of all wealth

We're marching along, we're gathering strong
We place on our right reliance
We fling in the air, for all who care
Our first loud notes of defiance!

Laugh long and loud, you toady crowd
At the men you call beknighted
In spite of your sneers, we are pioneers
Of "Australia United"

From "Republican Pioneers" Henry Lawson, 1894

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