An Australian tradition over generations has been the passing down of family firearms, from grandparent to father to son, etc. Such handing down includes learning proper maintenance, and particularly the safe use of, and the responsibility that goes with owning a firearm. The responsible use of firearms that is taught by one generation to another cannot be replaced by any bureaucratic tests.

It is a tradition that is deeply personal to many owners, even if the firearm is not in regular use, but for reactionary politicians and their "politically correct" agitators, such tradition is meaningless. It is typical of anti-Australians, multiculturalists and the like, who will take every opportunity to undermine and denigrate the cultural heritage of Australia.


These new gun laws are just another encroachment of our civil liberties. The government, aided and abetted by the media, have trampled over so many of our democratic rights that it seems you need a permit, licence, or registration to do almost anything nowadays. Big Brother is not a literacy fantasy, or a sociological cliche, it is a reality; but one which can't readily be seen, because it is occurring slowly - taking away just one liberty at a time. Despite the politicians protests of innocence, we know that their firearm registration is the prelude to firearm confiscation - THEY LIED THEN, THEY'RE LYING NOW


The deaths at Port Arthur are a national tragedy. But the misuse of firearms by some "looney" should not be turned into a political tactic to deprive hundreds of thousands of legitimate shooters and owners of firearms. Indeed, it is not firearms, but psychiatric drugs that should be under review: most [if not all] of such psycho mass shootings - including the Port Arthur schizophrenic - have been carried out by people under the influence of drugs such as Prozac and Serepax [mind altering prescription drugs]. If these "loonies" didn't use firearms, they'd just use a drum of petrol, or drive a four wheel drive through a shopping mall [once one does it, others will copy]. This is not a matter of firearms, it is a matter of psychiatric illness.

One report indicated that the Port Arthur madman did not hold a gun licence, and had obtained rifles illegally.

WHO OPPOSES FIREARMS?..."The knitters"

There exists a sub-stratum in our society, who oppose everything that isn't part of their own liberalistic-internationalist "bleeding heart" philosophy. They are the new "wowsers": who like to stay at home [knitting] and whinge in a "concerned and caring" fashion about all they see on TV: This sort want to ban boxing, duck shooting, traditional fox hunting, flyspray [it kills flies cruelly], and ALL FIREARMS. They want to wrap the world in cotton wool; and would trample over all of our rights to do so. These "knitters" are the ultimate bourgeois consumers. They live out of the supermarket, and generally have no idea of how "to put meat on the table". In a national emergency they would probably starve.


Hundreds of Australians are killed each year by cars, especially the misuse of cars, but the "knitters" haven't proposed the banning of the private use of vehicles. [it could be done at great cost]. Also thousands of deaths and accidents each year [including about half of car accidents] are caused by the misuse of alcohol, but the "knitters" haven't proposed banning alcohol [it could be - stupidly - done].

The fact is: these new wowsers are not actually concerned with saving lives - they want to ban a recreational pursuit which they abhor because, like boxing, to them it implies "violence" [whether to rabbits, foxes, ducks, pigs, kangaroos, etc.]. They want to ban firearms, they want to ban boxing; not because it would "save lives", but because it is against their "bleeding heart" way of life. BEWARE THE "KNITTERS".


Our Quisling politicians have turned Australia into a "submissive society", one which is open for future invasion, subjugation, and genocide that could be carried out by expansionist regional powers. "Our" Government has destroyed the post war II emergency reserve of 500,000 rifles and Bren guns. It melted down at BHP, our 100,000 SLRs - the standard army rifle, which was recently replaced by 37,000 Steyr rifles, which have plastic components which fail if more than 90 rounds, or 9 seconds auto fire, are used.

Australia needs an armed civilian population that could be called to act as a guerilla force to combat any foreign aggression. If the Government or its treacherous politicians take firearms off fair dinkum Australians, and we are left with only 37,000 plastic component rifles, then our whole country would be at the mercy of any foreign power. [Both India and Indonesia have been mentioned in defence reports: the Indonesians certainly have a record of imperialist expansion, and whilst peaceful now, world affairs can change unexpectedly and quickly; and over-population and a scramble for resources loom large for the coming decades].


Reactionary politicians look to banning firearms as it is a "quick fix"; and because many are "knitters" themselves; but an added bonus for them is to attempt to alleviate their unspoken hidden fear that one day they may face an armed civil insurrection, prompted by their undemocratic, treacherous policy: THE ASIANISATION OF AUSTRALIA.

Such a populace based reaction could be considered justifiable if it is the only answer left to avoid the destruction of our unique European civilisation.


The Australia First programme of National Republicanism supports rational laws of firearm ownership. Laws drafted and monitored by an Australian Council of Firearm Owners/Shooters Organisations, in conjunction with the Australian Military, having responsibility for the receipt and spending of any licence funds for training, education and conservation.

The Armed Nation is the firmest guarantee that the State is not a mechanism of some totalitarian clique of leaders; the Armed People ensures National democracy.

National Republicans trust and respect the integrity of Australians to frame just laws, continuing the traditions of the Reform Leagues of our past.

And to the cringing weaklings of the Liberal/National/Labor/Democrat parties, kowtowing to international agenda, we summon the words of our folk hero.


Ned Kelly. 1878

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