The issue of a "Republic" is squarely on the political agenda.

 The "Republic", likely to be proclaimed by 2001, is designed to answer various problems contained in the Establishment push into the Pacific Rim Basin Economic Order. The intent is to produce a Merchant-Capitalist Republic as part of an order alien to Australia's legitimate interest, and destructive of our national identity.

 The rhetoric of the political elites, defines the national identity and future in terms of membership of the "fastest growing" trade zone in the world. In some manner or other a republican government supposedly smooths Australia's passage into the new system.

 It is therefore inevitable that National Republicans would oppose this "republicanism" on the part of the big business moguls and their paid politicians. However, we do not oppose this official republicanism because it desires to remove the Monarch as head of state; this Monarchy is indefensible on all counts. The slogan must be: Neither Fake Republic nor Irrelevant Monarchy: For A National Australian Republic!


 A monarchist reaction to the official republicanism has formed in the past 12 months. Assorted defenders of the Constitution and Westminster Government, National Flag groups and others have rallied to defend the Monarchy and "tradition".

 National Republicans draw a sharp line of demarcation between these sincere if misdirected "patriots", and those members of the Establishment who feel the current monarchical constitution better serves big business rather than any new fangled creature conjured up for quick advantage.

 The "patriots" are not intentionally anti-Australian, and indeed Nationalists have always indicated that many of these persons and their physical resources would be welcome with us, and therefore better placed for the real struggle for the salvation of the Nation.

 But politics is never that easy - particularly when sentimentality is involved. But Nationalists cannot compromise what they know the truth to be, with people who cannot see the truth at all.

 The truth, unpalatable as our conservative monarchists may hold it to be, is that despite all their devotion and fawning and crawling to "Monarchist Principle" and "Westminster theory", Elizabeth Sax Coburg Gotha cares not one iota for them. The Monarchy in practice is internationalist to the core. The voluminous pro-internationalist utterances of "our" Queen; her commitment to "Commonwealth", open borders, free trade, multiculturalism and multiracialism is well known.

 It is ironic to the extreme that our "patriots" who are none of these things, [and who at heart are pro-Australian] hold in reverence someone who is their sworn enemy. It is a political tragedy for Australia because it is a huge waste of resources, a "luxury" we can not afford. The hour is late.


 The monarchist ideology is founded upon principles cooked up from a wizards cauldron. The "patriot" believes his Queen "protects" him from "socialist dictatorship"! Such a slogan, left over from the Menzies era, when Reds hid in the closets and pro-Americanism with a British gloss was the yardstick of patriotism, misses the point: our fake republicans are arch-capitalists not "socialists".

 The "patriot" says his Queen is there to hear his petitions for justice and ensure justice. Really? Has she ever acted this way?

 The "patriot" argues that the Constitution guarantees freedom. However, if this is true, why is Australia a dictatorship of money and already half enmeshed in an alien trade zone?

 Lastly, but not least, the "patriot" tells us we have our British heritage to think of. Of course, our Australia is as continental European and Celtic as it is "British" [ethnically speaking], which the "patriots" forget - but our "patriots" show themselves here in a darker light. Our monarchists have trouble with being robustly, passionately and singularly Australian.

 The "patriots" feel ill at ease with the only directly relevant heritage - settlement, gold rushes, Eureka Stockade, bushrangers, Heidelberg Art, union struggles, immigration restriction, the promise of Republic, the full rich panoply of our 19th century married to the Kokoda struggle of the 20th century.

 The "patriot" would exchange his Native Australian history for a pottage of Queen Victoria statues and a fake imperialist interpretation of the heroism of ANZAC.

None of this is real and true patriotism; it is the bleating of a child forced out of its nest, compelled to be an adult and wary of doing so! It is the fear of recognising who we are.


The monarchist will suffer agony between now and the birth of the Merchants' and Capitalists' Republic. And sadly, some will call pathetically for restoration!

National Republicans say openly that this doubting disease in our national psyche must be finally and irrevocably put to rest: Let the Establishment have its "Republic". National Republicans will bury this fake republic in the new order of the Australian National State.

We hope the "patriots" will come to see their error and fight with us, but we cannot count on it. It is for that reason today that our position is clear and direct, if hard and unyielding.

It is time for Australia to seize its independence from its internationalist ruling caste. There is no more room for self doubt or any mixed up notions from our British colonial past and the diverse pattern of European migration. There is room only for an Australian identity, European in general, but Native in particular in this land. We can and should have our Republic beneath the Southern Cross. This is the only guarantee that the threat of submergence in an alien trade zone will recede and that Australia will be Australian.


1. We live under a Monarchy. FALSE

Monarchy means "rule by one". Since the Westminster system consists of rule by an oligarchy of businessmen and parliamentarians with the Queen acting as a rubber stamp, there is no way the "Monarchy" can be seen as anything but a liberal republic with some royalist trappings.

2. A Republic must mean party politics and manipulation by one group. WRONG

Manipulation by parties may be the current reality under Constitutional Monarchy, but it does not have to be so under a National Republic. Having a head of state who is empowered to act and responsible would go a long way to altering this.

3. Republics are socialist. FALSE

The word republic says nothing about the political regime except that its head of state is not hereditary. History can show old examples of Republics that could not be seen in any way as liberal or socialist, for example the Republics of Switzerland and Venice. It is a dishonesty on the part of liberal monarchists to speak of republics as if they were all of the same sort.

4. Republics have violent histories, Constitutional Monarchies have peace within their societies. FALSE

The reason for the apparent peace within liberal regimes [whether Constitutional Monarchies or U.S. style republics] is that the power of the merchants and financiers is unchallenged. These regimes therefore do not need to engage in the type of subversion they do in so called authoritarian regimes, which gave more prominence to the national interest.

In fact, in a Constitutional Monarchy, like Australia today, political dissidents including nationalists have been jailed on trumped up criminal charges because our state is too hypocritical to declare these "crimes" to be political.

5. The reserve powers of the Governor General will not feature in any new constitution. GOOD

The reserve powers of the Governor General, like those of the Queen, are supposed to be one of those checks and balances that keep our system functioning properly, preventing abuses of power etc.

In reality, the only occasions in Australian history there has been any checking and balancing, is when the interests of the internationalist, big business enemies of the Nation are endangered.

This can be seen in the case of NSW Premier Jack Lang, who only wanted to put foreign banks in their place. The other celebrated instance is the sacking of Whitlam. Whitlam may be anything you want him to be, but the reasons for his dismissal were his excursions into finding alternative sources of finance for Australia, and his questioning of the role of the U. S. military in our country.

There is no doubt that this will happen again. They delude themselves, those who think that a bit of paper, can alter the fact that power in Australia is held by the enemy. These enemies will not give up power through a word game of which they set the rules.

The Establishment's fake republicans are part of the same game. They have no commitment to our European civilisation. It is National Republicans alone who pursue the struggle for political, economic and cultural independence; who will forge the Australian National State and see the birth of a Nation.

Declared 30th June 1993.
132nd Anniversary of the Lambing Flat Incident.

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