Republic vs Monarchy

Citizens are being exposed to the concept of Australia becoming a republic at the turn of the century, promoted in the media with comments from politicians, journalists, articles by intellectuals, and so called spokespersons for the "republican movement", as well as opinion poll results.

The schools curriculum has also introduced the matter into senior years studies, again supported by the press which has run a series of essay competitions to enhance the profile of the republican "debate".

In addition, the Commonwealth State flag, containing the British Imperial emblem, is being questioned as suitable for an independent Australia, and an oath of allegiance together with public service insignia deleting reference to the English Queen and Crown have been introduced.

This well orchestrated campaign to replace the Commonwealth State with an Australian Republic, predisposes to the view that really nothing more than an administrative change is involved. It just entails a few minor alterations to the Commonwealth Constitution, continuing with the existing Westminster style parliamentary democracy, but replacing the head of state, the anthem and possibly the flag.

This is all there is to it!

National Republicans argue that this simplistic view offers little for the cause of a truly sovereign Australian Nation, for no nation can ever be forged from the Act of the British Parliament, which created the Federated Commonwealth in 1901. This was only a formalisation of the colonies into a larger "outpost of empire" for easier manipulation in the interests of Britain.

Federation did not form the nucleus of a national state. Westminster style "democracy", the structure of the states, the division of powers, the role and authority of the Governor General and the English Monarch, the bicameral parliaments, are all indicative of an integral part of the British Empire

Australia's history ever since reveals this, evidenced in the continuing colonial mentality, and subservience of our politicians to the highest foreign bidder.

The involvement of Establishment figures and the media cartel in the current push in effect speaks for itself. It exposes a public campaign which is an arranged facade, to lull citizens into docile acceptance of a liberal type republic, that allows for the same big business and high finance interests to continue in control of "State Power"

It should be understood that our "controlling elites" with their vested interests of patronage and privilege, have no intention of allowing their position to be undermined by a political, economic and social order of the Australian people, which fulfils the ideals of our republican/nationalist pioneers of last century for a new nation.

The reality of Australia in the 1990's, is that the internationalist policies of our political Quislings have concluded the economic conquest of our Australian civilisation. Control of our national life is now firmly in the conglomerates boardrooms of New York, Tokyo and elsewhere overseas. Hence the "level playing field" farce, the de-industrialised, dig it up, import it cheap, mass immigration, pollute all, wait on tables, Asian boot straps economic system that is being set up in Australia.

"My greatest achievement has been internationalising the Australian Economy". Paul Keating. Midday TV show 10/7/1991.

In fact, it is now estimated the corporate sector of Australia is 90% FOREIGN OWNED and internationalists money as interest and dividends exiting Australia currently exceeds 40% of our GNP.

This loss of economic sovereignty is responsible for our ongoing malaise, a crisis the full extent of which Australians have yet to experience, but now reflected in a degenerating society. Widespread inequality of wealth, mass unemployment, breakdown of law and order, destruction of family life, and a general apathy amongst many citizens are the rule.

The outpourings from the Keating/Dawkins and Hewson/Howard cliques that "One Nation" or "Fightback" offer a return to prosperity, can be discounted as figments of their imagination. They are just actors in a stage show that is reported constantly in a media which has lost any sense of objectivity.

Control of Australia by international capitalists and financiers in the pursuit of profit has set the political agenda. Their agenda involves the future of our nation as a quarry, a tourist resort for foreigners and a refugee/immigrant dump for the Pacific Rim Basin Economy. It forecasts a cultural and environmental wasteland.

The Establishments' call for a republic, jettisoning of the English Monarchical system, is only a ploy to advance submerging our civilisation into this Asiatic abyss. It is fake republicanism.

National Republicans DO support a republican state as the only form that can fulfil Australia's historic national destiny as a new European people. The Commonwealth State political order with its English Monarchy is the anthesis of this destiny, and holds no brief with us.

National Republicans demand a people's constitution that enshrines the Nation as a vanguard of European civilisation; that specifies the basic rights and responsibilities of citizens; that provides for land grants for the Aboriginal peoples, and the fundamental laws of the nation.

For National Republicans the national destiny is first and foremost, and all systems and theories are a means to this end

We demand a republic of social justice where the interests of Australians comes FIRST, and where cultural, economic and political independence prevails. Westminster style "democracy" allows for no such aims. Its parliamentary system is a fraud, a circus of weak politicians representing the views of political parties controlled by big business. It makes a joke of representation of constituents, and voting for one party or the other changes nothing.

National Republicans demand a parliament with Public Forum participatory democracy, for Deputies from a wide range of democratic organisations, workers, farmers, families, the Public Service, the Military Forces, a system for the 21st century utilising modern communication technology to ensure Deputies and bureaucrats reflect the will of the citizenry. Parliaments must have their true function of being the faithful mirror of genuine community bodies, not party politics and their self serving careerist politicians.

National Republicans reject an Australia divided up into half a dozen pseudo-sovereign entities or states. This is a divide and rule system that a people inspired with a national idea will discard, in favour of an administrative provincial system.

National Republicans advance a National Assembly, linked to Provincial Government Chambers with all deputies being native born.

The National Assembly will elect an Executive President and Council empowered to act. The nation must go forward.

Through a clear definition of the functions and powers of the Government and the Executive, responsibility can be determined and abuses lessened.

National Republicans advance a "ceremonial style" Australian Governor, appointed by and from Provincial Governors elected directly by citizens.

National Republicans insist upon a State that works for the common good of the people. It cannot be a mere spectator of the economy, but must plan it and make it serve the Nation, not leave it to "market forces". It must plan for family enterprise to have a bigger role, for worker ownership/co-operatives and for national economic self sufficiency and decentralisation to guarantee adequate work for our citizens, checking the multinationals and monopoly capitalists

National Republicans advance a monetary system founded solidly on the reality of "money" as a medium of exchange, based on the wealth created and owned by the citizenry, and to be issued into the community by a citizens bank, the National People's Bank

National Republicans advance our unique national culture, and will ensure it is protected from degenerate international influence, especially U.S. barbarism, and anti-Australian multiculturalism, which will be totally disbanded.

National Republicans reject the social, economic, cultural and environmental disaster of mass immigration to our Australian way of life and our fragile old continent.

National Republicans accept the responsibility to maintain the country's independence. International interference will not be tolerated, and foreign policy will be decided by national interests. Proper national defence will be secured and required sacrifices made to that end.

National Republicans will raise AUSTRALIA'S MOST SACRED SYMBOL, THE FLAG OF EUREKA, as the national emblem, flown spontaneously at Bakery Hill on 3rd December 1854, where men stood together as Australians and were massacred by the Colonial Authority, whose spirit is enshrined in our national consciousness.

It is these that are the ideals of patriots for an Australia of the 21st century, that are the causes for a Republic. Fake republicans with their "minimalist" ranting offer only an illusion, a repeat of the Federation fraud. With the rise of genuine Australian patriots, national revolution, the great historical event that will truly forge a national identity and soul must be undertaken.

National Republicans intend to sweep aside the existing political order and to bring regeneration of our Australian Society.

THE REPUBLIC OF AUSTRALIA, to be created in a peaceful democratic revolution by the Australian People.

Declared 26th January, 1993.
205th Anniversary of European Settlement Day.

We're marching along, we're gathering strong
We place on our right reliance
We fling in the air, for all who care
Our first loud notes of defiance!

Laugh long and loud, you toady crowd
At the men you call beknighted
In spite of your sneers, we are pioneers
Of "Australia United"

Not long we'll stand as an outlaw band
And be in our country lonely
For soon to the sky shall ring our cry
Our cry of "Australia only"

And we'll sleep sound in Australian ground
Neath the blue-cross flag star lighted
When it freely waves o'er the grass grown graves
of the pioneers united!

From "Republican Pioneers"
Henry Lawson, 1891

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