In the Beginning

The National Republicans originated in 1987 from a circle of republicans in Victoria and New South Wales; who consolidated their efforts in the period leading up to the Bicentenary of European settlement in 1988.

The view was held that with the approach of the Bicentenary, and the year 2000, Australian citizens would be exposed to calls for a review of the Commonwealth State's political order with its English monarchy, and that this would afford an opportunity for suitable ideals to be disseminated, to infuse the concept of political, cultural, and economic independence, as the essential foundation for a republican state.

The originators accepted the premise of a philosophical outlook drawn from the core of Australiana, and a commitment to the revolutionary social ideals of Australia's pioneers, visionaries, and founding industrial unionists, including their concept of National Federation for a new European civilisation.

A further implicit commitment was the pursuit of compatibility with nature in all endeavours through an organic society, rejecting capitalism and its moronic quest for consumerism and materialism.

This sortie into the political arena was undertaken as the Australian Republican Movement. However in 1990 elements of our traitor class of cosmopolitan liberal internationalists, with an extensive media coverage burst to the fore as the Australian Republican Movement Ltd (with an agenda of preserving the status quo but with an "Australian head of state") -- and subsequently the Australian Republican Movement Ltd placed our ARM under legal duress to cease activities. Hence our movement became the National Republican Movement (later to be the National Republicans), which has continued true to our ideals.

The bourgeois of the traitor class, such as those in ARM Ltd, have no real concept of Australian Nativism and -- like all cosmopolitan liberal internationalists -- have no roots in Australian soil. Such globalists often whine that they "belong to the world", which is why they advocate mass immigration and anti-Australian multiculturalism -- their hearts are not in Australia, but more likely belong to the United Nations skyscraper in New York.

Our endeavours are the subject of a virtual black ban by a sycophantic media, and any scant mention of activities will usually deliberately label or confuse the National Republicans as some other organisation, as well as present a negative "extremist" image.

This media bias reflects both the fear and the hatred that cosmopolitan liberal internationalists have of the Australian values developed and passed down from our pioneering generations, which have provided for our Australian way of life, and are now championed by the National Republicans.

The grass grows over Eureka
and Stuart's tree is burned;
Greenaway's stones are down
and our eyes are dull and blind.

The increase-stones are scattered;
the soil is raped and bare;
none sings in patriotic voice;
and our ears are stuffed and deaf.

Our singers sing soft and pretty,
none shouts in warning tones;
our prophets are muffled and gagged,
and our mouths as dumb as stones.

Gone is the heat and fervour,
our patriot fires are ash
none shatters the sky with shouting
and our deepest thoughts are trash.

Fools of the bread and circus
fools who have frittered away
our youth and our fire end ambition
in aping empty play.

Now is the time for returning
to courage and spears of the mind.
Awake, and see to your dawning,
oh, nation of the blind.

Nation of the Blind
Ian Mudie, 1941 [Jindyworobak]

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