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Composing & Arranging

* Composition & Arrangements of any style of music

* To suit any sized Accompaniment

- Piano Scores thru to full orchestra

- Instrumental – Vocal

- Jingles thru to Artist Features etc

Production & Co-Ordination

* Full production & Co-ordination abilities – or any area of either.

* All facets - From Conceptual (composition etc) thru to Booking, Implementation, Musical Direction and recording as required.

Computer Music Preparation Services

* Computer Copying – using Logic Audio Platinum

* Receipt of Scores Via following methods

- Hard Copy (Mail/Courier etc)

- Electronic Via Fax (A3 Printing Capability)

- Electronic Via Email (scan & email)

- Electronic Via File – Logic Audio – or

                                                - Finale

                                                - Performer

                                                - Sibelius

                                                - Various other Packages

                                                - General Midi Files

* Copying in A4 format for Parts (acceptable by all Aust. Orchs)

* Capability for editing to produce either A4 or A3 Scores from Copying

* Proofing of Parts & Scores via midi performance of actual copied parts

        Can be proofed in person – (Stereo CD Quality Audio Files)

Proofing via CD (Mail/Courier) – (Stereo CD Quality Audio Files)

          Proofing Via email – (Stereo Mp3 files from Audio)

* Delivery of Parts via

         Hard copy (Mail / Courier etc)

         Electronically – Via “Printer Files” email etc (Some set up necessary)

* Full Library Service – from copying through to recording session and clean up available if required. (Multiples – Organizing into book order etc)

* Co-ordination of sessions and calls with regard to record order available, to ensure that musicians are utilized to the fullest & best possible value obtained.

* Supply of Cue (Work) sheet to Engineer with lineups per cue if required

* Portable Office using Laptop/Printer/Mini Midi setup, available for sessions to make alterations / last minute copying on site etc. (Limited audio Capability for proofing)(A4 printing only)(A3 via existing Photocopier Enlargement if available at venue/studio for scores etc)

* Also if required, Have served as “another pair of Ears” many times in the control room for many projects.

  Recording / Backing Tracks

*   Computer Based Digital Recording & transfers to CD, Cassette or Mp3 formats etc.

* Unlimited Midi Capabilities

* Up to 64 tracks Digital Audio

* Computer Editing & processing of Digital Audio

* 8 track Analogue Capability (Tape)

* Backing Tracks Created in your key & routine

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