Client File Downloads    

This Page is for Clients Only to download files.

If it's not under your name - It ISN'T for YOU!!!

These Files are "Password Protected" Zip archives. 

Anyone may download them & view the content, but a password is needed to Extract, View or CheckOut the contained file/s.


"Click" on the file you wish to download

Choose "Save" from the dialogue box

The usual file download box will appear asking you for a destination on your computer.

Once saved to your computer, the Zip file can be extracted to a location of your choice, by single/double clicking the zip file. Winzip should start. 

Once winzip has started, you can View the content of the Zip file, but you will be asked for your password before the Extract/View/CheckOut functions will proceed.

Click the Extract button, Enter your Password (emailed to you prior) - and winzip will proceed as usual.

Any problems??? 

Call me.

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