Samples & Demo Page    

This Page contains various Samples & Demo Mp3's displaying just some of the possibilities that can be achieved in the home studio using sampled, midi instruments, an in some instances "Real" instruments.

The Score & parts are simply representative of a finished product which can be printed to any desired size, up to A3 paper. 


Up to A4 sized printing can be done on either Laser or Ink Jet, A3 can only be achieved with Ink Jet Printing.

The Mp3's are Compressed at 56kb/s and should in no way be taken as indicative of the quality of the final product before transfer to these low quality Mp3's.


Simply "Double Click" a item link to see or hear it. Have Fun!!

Page Samples:

Orchestra Score       Flute Part        Piano Part        Violin Part

Mp3 Samples:

Orchestral Backing Track         *     Being Alive.mp3

Vocal Ballad                          **    Once Upon a Xmas.mp3

Pop Backing Track (excerpts)              Love is All.mp3

Rock Vocal/Instrumental (2Vers.) ***     Radio Ad.mp3   

Theatre type Vocal                 ****  Opening Song.mp3

Mp3 External Credits:

*         Arrangement : Graeme Lyall

**        Vocal : Craig Blunt

***       Vocal : Craig Blunt,      Guitars : Simon Patterson,      Bass : Craig Newman,      Drums : Darren Faruggia

            Engineer : Robin Gray,      Recorded: Allan Eaton Studios

****      Arrangement : Graeme Lyall         Vocal : Hugh Jackman



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