Penny Merritt and David Syber
run a bookshop at two locations
Penny is at
David is at
38 Chapel St, Windsor (opposite the Windsor Railway
           Station)  on the route 78/79 tram )
686 Glenhuntly Rd, Caulfield South
on the route 67 tram between Kooyong and Hawthorn Roads
61 (0)3 9530 2222
61 (0)3  95236686;   0419 330 268
open every day from midday until  at least 5 PM                            
closed Thursdays, open every other day from midday until at least 5 PM

the Madam
Penny's shop was established in 1992, and is home to Telzey, Pixel and Meera who ensure that each and every book has at least one cat hair.  They also do duty in the front window exposing their bellies to the midday sun.
13 kg of warm custard
As you walk into the shop, the right-hand wall is science fiction and fantasy.  The far left-hand wall is Australiana and literature (in separate sections of course).

Penny also keeps true crime, crime fiction, The Arts, best-sellers, psychology, philosophy, and theology, military histories, natural histories, children's books, and other bits and pieces that defy classification.

David has moved his shop from Saint Kilda where he was for 13 years, to the new location in late 2005.

Still setting it up, David has 5 bookcases of cooking books, 14 of science fiction and fantasy (the older stuff), 8 bookcases of biographies, numerous bookcases of history, crime fiction, best-sellers, plays and poetry and literature.

Both Penny and David stock hard covers and paperbacks, with the hard covers that have dust jackets being protected with an archival grade plastic wrapper.  The majority of the hardcover novels are first editions.

Penny and David have been slowly listing their hard covers on the Internet, and for this reason it is best to ring beforehand to make certain of which shop has a book that you have found when doing an Internet search

David will be updating this page in the near future and promises to put photographs of all the guilty parties up as well.  In the meantime if you have any enquiries please feel free to either ring or email.