Snake Valley

In 1997 I bought 5 acres of "bush block" near Ballarat. Very cheap land and a great source of firewood. In the short term, it is great just to get out there and set up camp. [photo]

The long term plans are to put a 'weekender' cottage here. Preferably a small 'bluestone' (hopefully most of it will survive the potential bushfire) with the basic essentials (i.e. no mains electricity, gas, water, etc.).

I've carved out a pretty scary mountainbike track. There's plenty of animal droppings, but any animals only come out after dusk. Hey, Santa, what about some night-vision goggles, eh?

Although Melbourne's population is comparable with Edinburgh's (3 million?), the suburbs are very spread out (it takes about an hour to get out to 'countryside'). The bush block is two hour's drive from where I am, which makes it just O.K. for a day trip (four hour's driving).