My 240ZG Race Car

"The Rebuild"

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Original Build

On The Track

Current Rebuild



Basic History of the car  

The car had just sat, doing nothing from 1997. Although on occasions, I did actually do a little work on the car. Unfortunately nothing of significance. Over Easter 2011, I began the process of the rebuild I had planned back in 1997. Only took me 14 years to get motivated!!


Just mounted on the Rotisserie, washed and ready to start.


Cleaning the body deadener off. Something I was just wishing I had never started. What you see took nearly 2 days to do.


Almost completely clean of all the body deadener. A test are sprayed to see what it is going to look like. Also some highlighted areas that will need some welding and strengthening



The repairs all done and the bottom completely painted. A fresh canvas, as they say



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