The Inhabitants of Cork

26th March 1778


Wolf Wolfe Woulfe

Bennett  Beamish Gillman Kingston Stawell Travers 

found in

The History of the County and City of Cork by Rev C.B. Gibson 1861


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We the undersigned subscribers, do agree to associate ourselves for the purposes of preserving the peace of this City and the property of the inhabitants thereof Cork 26th March 1778

Roger Adam Christopher Allen

Aylmr Allenwill

George Archer

R.S.L. Atkins

Sampson Austen

Mathew Bagnell

Godfrey Baker John Thomas Baron
Richard Beamish    

Joseph Bennett

Thomas Benson

Paul Benson

Julius Besnard

Thomas Boles

Thomas Boles

James Boyce

Mathew Brown

Thomas Browne

Francis Busteed

Micheal Busteed

John Carleton

James Carr

Thomas Chatterton

Richard Clear

Thomas Cochrane

Fitzmaurice Cogan

John Cole

John Cole

John Connor

T.H. Coppinger

John Corker

P. Cossart Baker

Peter Cossart

William Cotter

Jacob Crawford

Humphrey Crowly

John Cuthbert

Henry Cuthbert

Edward Daly

Robert Davies

Charles Denroche

John Digby

William Digby

Francis Dorman

Thomas Dorman

Peter Egan

Luke Foreman

Savage French

Thomas Gonnell

Francis Gray

J. Gray Ruddock

Henry Hamilton

Moore Hardaway

Thomas Harding

Joseph Harman

William Harrington

Richard Harris

J. Herbert Orpen

Jasper Herrick

Edward Hoare

John Hopkins

Timothy Hughes

Michael Hutchins

Peter Hyald

James Ingram

John James Murry [Murray]

Edward Jameson

Sampson Jervis

Samuel Jervois

Nobl. Johnson

Vall. Johnson

Nicholas Kellett

William Kennedy

Thomas Kift

James Kingston

Tym. Lane

John Lapp Jnr

Richard Lawton

Christopher Lawton

Henry Leahy

James Lee

Charles Leslie

W. Leycester

Jasper Lucas

Michael Mahoney

William Mannix

Samuel Maylor

Gilbert Mellifont

D. Mellifont Jnr

Hugh Millards

James Morrison Jnr

Rowl. Morrison

James Morrison

Sol. Newsom

William Norcott

John Oates

Joseph Oates

Robert Patterson

Marmeduke Peacocke

John Peddy

Richard Perry

Paul Piercy

Jeffry Piersy

Thomas Power

Bog. Q. Langley

William Radcliffe

Jasper Rashleigh

James Raynes

William Reynolds

James Robinson

Noblett Rogers

Joseph Rogers

John Ronand/

James Sadlier

William Saunders

George Seymour

John Shaw

Henry Sheares

Hu. Shewcraft

James Smith

Thomas Smith

Great Smyth

John Snowe

Ferdinand Spiller

John St Leger Gillman

Robert Stawell

James Sweeds

Edward Sweeney

John Terry

John Thompson

Richard Townsend

John Travers

Thomas Wagget

Christopher Waggett

J. Wallis

Aug. Warren

William Warren

M.R. Westropp

Thomas White

Ben. Whiteson

William Wilcocks

Charles Willcocks

E.W. Wilmot

John Woulfe


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