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Wolfe and related families

Names extracted the petition (1848/9) for William Smith O'Brien

compiled and edited by Ruth Lawler

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The petition (signed in 1848) includes twenty-seven entries for Wolfe (various spellings) and related family names. 

John Woulfe, Ballygrullinane, Glin, Co Limerick.
Matthew James Wolfe, 119 Abbey Street, Dublin.
Patrick Woolf, Nerney Court, Dublin.
George Wolfe, 26 Gloster St,  Dublin.
Henry Woulfe, signed Northumberland Buildings, Dublin City.
Charles Woulfe, Kilmurry, Kickane, Co Clare.
Rd Woulfe, Kilmurry, Kickane, Co Clare.
James Js Swanton, Skibbereen, Co Cork.
Robert Swanton, Gorteragrogh, Skibbereen, Co Cork.
James H. Swanton,  Loriga Mills, Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ. merchanmt.
James H. Swanting, [Swanton?], Bantry, Beare, Co Cork.
George Beamish, Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ. merchant.
John Hegarty,  Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ. Hotel Keeper.
John Bateman,  Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ. shopkeeper.
John Levis, Skibbereen Co Cork occ. merchant.
William Viclery,  [Vickery?], Ballycomane, Bantry Beare Co Cork.
James Vickery, Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ. shopkeeper.
John Henry Townsend, Skibbereen, Co Cork, occ. carter.
J.J. Townsend, Nalmcuson, Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ. D.L.L.D
Stephen Sweetman, Skull, Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ M.D.
Thomas Write [Wright?] J.P.,  Brishane, Skibbereen, Co Cork,
John Th. Wright, Skibbereen, Co Cork. occ. shopkeeper.
Richard B. Hungerford, Skibbereen, Co Cork. P.P. Baleygard Chapel.
William Kingston, Rehernley, Bantry, Beare Co Cork.
John J. Kingston, Bantry, Beare, Co Cork.
James Kingston, Lowtown Lodge, Skibbereen, Co Cork.

The William Smith O'Brien petitions, presented on CD-ROM, contains an excellent introduction to this highly regarded Irish figure. Well-known genealogical sources have been used to present a picture of his family history, political careen and events surrounding his trial and subsequent transportation to Australia. 

On 10th October 1848, William Smith O'Brien was sentenced to death by hanging for treason. His sentence was commuted to transportation to Tasmania by 28th June 1849 but in 1854 he was granted a conditional pardon, on the basis that he not return to Ireland. He received a full pardon two years later, and briefly returned to Ireland and died in Bangor, Caernarvonshire, Wales, on 18th June 1864.

The invaluable research  by Ruth Lawler  into the 1848 petition for William Smith O'Brien has resulted in a database that is a unique source for researchers and makes it possible for them to confirm that their ancestors were living in a particular area during this period. 

The original Petitions were deposited in the State Paper Office in Dublin Castle and transferred to the National Archives in 1989. These Memorials were held in two sections in the National Archives records. The first in the Parliamentary Papers and the second in the Chief Secretaries Office Records. These two have now been brought together under a single series, 

I recommend this CD to serious researchers.

Kate Press


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