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Griffith's Valuation for Wo(u)lfe
Parish of Ballymoney

Abbreviations: H  House;  O. Offices (i.e.garden sheds and farm out- houses);  L. Land; G. Garden
The land measurements are English Imperial and are in Acres Roods and Perches (28 perched to a rod;  4 rods = 1 acre).

Lot Lessee
or Tennant
or Landlord
Townland Description Area
Acres Roods Perches
75 Mary Wolfe William Phillips Jnr Derrigra H. O. & G. 12p
77 Eliza Morgan Earl of Bandon Derrigra H. O. & G. 10p
8AB a Michael Williams William Woulfe Garranure H.& L.. 9.0.14
8AB a Cornelius Drisoll William Woulfe Garranure H.& L.. 17.2.38
11 William Wood John Woulfe
(see also lot 12)
Garranure O. & L. 22.3.6
12 Timothy Driscoll Mary Woulfe Garranure H. O. & L. 19.0.29
12 John Wood John Woulfe Garranure G 11p
1a Daniel Dules Snr Rev Henry Beamish Glan H. O. & L. 62.3.35
2a Daniel Dules Jnr Rev Henry Beamish Glan H. &  L. 32.2.0
3a Charles Dules Rev Henry Beamish Glan H. O. & L. 48.2.28
4 Maurice Dules Snr Rev Henry Beamish Glan H. & L. 17.3.5
4a Maurice Dules Jnr Rev Henry Beamish Glan H. O. & L. 32.0.17
2 Cornelius Drisoll William Woulfe Kilvurra O. & L. 14.2.8.
12 Timothy Driscoll Mary Woulfe Kilvurra. L 12.1.10
14 William Wood John Woulfe Kilvurra L 5.2.27
13 William Woulfe
(see also lot 14)
Earl of Bantry Kilvurra L. 18.0.36
13a Augustus  Hornibrook William Woulfe Kilvurra H. --
13b Unoccupied William Woulfe Kilvurra H. --
14 William Woulfe Earl of Bantry Kilvurra L 20.3.35
14 Mary Leary William Woulfe Kilvurra H. O. --
1 John Schofield John Beamish Esq. Knockaneady H. O .L. 176.3.38
More entries for John Beamish Esq. at Knockaneady  - very large holdings
5 Rev. Robert Meade John Beamish Esq. Knockaneady L. 15.3.22
Note:    Rev. Robert Meade Provost and Senior Fellow of Trinity College
Note:    Rev. Robert Meade Parochial Schoolhouse Church and graveyard tax exempt
4 William Denny William Lovell Esq Phale H. O .L 12.0.29


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Other surnames which occur in the parish if Ballymoney and link into the Wo(u)lfe family through marriage or have appeared as a signatory in a deed

They areas follows 
Lantry see Wolfe marriage parish of Ballymoney

Jagoe see IGI

Gillman see Wolfe/Gillman tree

Hennessy- there was an illeg. Wolfe child

Townsend see signatory to deed

Beamish see Wolfe tree

Ahern see MLB

Stanley see MLB

Hayes see MLB

French see MLB

Good(e) see MLB

Fuller see MLB

Wright see MLB

Patterson see MLB

Travers see MLB

McCarthy see MLB

Swanton see MLB

Damery see MLB

Connell see MLB

Roberts see MLB

Denny see MLB

Burchell see MLB

Reynods see MLB

Miller see MLB

Brian see MLB

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