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The Wolfes of Forenaghts, &c., Co. Kildare 

Lieut.-Col. R.T. Wolfe

Blackhall, Baronrath, Co. Kildare, Tipperary, Cape of Good Hope &c.
Also the Wolfes of Co Kildare and the Wolfes of Dublin
2nd edition ND but c1885-90


Preface to Second Edition v
Introduction                                                                                              vii
Members of the Family Living   
The Wolfes of Forenaghts, &c., Co. Kildare                                                                   1
The Old Wolfes of Kilcolman, &c., Co. Kildare                                                          16
The Wolfes of Dublin                                                                                     17
1. . Major-General James Wolfe, d.  1759                                                                     23
2.   Richard Wolfe, d. 1678                                                                                              32
3.   John Wolfe, d. 1715                                                                                                   34
4.   Jane Wolfe, wife of Hugh Banner                                                                              35
5.   Dorothy Wolfe, wife of William Brunton                                                                36
6.   Eleanor Wolfe, wife of William Burgoyne                                                              36
7.   Mary Cooper, or Colelough, widow Of John Wolle                                                36
8.   Richard Wolfe, d. 1732                                                                                              37
9.   John Wolfe, d. 1748                                                                                                   37
10. Elizabeth Wolfe, wife of Thomas Blood  38
11. Ann Wolle, wife of Richard Fletcher  38
12. Mary Wolfe, wife of - King  38
13. Alice Wolfe, wife of Samuel Page  38
14. Lydia Page, wile of Richard Wolfe  38
15. Thomas Wolfe of Blackhall, d. 1787  39
16. Margaret Lombard, wife of Thomas Wolfe  39
17. Theobald Wolfe of Blackball, d. 1799  40
18. William Clarges Wolfe, Colonel, d. 1868  41
19. Peter Wolfe, Captain, d. about 1858  41
20. John Charles Wolfe, Archdeacon, d. 1871  41
21. Mary Emilie Wolfe, wife of A. A. E. Coote  42
22. Augusta Wolfe, wife of the Rev. L. A. H, T. Porter  42
23. Frances Isabella Wolfe, widow of Rev. Jno. Murray  42
24. Charles Wolfe, the Poet, d. 1823  42
26. Mary Wolfe, HENDRICK and WETHERALL Pedigree  43
26. Theobald Wolfe, the eminent Counsellor, d. 1784  47
27. Mary Wolfe, FETHERSTON Pedigree  49
28. Lydia Wolfe, JONES Pedigree  50
29. Anne Wolle, WALSH Pedigree  50
30. Richard Wolfe of Baronrath, &c., d. 1779  52
31. Alicia Standish Wolfe, his wife, STANDISH Pedigree  53
32. William Standish Wolfe of Baronrath, d. 1810  56
33. Elizabeth Toler, his wife, TOLER Pedigree  57
34. Theobald Wolfe, d. 1805  67
35. William Standish Wolfe of Baronrath, d. 1869  68
36. Robert Wolfe, Ensign 59th Regiment, killed 1811  68
37. Frances Elizabeth Wolfe, wile of L. Sparrow  69
38. Letitia Wolfe wife of H. A. Harvey                                               69
39. Caroline Rolleston, wife of T. R. Wolfe, Esq.,  .J.P.                    69
40. Lucy Wolfe. widow of Benjamin Towers of Castleton, d. 1893  70
41. George Burleigh, M.D., BURLEIGH Pedigree  70
42. Rebecca Kingsley, his wife  73
43. Antoinette Elizabeth Kuys, widow of Charles Henry Wolfe  74
44. Charles Henry Wolfe, d. 1893  75
45. Alicia Frances Burleigh Wolfe, widow of Alphonzo Taylor and Thomas Hutchison  76
46. Fanny Mildmay Wolfe, wife of George Piers  76
47. Major-General George D. D. Wolfe  76
48. Louisa Alicia Burleigh Wolfe, wife of H. T. Perkins  80
49. Kathleen Wolfe, wife of J. P. Hopkins  80
50. Edith Wolfe, wife of Henry Davis  80
51. Alicia Mary Wolfe, relict of Lt-Colonel T. P. Touzel  80
52. Major Richard Wolfe, d. 1855  80
53. Anna Maria de Lorentz Wolfe, wife of W. M. M. Farmer  81
54. Elizabeth Lydia Wolfe, METGE Pedigree  81
55. Elizabeth Wolfe, d. 1816  83
56. Anne Wolfe, wife of Robert French  83
57. William Wolfe, d. 1742  84
58. Mary Wolfe, wife of Wm. Sherlock  84
59. Alice Wolfe, wife of Fleetwood Cahill  84
60. Elizabeth. Wolfe, d. 1790  85
61. Anne Wolfe, wife of Rev. Thomas Bullen  85
62. Richard Straubenzie Wolfe [Rev.], killed 1803  85
63. Charles Bucknall Wolfe, his father, d. 1790.  86
64. Richard Wolfe of Athy, d.. 1786  85
65. John Wolfe of Bishopsland, d, 1786  86
66. Theobald Wolfe of Castle Warden, d. 1771  87
67. Arthur Wolfe, Lord Kilwarden, killed 1803  87
68. Colonel the Hon. Arthur Wolfe, d. 1805  89
69. Katharine Hussey, wife of Williams Wolfe  90
70. Williams Wolfe, d. 1770.  90
71. John Wolfe of Forenaghts, d. 1760  90
72. Margaret Hamilton, HAMILTON Pedigree  91
73. Major Arthur Wolfe, her husband, d. 1814  92
74. Colonel John Wolfe, d. 1816  92
75. John Wolfe, his son, d. 1816  93
76. Richard Wolfe [Rev.], d. 1841  93
77. Henrietta Elizabeth Ball, widow of T. Geo. Wolfe, BALL Pedigree  94
78. Theobald George Samuel Wolfe, d. 1872  102
79. Richard Wolfe of Forenaghts, killed 1885  103
80. Elizabeth Wolfe, wife of Surgeon-Major W. J. R. Rainsford  105
81. Oughterard  106
Pedigree Chart of the Wolfes of Forenaghts, &c., at end.  


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In the preparation of a Second Edition of the Wolfes of Forenaghts, &c., I have been chiefly influenced by the desire to give the pedigrees, as far as obtainable, of such families as, by marriage, became allied to the Wolfes, where not already given in Burke's Landed Gentry, with the descendants, the issue of these marriages; to make such corrections as have occurred since through births, marriages, and deaths, and to add other information since acquired.

The pedigrees referred to, which will be found in the appendices. have been procured from various sources, chiefly from relatives. I am indebted to my cousins, the late Miss Alicia Metge, of Sandy Mount, Dublin, for the Toler pedigree Appendix No. 331, to the Rev. W. Ball Wright, of Christchurch, Port Henry, New York, U.S.A., for the Standish and Ball pedigrees [Appendices -Nos. 3 1 and 771, to the Rev. E. A. Cooke, Vicar of Reddal Hill, StalFord, for that of the Hendrick family [Appendix No. 25], to, Captain T. Lomax Walsh, 4th  Batt. Somersetshire Light Infantry, of Bishopshull House, Stoke Court, Somerset, for the Walsh pedigree [Appendix NO. 29], and to the Rev. J. C. Hamilton, of Exmouth, for the Hamilton pedigree [Appendix No. 72]. It is possible some of the pedigrees in this work may not be in all respects strictly accurate, especially where given from memory, and must therefore be taken as needing verification before being accepted as authentic. I have no reason, however, to doubt their accuracy, and. simply suggest this remark as a precaution against too full reliance being placed upon them, until t t hey have been submitted to a closer examination that it has been in my power to bestow upon them.

I take this opportunity of correcting a statement contained in the Introduction to the first edition, as to the marriage of Lieutenant Charles Bucknall Wolfe to Miss Brabrow. This marriage would appear [on the authority of Anne Jane Wolfe-Mrs. Croker--a near relative of Charles Bucknall's]  to have been one of those not recognised at the time by the laws of this country, having, no doubt, like that of Mr. John Wolfe, of Bishopsland [see Appendix No. 65], been celebrated by a Romish priest. Being, however,. a legitimate marriage according to American law, the children were enabled to claim successfully the property of their half-brother, the Rev. Richard Straubenzie Wolfe, who was killed 3rd July, 1803, and which descended to him from his maternal grandfather, who was Port Captain of New York, U.S.A.  

The Richard Wolfe referred to also in the "Introduction" to the first edition as having died abroad appears to have been gazetted an Ensign in the 68th Regiment [from the Kildare Militia] 30th March, 1800, and to have died in the Leeward Islands on the 2nd July, 1801,

Two pedigrees of Irish families of the same name, though it is believed in no way related to the Wolfes of Forenaghts, are given in this edition, a brief one of the old Wolfes of Kildare, which family appears to have been broken up and scattered in 1641, and the Wolfes of Dublin, which has still many representatives.

In any further search for the English ancestry of the Wolfes of Forenaghts, the Co. of Durham records, legal and others, now existing in the Record Office, Fetter Lane London, might yield results.

The Laurels, Exmouth,
May 24, 1893.


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The collection of information relating to the Wolfes of Forenaghts, &c., Co. Kildare, here given, consisting of a pedigree extending back to the advent in Ireland of the founder of the Irish branch of the family, and of biographical notices of such of its members respecting whom it was possible so far to obtain information is a work which has extended over years. The idea of gathering information respecting the family occurred to the writer some time between the years 1844 and 1851, but being then abroad at the Cape of Good Hope] he was unable to do more than make a beginning.  Having been removed to England in 1859, and to Ireland [Inniskillen] in 1866 , he found himself in a position to increase his stock of knowledge, more especially after his removal to Ireland, where he was enabled to make the acquaintance of his kinsmen, the late Mr. George Wolfe, of Forenaghts, and his brother, the Venerable Archdeacon Wolfe, through whom he had access to papers which had then only recently been discovered, bricked up in a recess off the morning room at Forenaghts, and especially to an account of the family written by the first Lord Kilwarden, which was found contained in a book [now in the possession of Mrs. Wolfe, widow of Archdeacon Wolfe] enclosed in an envelope, addressed to Colonel John Wolfe, then of Forenaghts, and wafered-never having apparently been opened before. From this book and the other papers, much that will be found contained in the pages annexed, was obtained. His removal to Bermuda in 1870, and the sad deaths of both the Archdeacon and Mr. George Wolfe between that date and his return in 1873, prevented any further progress being made.   In 1873, being ordered to Dublin, the opportunity offered of obtaining access to the papers in the Public Record Office there, during periods of leave. This led to the discovery of further information. Being removed to Woolwich in 1876, advantage was taken of proximity to London to search old wills in Somerset House, and public records in the Record Office, Fetter Lane, but with little or no results, though continued from 1876 to 1878. In the latter year, being removed to Singapore, further progress was checked.  In 1882 the writer returned to England, and in 1883 a visit to York, Chester and Dublin was made to examine wills of persons of the same name, and other papers, with no results in the two former cities, but in Dublin much valuable information was obtained from a Chancery Suit, the index  to which had not, on his previous visits, been in the possession of the officials of the Irish Record Office.  Access to the family papers about the same time was also most kindly afforded, even urged, by the late ever-to-be-lamented Richard Wolfe of Forenaghts, who was killed at the battle of 'Abu Klea', and whose interest in the object of the writer's researches was scarcely less keen than his own. From this was obtained also important information, although the number of papers it was possible to examine in the short time that could be afforded to devote to the purpose, was but a minute portion of the whole.  In 1884, at the urgent invitation and request of Richard Wolfe, he again visited Ireland, and spent several weeks at Bishopsland in the perusal of a further portion of the papers, with satisfactory results.  He was,. however, called away to join his young kinsman in Edinburgh, afterwards accompanying him to London, the latter having been placed under orders for the Soudan ; and, more or less, he remained with him, until he sailed in the P&0. s.s. Australia, on September 26, 1884, never, alas! to return.  To the assistance afforded by. this, one of the brightest ornaments of the family, to his zeal and encouragement, much of the information given in the following pages is due.  His sad and untimely death is to the writer a lasting sorrow.

There remains still to be gleaned from the mass of family papers now in the possession of the present head of the family much that will increase and add interest to its history. The task, however, from the care necessary in their scrutiny and examination, many difficult to decipher, is one of no slight nature, and it will need both zeal in the cause, determination and consistent application in any future searcher, to perform the duty satisfactorily.  The information, however, now given will much facilitate future operations. It is not, however, everyone who is qualified to undertake such a task, or whose special tastes lie in that direction, or whose motive power, as has been that of the writer, is devoted to the promotion of the dignity, the unity, and, in fact, the best interests of the family, whether collectively or individually, free altogether from any personal considerations whatever.

The history of the family prior to the advent in Ireland of the first of the name in 1658 is as yet a sealed book.  Burke, in his Landed Gentry, describes it as one of great antiquity. Of its origin various accounts are given. One aged member of the family, now dead, ascribed to it a German origin.  Another, also dead, spoke of it as having come over with William III., and as having been granted large Possessions in co. Kildare. This, 1 need not say, has been since disproved.  A connection skilled in genealogical researches, also since dead, asserted that in some work it was shown to have been descended from a younger branch of a family named De Rode.  A Hugo de Rode, the original ancestor, existed in Cheshire in the time of William the Conqueror [vide Domesday Book], one of whose descendants took the name of Le Wolfe, and was of Church Lawton [vide Harleian Manuscripts, 2119, f. 83].  The only slight piece of evidence in confirmation of this is the fact that the arms of a Hugo Le Wolfe of Cheshire, copied in Queen Elizabeth's time from a previous existing record, and officially recorded in the Herald's College, London, corresponds exactly with the, arms of the Wolfes of Forenaghts in use for the last century and a half.  Another writes, in 1870, "I shall be anxious for your assurance that you intend to pursue your researches until you arrive, if possible, at that traditional sporting gentleman who found his way over from the Continent in the time of King Edgar, and earned for himself the name, the crest, and the coat of arms which is still yours."    

Lord Kilwarden, in the account left by him, previously referred to, says: "The family of Wolfe is of "English origin, and not of the same stock with any family of the same name in Ireland.   The first of the name that settled in Ireland was John Wolfe;"  that, " he had conversed with several persons who were personally acquainted with him. He came from Yorkshire some time before the restoration of Charles the Second, driven from his own country for the part he had taken on the side of the King in the Civil War."

From a will, discovered in the Record Office, Dublin, of a Richard Wolfe, who died 1678, it was evident that he was the founder of the family, and that he, not his son John, was the first migrant. From a Chancery Suit, discovered in 1883 in the same office, this is confirmed, inasmuch as John at the date of the migration would appear to have been only thirteen years of age. He, probably, with his mother and four sisters, accompanied his father; but there can be little doubt that Richard, his father, must be credited with having been the founder of the family in Ireland. The date of the migration given in the Chancery Suit corresponds with the information obtained by Lord Kilwarden, but the domicile prior to the advent would appear more doubtful. From the persons therein mentioned who appear to have had business connections with Richard Wolfe, the County Durham, rather than Yorkshire, would seem to have been the cradle of the family. Wills in Durham and York, and Parish Registers in portions of Co. Durham, have been examined, but no distinct clue is afforded of the actual locality Richard Wolfe resided in prior to his removal to Ireland.

The name Wolfe, no doubt, was first adopted as a family patronymic when surnames first became fashionable.  Speed, in an edition of 1610; says: "Some took the name of animals, such as 'Ulf,' for wolf.  'Ulf', however, seems to have been the Danish form of the word, while W.O.L.F. was the Saxon mode of spelling it. I am inclined to think the Wolfes of Kildare are of Saxon descent, though we find in ancient records Ulf, Vulf, Wulf, Wolf, and Wolfe variously used.

Prior to the advent of Richard Wolfe in Ireland in 1658 there existed a family of the same name, spelt in the same manner, in co Kildare, the head of whom, Nicolas, [and banished to Co. Clare] was attainted with three others of the family in 1641.

The Wolfes of Forenaghts divided into three branches-the descendants of three of the sons of Richard Wolfe (grandson of the first Richard) and Lydia Page, his wife. They were the Forenaghts, Blackball, and Baronrath. The first of these is apparently now extinct, but of the Blackhall branch there are five male representatives, and of the Baronrath--nineteen.  The names of the male and female members living at this date are given below.

It is possible there may be descendants still existing of Lieutenant Charles Bucknall Wolfe by his second wife, Miss Brabrow.   Several of his sons by her, on the death of their half-brother, the Rev. Richard Straubenzie Wolfe, in 1803, who inherited property from his mother, Miss Griffith, are said to have gone to America with their mother, claimed the same, obtained it, and have never since been heard of.  There was also a Richard Wolfe, sixth son of Theobald Wolfe, Esq. of Blackball, born in 1782, who, it was said, died abroad. Nothing of him or of his history is now known to the family.

Flanchford House,
Woodbridge Road, 
Guildford, June
10, 1885.


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1 George Wolfe, Esq., of Forenaghts Bishopsland, Ballymore-Eustace, &c., Co. Kildare and Aoomb Priory, York
2 James Charles Wolfe, Esq. 19, Eksteen Road, Clapham
3 James Charles, his son


4 The Rev. Edward Wolfe Brixton Hill, Brixton, London
5 Arthur Thoobald Wolfe Ireland


6 John Standish Wolfe, Esq. Southhill, Nenagh, co. Tipperary
7 George Wolfe Chicago, America
8 Toler Kingsley Wolfe


9 Richard Herbert WoIfe Skibbereen, co. Cork.
10 William Butler Wolfe Rapla, Nenagh, co. Tipperary
11 Robert French Wolfe


12 Theobald Richard Wolfe, Esq., J.P. Rockford, Nenagh, co. Tipperary.
13 John Rolleston, his son


14 James Ffranck Rolleston, his son


15 Richard Burleigh Wolfe Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope
16 Charles Henry Wolfe Queenstown, Cape of Good Hope
17 Arthur Kilwarden Wolfe Buffelstown, District of Jansenville, South Africa
18 Major-General George Wolfe The Laurels, Exmouth, Devonshire
19 Captain George Cecil Burleigh, his son Royal Marines, Chatham, Kent
20 Lieut-Colonel Robert T. Wolfe Southsea, Hants
21 Robert Tennant Stow, his son Perth, Western Australia
22 Charles Henry Wolfe Cape Town, Cape of Good Hope
23 Arthur Kilwarden Wolfe


24 Richard Standish Wolfe, his son





1 Helena of Blackhall,
widow of Christopher Rynd, Esq.
Blackhall, co. Kildare
2 Margaret Wolfe


3 Frances Isabella
widow of Rev. John Murray
4 Flizabeth Wolfe


5 Elizabeth, wife of
W. J. B. Rainsford, A.M.D.
6 Mary Emilie, wife of
Capt. A. A. B. Coote
7 Augusta, wife of the
Rev. L. A. M. T. Porler


8 Eileen Wolfe 19, Eksteen Road, Clapham
9 Mona Wolfe Brixton Hill, Brixton, London
10 Vera Dorothy Wolfe



11 Isabella Wolfe Upper Lesson Street, Dublin
12 Charlotte Wolfe


13 Frances Elizabeth, wife of L Sparrow Ivy Bridge, Plymouth, Devonshire
14 Letitia, wife of H A Harvey, Esq. London
15 Mary Toler, wife of Hy Prince, Esq. Devonshire
16 Louisa Wolfe Rapla, co Tipperary
17 Marie Wolfe Southhill, Nenagh, co Tipperary
18 Elizabeth Toler Wolfe London
19 Georgiana Lucy,
wife of Jas H. Deacon, Esq.
20 Frances Elizabeth Wolfe


21 Ricarda Alice Wolfe Rockford, Nenagh, oo Tipperary
22 Carolina Blanche Wolfe


23 Anna Maria de Lorentz wife of
Wm M. M. Farmer, Esq.
18 Bina Gardens, Kensington
24 Fanny Richmond Wolfe


25 Georgina WoIfe 57, Elsham Road, Kensington
26 Maria Henrica Smith Wolfe


27 Cecilia Burleigh Wolfe Port Elizabeth
28 28 Fanny Mildmay wife of Geo Piers, Esq. Bedford, Cape Colony
29 Ellen Frances, wife of C.E. Shelly, Esq. Fore Street, Hertford
30 Louisa Alicia Burleigh, wife of T. Perkins, Esq. Blew House, Great Barling, Chelmsford, Essex
31 Alicia Mary Stow Wolfe Southsea, Hants
32 Anna Maria Wolfe Wynberg, Cape Colony
33 Kathleen Mary wife of J P Hopkins, Esq. Claremont, Cape Colony
34 Edith Emily, wife of Henry Davis, Esq. Seven Fountains, Transvaal
35 Lillie Margaret Wolfe Wynberg, Cape Colony


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