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List of the Mayors and Sheriffs of the City of Limerick 1197-1700 

by Richard Lucus Ennis, County of Clare


1383 Mayor: Richd. Troy Sheriffs: Nich. Woulfe; John Troy, S.

1567 Mayor: Christopher Creagh Sheriffs: James Creagh; John Wolfe

1470 Mayor: Henry Creagh Sheriffs: Garret Woulfe; William Whyte, W.

1472 Mayor: Patrick Arthur Sheriffs: John Waring; Thomas Woulfe, A.

1520 Mayor: Walter Ryce Sheriffs: Stephen Creagh; Thomas Woulfe

1562 Mayor: Nicholas Whyte Sheriffs: Nicholas Woulfe; Patrick Fox

1578 Mayor: John Woulfe Sheriffs: John Stretch; Peter Stretch

1585 Mayor: Stephen Sexten Sheriffs: Patrick Woulfe; Oliver Bourke

1591 Mayor: Oliver Bourke  Sheriffs: Edmond Fox; Richard Woulfe

1592 Mayor: Nicholas Fitz-Thomas  Sheriffs: Arthur John Fitz-Andrew Comyn de Parke; David Woulfe

1613 Mayor: Dominick Fitz-Peter Creagh  Sheriffs:  John FitzJohn Arthur; George Woulfe

1647 Mayor: Peter (Pierce) Creagh Fitz-Andrew Sheriffs: Bartholomew Fitz-David Ryce; Patk. Woulfe

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Killaloe, Co. Clare Marriage License Bonds

1680-1720 and 1760-1762

From MS 31883  Consists of 197 folios containing 144 original marriage license bonds,2 marriage licenses, 3 bonds of wardship and 4 releases from excommunication.

*GRIFFIN, Joseph, Gent. of Six Mile Bridge, Co .Clare and Mary WOULFE of Creaghleagh, widow. Bondsman: James McDONALL of Kilkee, Co Clare, Esq. 3 June 1692 (folio 8).

*POWER, Mathew, merchant of the City of Dublin and Margaret MERONY of Kilmcdewan, Dio Killaloe. Bondsman: Thomas WOULFE of the City of Dublin, merchant. 7 Feb 1712/3 (folio 122).

*STACKPOLE, Bartholomew of Limerick, merchant and Anstace WOULFE of Ennis, Dio Killaloe, Spinster. Bondsmen: Thomas WOULFE of Limerick, merchant and Maurice COGAN of Killaloe, Gent. 4 Oct 1705 (folio 45).

*TRANTE, William, merchant of Cork and Phillis WOULFE of Tircollane, Co .Clare. Bondsman: Robert WOULFE of Limerick City, merchant. 8 Oct 1712. (folio 111).

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WOLFE, Robert, tanner, Gaol. St. [presumably Cork City]

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From the Irish Ancestor, Vol 4, Issue 1 1972 (periodical has ceased publication): The Debtors of Daniel Croghan, Ennis, Co. Clare, 1735:

Thomas Woulf

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Ferrar's Limerick Directory of 1769

Woulfe, Patrick; Woollen-draper; Main-street E
Meade, Patrick; Woollen-draper; Main-street E

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From the Ennis Chronicle 26 September 1799:

We whose Names are hereunto subscribed, deeply interested in the peace and prosperity of the Co. of Clare and Kingdom at large, APPROVE of the Measure of a LEGISLATIVE UNION with Great Britain on equal and liberal principles, and on a sense of mutual interests and affection, as the only means of tranquilizing this County, and abolishing those religious distinctions which have unhappily distracted this Kingdom.

John Woulfe, Cahirush


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