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The following entries are abstract entries collected from
The Clergy of Cork Cork and Ross,
Maziere Brady 

3 vols. containing biographical notes


Ab. or Abb.                 Abbas or Abbathiam.

ad. or adm.                

Admittitur, or adinissus fuit
Burke’s L. G  Sir Bernard Burke’s Landed Gentry.
Caulfield MSS.  Manuscripts of Richard Caulfield, esq., F.S.A.
C.B.  Chapter Book.
Chor.  Chorum or choral.
coil. Epi.  Collatione Episcopi.
Cotton  Cotton’s "Fasti Eccieske Hibernicae".
D.R..  Diocesan Registry.
E. Ecca,  Eccia, or Ecclia Ecclesia.
F.P.  Family Papers.
Irni. improp.  impropriata, impropriate.
Lib. Mun. Libcr . Munerum Hiberniae
M.B. or Mar. Bond  Marriage Bond.
M.L.  Marriage Licence.
M.S.  Marriage Settlement.
MS. T.C.D.  Manuscript in Trinity College Library, Dublin.
P. or Preb.  Prebend, Prebendary.
P.C.  Perpetual Curate or Curacy.
Ptic. Particula
Rec. Rect.  Rectory or Rector.
R.V. R.I.A. Royal Visitation in the Royal Irish Academy.
R.V. 1615  Royal Visitation of the year 1615.
R.V. 1684 Royal Visitation of 1634, now in the Consistorial Office, Dublin.
Tax. P. Nh,. Taxation of Pope Nicholas.
U.O.  Ulster’s Office.
V. or Vic.  Vicar or Vicarage
V.B.  Visitation Book
V.B. D.R. Visitation Book in Diocesan Registry
V.B. 1699 D.D. Visitation Book of 1699 by Bishop Dive Downes.
Vic. Chor.  Vicar or Vicarage Choral.


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It has been thought useful to add an Index of persons not connected officially with these dioceses. For Cork Clergy, see the previous Alphabetical Annotated List. s few of the names in that first are repeated here, the references being to places where they are mentioned without official connection with the dioceses.

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INDEX of Names

Bateman. MS .II 135; Richard II 553; Sarah and John I 74; Thomas I 267..

Baxter Eliza and Rev. Michael, II. 514 ; Nathaniel, III. 21.

Bayley John and Eleanor, I. 109; Major, II. 447; Miss, II. 40.

Bayline II. 336.

Bayly, Mr 1. 150.

Beamish Anne and Rev. H., II. 16; Rev. Francis, II. 492; Jane, I. 192 ; Katherine, I. 87; Mary and Rev. Samuel, I. 92; Mr., I. 39 ; Richard and John, I. 221.

Beauchamp Ellen and George, II. 378.

Beaufort Emma, and Rev. W. L., I. 337 ; Rev. W. L., III. 272.

Becher Elisabeth and Thomas, III. 67; Fane, III. 271; Henry, I. Ivii.; John and Thomas, I. 112 ; Thomas, I. xIi.

Bedel, Bp. Kilmore, I. 289; III 64.

Beecher Anne, II 287; Colonel, I. 86, 170; II. 458, 459, 468, 504, 560, 561 ; Francis, II. 22; Elisabeth and John, II. 474; Mrs. Elizabeth, II. 462; Mr. Harry, II. 468; Helena, I. 80; Lucinda and Richard., II. 406; Sir William Wrixon and Sir Henry Wrixon, II. 383.

Beckcr Susannah, II. 172.

Beere John, II. 300.

Bell Margaret and Samuel, III. 211.

Bellew Lord, I. 18.

Belhingham Jane and Sir Daniel, I 78.

Bellott Christian and Thomas, I. 311.

Bemish Mr., 1. 165.

Benedict Bp. of Ross, III. 37.

Benn Mary and Rev. William., II. 42.

Bennet Bp. of Cloyne II. 94, 174, 279, 417 ; III 19, 25, 26.

Bennett Alicia, and Joseph John, III. 150; Anne and John, III. 198; Eleanor, II. 446; George, I.206, 333; Jane and Henry, III. 244; John, II. 381; Margaret and James, II. 521; Mr., 1. 170; Susan and George, I. 9; William, II. 393.

Benson Jane and William, III 122; Sophia and Hill, II. 373.

Beresford Araminta-Anne and William (Lord Decies), I. 237;III. 239; Catherine and Sir Randle, III. 106.

Berkeley Arabella and Rev. R., II 328; Bp., II. 161; III. 21, 27; Elizabeth and Ralph, II. 301 ; Joshua, Ill. 83; Mary, 1.78; Mary and Robert,1I. 311.

Bernard Alicia and Arthur, I. 250; II. 189; Capt., I. 221 Counsellor, I. 39, 221 Esther II. 397; Esther and James II 443; Francis, II 39. Honourable Francis III 283; Lady Mary, III. 126; Mr., I. 93; Mrs., II. 511; Phil., I. 212; Hon. and Very Rev. R.. B III 151.

Berton Frances A., I. 84.

Berwick Walter, II. 244.

Besnard Charlotte and Julius, 11. 437; Elizabeth and John, II. 195; Sophia Julia and John, II. 407.

Betham. Sir William, I. 181 II. 97.

Bettesworth Lieutenant, II. 347; Mr., II. 222; Peter, II. 110.

Bevan Elizabeth, I. 23.

Bible Will.. I. 154.

Bigger. Eliza-Jane-Lennox, and H.. I. 13S.

Biggs Edith, 11.562; Mr., 111.24.

Bignell Charlotte-Mary and Capt., II. 190.

Bill Henrie, I. 110.

Billinge William, II. 442.

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BAYLY JOHN. 1., 289, 26, 209, 255, 353.

BAYLY JOIIN (or BAILY). 1., 121, 146.



BEAMISH ADAM NEWMAN. Son of William Beamish, esq., of Cork, by a daughter of Adam Newman, esq., of Dromore. He was born at Bandon; educated at Cork, by Hamblin and Porter; and entered T.C.D. on 22 Oct., 1832, being then 17 years old. He graduated A.B. in 1837. Deacon, 20 May, 1839, at Cork; Priest., at Killaloe, in 1840. In 1839 he was Curate of Mallow; and in 1843 Curate of Kilshannig, to which he was licensed on 10 Feb., 1847. He became, in 1848, Curate of Odcombe, Somerset shire; in 1856, Curate of Romsey, Hants; in 1858,

Incumbent of Studley, Wells; in 1859, Rector of Kimble, Bucks; and on 23 September, 1863, was admitted Treasurer of Cloyne. He married Mary (dan. of Adam Newman, of Dromore, and relict of Richard Townsend, M.D.), and has issue a son, William. He wrote The Christian Visitor’s Companion, Wertheim, 1858, London.



BEAMISH GEORGE, A.B. Priest, at Cork, 15 June, 1863. He is now Curate of St. Nicholas, Cork.


The Rev. H. H. Beamish has published the following Auricular Confession London 1850. Truth Spoken in Love; or, Romanism and Tractarianism refuted by the Word of God. London, 1853.



BEAMISH JOHN. Deacon, 19 Sept., 1841, at Cork; Licensed to curacy of Kilnoe on 9 September, 1842. This John Beamish was, I think, son of Dr. Beamish, by Miss Teulon, of Bandon. He entered T.C.D. when 16 years of age, on 5 July, 1832, and graduated afterwards A.B. He was married at Newmarket on I Nov., 1842, to Mary, dau. of Win. Allen, esq., of Liscongill, by Mary, dan. of James Law, and died of scarlatina, at Kinsale, where he was Curate, leaving issue some daughters. [W.S.]


BEAMISH SAMUEL SWAYNE. Deacon, 30 Nov., 1828, at Cloyne, on letters dimissory from Cork, for the curacy of Caheragh; Priest, at Cloyne, on 23rd August, 1829. On 12 Nov., 1838, he was appointed Sequestrator, and on 20 Nov., 1838, he was licensed to be Curate, of Kilcully, Cork. This clergyman performed, on 27 Nov., 1831, a private ceremony of marriage between himself and Isabella Frazer, and had issue by her a son, Henry Albert Beamish. The marriage was, however, after an appeal to the House of Lords, pronounced void, and the property of Rev. S. S. Beamish (who died 1846) passed to his brother, Benjamin Swayne Beamish Esq.



BEARE RICHARD. I., 135, 57, 82. 291.

BENN WILLIAM. Priest, at Cloyne, 10 March, 1824.

BENNET JOHN. III., 45, 97.

RENNET JOHN WILLIAM. II., 393; I., 75, 148, 163, 217. [see notes below]

Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 
From: Richard & Jane Hills <hillsj@labyrinth.net.au>
Subject: Re: Clergy of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross.

My interest is in William Bennet, Bishop of Cloyne and Ross. He was the son of my gggggg.grandfather. John William Bennet was the nephew of this man, he became a C of I minister too. He stayed around the area of Middleton, Cloyne and was preaching at various places. He ended up the Treasurer of Cloyne 1799-1810. He had six children. One was John Bennet, born c. 1795 who was the minister at Ballyhooly, Ahern, Kilmahon and Clonmult, then in 1819, became Chancellor of Cloyne. He died in 1853. The good Bishop "looked after" all his Bennet, Butler and Cotter nephews", most were in the Army or the Church. I have information on all of John William Bennet's children.

Jane. Hills

BENNET JOHN. II., 118, 16, 46, 154, 281.

RENNET WILLIAM. lII., 82, 126.

BENNETT Joseph. He does not appear to have held any preferment in Cork, Cloyne, or Ross. He was buried in Christ Church, Cork, on 17 Dec., 1796, and his wife, Elisabeth, was buried in same place, on 5 April, 1797.

BENNETT RICHARD. I., 255, 209.

BENNETT RICHARD PARKE5. Born in Cork, son of Joseph Bennett, merchant, educated at Porter’s School in Cork; entered T.C.D. on 4 June, 1833, being then 17 years old, and graduated A.B. Deacon, at Cork, 20 May, 1839. Licensed to be Curate of Kilmocamoge, Cork, on 29 Sept., 1841. He was father (by his wife, Alicia) of Joseph John Hamilton Bennett, baptized at St. Peter’s, Cork, on 1st January, 1845

BENNETT THOMAS. I., 255, 212.

BENNETT THOMAS GLASSON Deacon, 20 May, 1839, at Cork; Priest, at Killaloe, 3 May, 1840. Appointed to the curacy of Templenecarrigy, Cloyne, in May, 1839, and to that of Innishannon, in April, 1842. Licensed to the curacy of Ballinadee, Cork, on 29 July, 1850, and to that of Murragh (which he still holds) on 22 Dec., 1857. His stipend is stated in his licence to be 100 per an., with the glebe-house and ten acres of laud. He is married, and has issue.

MURPHY WILLIAM. II, 501. He married Jane-Barbara, daughter of Rev. J. R. Smyth, II. Tullagh, Ross, q.v.

MURRAY SAMUEL. Deacon, at Cloyne, 8 Oct., 1809.



MUSSEN JOHN. Deacon, 10 April, 1825, at Cloyne.

MYLES JAMES PERCEVAL, A.B. Born 21 Oct., 1821, in the city of Limerick, where his family had been settled from a very early period. Son of Mr. James Myles, by his wife, Sarah, dau. of William Taylor, esq. Educated at Rev. Gorman Gregg’s school, Limerick, and at T.C.D. Graduated A.B. in 1847. Deacon, at Tuam, 4 July, 1847. Priest, at Killaloe, 16 January, 1848. Was ordained for Kilmoe curacy, to which he was licensed on 27 January, 1848.

He wrote A plain controversial Catechism on some of the errors of the Romanists. Dublin, 1858, Madden and Oldham. He married, on 11 May, 1848, Louisa-Watkins (dan. of James M’Mullen, esq., of Cork, by Dorcas Watkins), and has issue six children. 1. Perceval-Watkins; 2. Dorcas-Philips; 3. Sarah-Mary; 4. Louisa-Watkins; 5. James-Perceval; 6. George .Thomas.

NASH A. Deacon, 25 March, and Priest, 27 May, 1822, both at Cloyne.


NASH EDMOND. Priest, at Cloyne, 14 April, 1822.

NASH EDWARD. Deacon, 12 Sept., 1802, and Priest, 24 August, 1806, both at Cloyne. This was probably Edward Nash, who married, on 2 August, 1808, at St. Peter’s, Cork, Clementina Ferguson, and had issue a son, Charles-Ferguson, and several daughters.

NASH GEORGE CORNWALL, A.B. Son of John Nash, esq., of Brinny, by Elisabeth Cornwall. Born in Feb., 1813. Entered T.C.D. in 1832. Deacon, at Chester, for the curacy of Heywood, in Lancashire, in December, 1838. Priest, at Chester, in 1840. Licensed on 21 Aug., 1841, to the curacy of Ringrone, and on 16 Aug., 1860, to that of Dromdalegue, Cork. He married in 1843, and has issue ten children.


NASH ROBERT SPREAD. Deacon, 17 Oct., 1824, and Priest, 14 August, 1825, both at Cloyne. He was grandson of Rev. W. NASH (II., 69), and married, in 1832, Catherine Peard, of Fermoy. He was buried at Farrahy, 23 Nov., 1857.

NASH THOMAS Edmond II., 322, 357.

NASH WILLIAM. II., 69, 364.

NASH WILLIAM. Son of William Nash, esq., by Ellen, dan. of Florence Mahoney, of Killarney, and grandson of Michael Nash of Rosacon, Kanturk, who married, in 1789 [M. L. August 11], Marcella Devereux, of Firville, near Mallow. He was born 14 January, 1831, and educated at Caius College, Cambridge, where he graduated in honours in 1854. Deacon, at Cork, 21 Dec., 1855, and Priest, at Kilmore, 30 May, 1858, on letters dimissory from Cork, for the curacy of Kilmahon, Cloyne, where he remained three years. Then Curate of St. Luke’s, Berwick-street, a district church of St. James, Piccadilly. London, for more than two years, and afterwards Curate of St. George’s, Hanover-square. In July, 1861, appointed by Lord Willoughby de Eresby to the Rectory of Belleau and Vicarage of Aby, with Claythorpe and Greenfield, in the county and diocese of Lincoln. \

He married, in August, 1862, Louisa-Arthur, younger dau. of John Gregory, esq., sometime Governor of the Bahamas.

NASH WILLIAM RUXTON. I., 132 ; II., 492.

NASHE JOHN. 1., 123.

WILSON JOHN, A.B. Deacon, 21 January, 1787, at Tuam; Priest at Cork, 23 Sept., 1792.

WILSON RALPH. Deacon, 12 Sept., 1802, and Priest, 15 Oct., 1815, both at Cloyne. Perhaps there were two of this name, as the interval is unusually long between the dates of orders.

WILSON ROBERT. I., 72, 84.

WILSON THOMAS. II., 169, 54.




WINTERBOURNE NICHOLAS. II,, 438, 450, 533, 555; I., 38, 84, 98, 189.


WISE HENRY. Deacon, 23 Dec., 1827, and Priest, 15 March, 1829, both at Cloyne.

WOLFE CHARLES. The Rev. C. Wolfe, author of the lines on the burial of Sir John Moore, Not a druni was heard, &c., died at Cove, now called Queenstown, and was buried within the walls of the old ruined church of Clonniell, in Cloyne diocese, where is his tombstone, having the following epitaph

Here lie the remains of the Rev. Charles Wolfe, late
Curate of Donoughmore, who died at cove, 21st feb., 1823,
Aged 31. The record of his genius, piety, and virtue lives|
In the hearts of all who knew him. Looking unto Jesus he
Lived, looking unto Jesus he died. He is not dead, but sleepeth.

During his last illness he was attended by his friend, John Russell, the present Archdeacon of Clogher.

WOLFE RICHARD S. Deacon, 29 Sept., I8OO, at Cloyne, for Clondrohid curacy. This was probably Richard Straubenzie Wolfe, who was from 1801 to 1803, Rector of Kilsallaghan, Dublin; and from 1802 to 1803, Priest at Tecolme, Leighlin. He died in 1803.

WOLLETT W. 11., 175, 9, 377.



WOOD JOSHUA. Deacon, at Cloyne, on letters dimissory from Cork, on 1 June, 1828; and Priest, at Cloyne, on 31 Jan., 1830.

WOOD THOMAS. I., 289, 200.

WOOD WILLIAM. II., 21, 213, 254.


WOODROOFFE [or, as now spelt, WOODROFFHE], HENRY JOSEPH.  II., 18, 49. Son of James Woodroffe, by Elisabeth, dau. of Rev. Joseph Fairtlongh, Chancellor of Leighlin. Deacon, at Elphin, 1 January, 1835; Priest, at Limerick, on Ascension Day, 1836. Curate of Tawnagh, Elphin, in 1835; of Boyle, Elphin, on 1 July, 1835; of Ballymodan, Cork, on 3 May, 1839; of Carrigaline, Cork, on 17 Sept., 1839; and of Cloumel (Queenstown), on 13 April, 1846.


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Is is important to note that many place names have variations of the old spelling.


History of the Parish of MYROSS  [Ross]

1614. Feb. 28 WILLIAM BOLTON was admitted R. V. Mirosse and Creagh, and Treasurer of Ross. [R.V. 1634.] In 1630 he became Dean of Boss, q.v.

1615.Rector in fundo, Collog’ de Youghall. Ecclia bene repata, cancella in ruina. Rector et vicarius in feodo ecclesiastico, Willrnus Bolton. Valor 9 li. [R.V. R.I.A.]

1634. R. de Myros in foedo Eecliae, Wm. Bolton. Val’ 40s. per annum. Rectoria in fando spectat ad Coll’ de Youghall, val. 16s. Vicar’ Wlm.. Bolton. Val. 18 li. per an. [R.V. 1634].

1638. January 8. GEORGE HORSEY was admitted R. Myrosse and Creagh. [F.F.] he was also Dean of Ross, q.v.

1640 THOMAS FRITH (Archdeacon of Ross, q.v.), is admitted Rector, and JAMES CLELAND (V. Kilmacabee, q.v.), is admitted Vicar do Myrosse. [F.F..]

1640 Dec. 14 JEREMIAH CARTWAYTE was admitted R. de Myrosse, [F.F.1 In 1641 he was R.V. Creagh, q.v.

1641 April 28 EDWARD ABNEY was admitted R. de Myross. [F.F.]. He was also R. Creagh. He took a degree in T.C.D. in 1640.

16— ? JOHN MASTERS, R. V. Myross. He was also Treasurer of Ross, q.v.

1663. Sept. 24 LUCAS SHORT was admitted R.V. Myross, per mortem Johnis Masters, una pars Rectoriae in present’ Regis, altera R. et V. in Coll’ Epi. [V.B. 1669.] In 1671 he appears as Vic. Chor., Ross, and held it with Myross until his death in 1692. He appears at the visitation of 1692. [V.B. D.R.]

1692/3. .January 24 JOHN GIBSON, A...B. was admitted R. V. Myross, per mortem Lucas Short. [D.R.] He was ordained Deacon as a literate on 7th June, 1696, at Cork. 1693. Una Rect’ de Myros. Alter’ Rect’ de Myros. Mr. Johes Gibson, Incumbent. Duns Epus Patronus.. Spectant ad Colleg’ de Youghall. Cura inservitr." [Neale.]

1699 The parish of Miros, Mr. Gibson, Incumbent, lyes on the cast side of the harbour. The church is ruinous. Divine service seldom performed. We past through part of the parish of Miros to the parish of Kilfaughnabeg." [Downes’ Tour.]

1699 Miross 22 plowlands, 2,400 acres. The church ruinous. It stood near the sea. 4 or 5 Protestant families. The Minister is admonished to preach in his own house till a church be built. The parishioners to consider of a place for a chapel. [V.B. 1699.] Vide Kilfaughnabeg and Kilmacabee.

1706. June 20 GEORGE SYNGE, A.B., was admitted R. and V. Myross. [F.F.]. He appears in 1732. [V.B D.R.] In 1709 Synge was B. Taxax, Cork, q.v.

1732/3. Feb. 16 THOMAS SOMERVILLE, A.M., was admitted to the R. V. Myross, and V. Glanbarraghan, als. Castlehaven, vacant by death of George Synge. [D.R.]

Thomas (son of Reverend William Somerville) was born in Galloway, in Scotland, and, when seventeen years old, entered T.C.D. as Pensioner o n 30th Octo1ber, 1706. He was ordained Priest on 1st November, 1715, at Cloyne.

From 1719 to 1724 he was P. Killanully, and also, probably, Curate of Holy Trinity, Cork, to which be was licensed on 2nd Nov., 1721, at fourty pounds sterling per an. (N.B.—This is the earliest mention of a Curate’s stipend, which appears in the registry.) From 1724 to 1732 he was P. Cahirlag; and from 1732 to his death in 1752 was R.V. Myross, &c.

He married, in 1723, Anne Perry, of Ballineboy, widow. [M.L.B. 12th Dec.] He left issue four sons—Thomas, Edward, James, and John, and three daughters, Elisabeth, Judith, and Alley. In his will (dated 22nd August, 1752, and proved 25th Sept. following), he desired to he buried with his late wife. Administration was granted to Harding Parker and Thomas Somerville.

1752. October 6 JAMES DOHERTY, A.M., was admitted to the R. V. Myross [F.F.], vacant by death of Somerville. [D.R.]

1756. August 20. Order in Council for removing the site of the parish church of Myros. [Lib. Mun.]

J. Doherty (son of James Doherty, "coloni"), was born at Tuam, county Galway, and when seventeen years old became a Sizar T.C.D. on 26th Mny, 1724.

In 1732 he was licensed to the curacy of Ballymoney, Cork. From 1749 to 1752 he was V. Kilcaskin; and from 1752 to 1759, R.V. Myross.

He married, in 1732 (MB. 23rd Nov.), Elisabeth Travers, of Kilmeen, and had issue a son, Samuel, and three daughters, Catherine, Elizabeth, and Mary. He desired to be buried "at Kilmeen privately, at the dead time of night." Administration was granted to his daughter, Mary, of his will, which was dated 6th Feb., 1759, and proved 23rd June, 1759.

1759. Feb. 21 RICHARD TOWNSEND, AM., was admitted to the R. V. Myross [F.F.], vacant by death of Doharty. [D.R.]

Townsend takes a second collation on receiving the V. Kilmacabee and Kilfaughuabeg on 24th Feb., 1764. [D.R.] And on 1st Nov., 1780, is collated to Scull, Cork, q.v.

From 1780 to 1826 the R.V. Myross was held with the vicarage of Kilmacabee, q.v..

1826. July 11 EDWARD PAKENHAM THOMPSON, was admitted to the R. V. Myross, certified to be under the annual value of 400. [D.R.]

1834 Protestant population, 162.

1837 Myross: a rectory and vicarage, with cure, 2 miles long by 24 broad, containing 4,OOO Acres. Gross population. 3,459. No Curate employed. Tithe composition, 300. Subject to visitation fees, 15s.; diocesan schoolmaster, 1.7s. 4d. No glebe-house. Incumbent is. resident, and 60 a year is considered a reasonable sum to be allowed in way of house rent.

One church, capable of accommodating 120 persons, built in 1826, at the cost of 830.15s.4d. Brit., granted in way of gift by the late Board of First Fruits. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. Divine service is celebrated twice on Sundays in summer, and once in winter, and on the festivals; and a morning service on all Fridays. The sacrament is administered monthly. The benefice is a rectory. [Parl. Rep.]

1860. E. P. Thompson, Incumbent; Edward C. Carroll, Curate. One church. No glebe-house. No glebe land. Incumbent non-resident. Divine service twice on Sundays, and once on Circumcision, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, Ascension, and on Wednesdays in Advent and Lent, and on all Wednesday evenings in summer. Sacrament monthly, and on chief festivals. Average of communicants, 19. 33 children are on the rolls of a Church Education school. The Protestant population is 166. The rent-charge is 321 7s. 1d.


E. P. Thompson (eldest son of Rev. William Thompson, Archdeacon of Cork, q.v.), was baptized at St. Peter’s, Cork, on 25th February, 1801. Hie was ordained Deacon at Cork on 7th March, 1824, and Priest at Cloyne on 10th April, 1825. In 1824 he was Curate of St. Anne’s, Shandon, Cork

Rev. E. P.   married, c 1822, a daughter of Dr. Harris, of Cork, and had issue seven children, of whom , James, born circa 1829, alone survives.

Additional information provided by Adam Stewart <aaastewart@hotmail.com> (researching   the Harris famiily):  In 1825 the Reverend Edward Pakenham Thompson married Eliza Jane Harris. Source Ancestry.com, Irish extraction database.


History of the ROSS, VICARS CHORAL

1699-1717 Rosse has the tythes of all the rest of the parish, viz. :—all the tythes of 13 plowlands, worth about 18 per annum.

1699 The tythes of the town of Ross, viz.:—— gardens, &c., belong to the Vicars Choral of Rosse, and are worth about 20 shillings per an. They have also the book-money of the whole parish, worth about 4 per an. The gardens and house-plots belonging to the Dean and Dignitarys are suppos’d to be within the precincts of the cathedral, but the rest of the town is in the parish of Rosse. The church is accounted a parish church as well as a cathedral. The Vicars Choral have the cure of the parish of Rosse. The Dignitarys and Prebendarys preach once a fortnight in the cathedral, and the other turn is supplied by Mr. Goodman, who has all the four Vicars’ places. The four Vicars have nothing but what they have in the parish of Rosse." [Downes’ Tour.1

"Ordered yt ye 30 January, 29 May, 1st August, 23rd Oct., and 5 Novem., annually, be solemnly kept, and a sermon preached in the Cathedral of Ross as usual in other cathedrals," &c. [V.B. 1716.]

1717 A large silver flagon now (1863) in use in Ross Cathedral, in weight 59 oz. 12 dwts., bears this legend :—" In usum eceles’ Oath’ sancti Faughuani Rossensis ano dom’ 1717."

A similar inscription is on a silver chalice, weighing 17 oz. and 15 dwts.

1719 A smaller flagon of silver, weighing 31 oz. 17 dwts. 12 grams is inscribed :—" Guliel’ Hull, Thesaur’ Rossens’ me fieri fecit 1719."

1728.May 1. An order of Chapter to pull down old and erect new seats in Ross Cathedral, at expense of ye economy fund. [V.B. 1728.]

1731 August 1. Mr. Andrew Dononoughue recants in Ross Cathedral teste Thomas Goodman, Vicar of Ross. (D.R.]

1731 August 18 Vacant. [V.B.]

1731/2 April 17 WILLIAM READER, A.M., is admitted to the four Vicarages Choral, vacant per morten Goodman. He is admitted a second time on 24th January, 1732. [D.R.] In 1732 he became P. Cahirlag, and in 1745 Archdeacon of Cork, q.v.

1732 to 1735 No name appears. [V.B.]

1736 Mr. JOHN BEAMISH appears at the triennial visitation of the Archbishop of Cashel, held at Cork Cathedral for the diocese of Ross, on 18th May, 1736. [V.B.] Beamish was "admonished to appear," and he "accordingly appeared, tho’ the right of appearance is denyed by him." [V.B.].

J. Beamish married, in 1740, Elisabeth Morris, of Bendast, spinster. [M. L. Dec. 19.] He died in 1777.

1777 July 3. Rev. Henry Jones, of Drumbeg, is appointed to be Sequestrator of the four Vicarages Choral, on the death of Beamish. [D.R.]

1779 March 3 CHRISTOPHER HARVEY, D.D., on the nomination of the Dean of Ross, dated 31st January, 1779, was admitted Vic’ Chor’ Cork. [D.R.]

1782 Oct. 23 Harry Jones, A.B., is licensed to be Reader in Ross Cathedral, on nomination of Christopher Harvey, at a salary of 50. [P.R.]

1796 August 1 George Armstrong, A.B., is appointed by the Bishop (the Vic’ Chor’ being vacant) Reader and Curate in Ross Cathedral, at salary of 50. [D.R.]

Christopher Harvey was eldest son of Rev. William Harvey, of Bargy Castle, county Wexford, by Dorothea, dau. and b. of Christopher Champney, esq., of Kyle.

From 1763 to 1767 he was P. Aghold, Leighlin; and from 1767 to 1796, P. Edermine, Ferns. He was also, from 1779 to his death in April, 1796, Vicar Choral of Ross. He married Rachel (dau. of Loreuzo Nickson, esq., and sister of Christiana, first BARONESS DONOGHMORE), by whom he had issue two daughters, and a son, William Harvey, esq., of Kyle. Vide Burke’s L. G.

1796 August 9 ROBERT MEADE, A.B., was admitted (on the nomination of the Dean) Vic. Chor., Rosse, Kilmahowley, Glenarowley, Cahirmore. [D.R.] He resigned on 24th February.1798; and became R. Ballymonev, Cork. q.v.

1798 Feb. 28 THOMAS HORE, A.B., was admitted Vicar Choral, on nomination of the Dean, dated 24th Feb., 1798. [D.R.].

1834. Rev. Thomas Hore, B.D., Vicar Choral. The average annual gross amount of the revenue of the Vicar Choral was 490 12s. 9d., calculated on an average of three years, ending December, 1831. The sources of income are 434 Os. 11d., proportion of tithes of Ross parish, and 6 11s. 10d., rent of 50 Acres. 1 Rood 15 Perches of glebe land. The disbursements are—35 to the Curate of the chapter, 40 to Reader of the cathedral, 8 to schoolmaster, and 4. 4s. 0. to rent of schoolhouse. There is no residence for the Vicar Choral as such. [Parl.Reps.]

1834. 558 l5s. 5d. was the average annual gross amount of the Economy Estate, for the three years ending 3rd of Oct., 1831, arising as follows :—From the tithes of Ross, set at 376 8s. 6d.; of Kilkerranmore, 63.12s.; of Rathbarry, 70 Os. 3d.; from composition rent of Kilfaugnaheg, 28 l7s. 11d.; of Kilmaccahee, 19 16s. 9d. The payments were as follows :—To Curate, 40; to Economist, 20; to Chapter Clerk, 20; to organist, 40; to ditto, attendant, 4; sexton and verger, 42; sextoness, 3; schoolmaster, 8 ; interest, 34.6s.ld. ; repairs, 13 10s. 2d. Total of disbursements. 194 16s. 3d. [Parl. Rep.]

1834. Protestant population, 450.

Thomas Hore was fourth son of Colonel Walter II


History of the Parish of BALLYMONEY

1591 E. de Ballimoney. Cor. DONATI, idem V. de Kinneigh. [MS. T.C.D. E. 3. 14.]

1610. Feb. 12 ROBERT SNOWSWELL, R. Crossenhare als Ballymoney et V. Fanlobbus. [R.V. 1634.]

1615. Robert Snowswell, R. et V. Crossenhare als Ballymoney et V. Fanlobbus; ipse inservit curie. Val. 12 li per an. Ecelesia et cancella bene repantur cum libris. [R.V. R.I.A.]

1634 Robert Snowswell, Rector. Value 15 li. per an.[R.V. 1634.] Snowswell appears in 1639 as Rector, with Thomas Keilly as Curate. Ecciesia bene, desunt quaedam ornamenta praeter parvam supellectilem linteain et baptisterium. [V.B. 1639.]

1632. A silver communion cup, weight 9 oz., has this legend, Ex dono Hellenae uxoris Antony Stowell [Stawell] gen. Mort August 9th 1632.

Robert Snowswell, literatus, was ordained Deacon by George,

Bishop of Chester, on 12th June, 1609, and Priest by William, Bishop of Cork, on 23rd September, 1610. In 1610 he was R. Ballymoney and V. Fanlobbus, and in 1614, R. Kilmaloda, Ross. He held all these livings until his death, in or before 1661.

1661? NICHOLAS WINTER BOURNE, R. Ballymoney, V. Fanlobbus, and Kinneigh. He was afterwards Treasurer of Ross, q.v.

1664. January 2 ROBERT GOLBORNE. R. Ballymoney, and V. Kinneagh and Fanloblius. [F.F.] In V.B., D.R.1669, Golborne’s admission to these benefices is given as on January 7th, 1664, per deprivation of Nicholas Winterburne, by Convocation at Dublin.

Robert Golborne was seventh son of William Golborne, Bishop of Kildare, by Elizabeth, dau. of William Pilsworth, also a Bishop of that See. He died unmarried, in or before 1674. [U.O.]

1674. May 2 ISAAC MANSFIELD, K. Ballymoney, V. Kinneagh and Fanlobbus. [F.F.] He appears, 1674 to 1688, Nov. 3. [V.B. D.R.] He was also P. Inskenny, q.v.

"An. 1679. (fo. 22.) We do present, that whereas upon a former presentment, anno. I 675, an order was granted to raise 20 upon the parishes of Ballymoney and Fanlobbish, which are and were united time out of mind, for the repair of Ballymoney, and that the parish of Faulobish did not contribute anything to the work ; and that therefore the parish of Fanlobish ought to pay the summe of ten pounds towards the said work, &c.; and that Brian Wade, &c., &c., are fit persons to oversee the work, and to applot the said summe." [Cork Presentments.]

1688. Feb. 6 ANDREW SYMES, A.B., R. Ballymoney, vacant per mortem ISAAC Mansfield ; and on 4th Dee, 1691, V. Fanlobish per mort. ejusdem ISAAC Mansfield. [D.R.1 Symes appears from 1689 to 1718. [V.B.] And in 1718 he became Precentor of Ross, q.v.

"Church in repair; sermon once a fortnight; sacrament thrice a year. About twenty Protestant families. An English school." [V.B. 1699, DR.]

"1699.— About seven miles to the west of Bandon, on the south side of the river, is the parish of Ballimony; except one plowland of the parish which is on the north side of the river. The church is large, and the walls and roof are in pretty good repair. Seats in the east end, but not in the west."

"The west end was repaired when Kineigh and Fanlobish were united to it. Contention about seats gave occasion to the building Kineigh and Faulobish churches, and dividing the parishes."

"Usually eighty persons at church. Mr. Synge preaches one Sunday at Murragh, the other Sunday at Desert. About twenty-six plantation acres of glebe round the church of Ballymoney, divided into five fields"

"A little vicarage house, in good repair, with the glebe well improved. A good garden and orchard. A plowland on the north of the river Bandon is in this parish."

"Drinagh and Kilmine [Kilmeen] were united pro hae vice to Ballimony. The Vicars Choral have half the tythcs of Drinagh. Kihmine lyes to the south-west of Ballimony; Drinnagh lyes to the west of Kilmine. Mr Symmnes preaches one Sunday at Ballymoney, the other at Kilmine."

"1700. Saturday, May 25, 1 went from Cork to Ballimony. Sunday, May 26, I preach’t at Ballimony, and confirmed about 62 persons in all, viz. about 36 persons that came out of the neighbouring parishes of Murragh, Dizert, Kilmine, Kineigh, and Fanlobish, and about 26 persons of Ballimony parish. I administered the holy sacrament. About 20 received. There were about 150 persons at church.

Ballimony Church is in good repair, but a Register Book is wanting, which Mr. Symmes undertook to get before next Michaelmas.

"In the parish of Ballimony are 19 plowlands, and 9 gneeves. About half the land of this parish is the estate of Mr. Harry Boyle, brother to the Lord Corke. Sir Richard Cox, Counsellor Bernard, Mr. Wade, and Mr. Peter Hewit, are proprietors of all the rest of the lands. Mr. Wade, Mr. Beamish, Mr. Woodroff; Mr. Barrington, Mr. Trench, Mr. Germain, [Jermyn] live in the parish. There is a Popish Priest of Fanlobish parish, call’d Charles Carthy, and another at Kineigh, call’d Teigue Murphy. These two divide Ballimony betwixt them. Usually one Priest serves two or three parishes in these parts. About Ballimony there are four Papists for one Protestant. In Fanlobish parish there are ten Papists for one Protestant. The further you go westward, the disproportion betwixt the Papists and Protestants is greater. In the most western parts of the diocese of Corke there is usually twenty Papists for one Protestant. About Bearehaven there are not above five or six Protestant families, most of which are Dissenters. About forty English acres of glebe lye round the church of Ballymoney; good land, and well improv’d. There is a sniall Rector’s house. Mr. Symmes designs to enlarge it by building on the old foundations. There are two church- wardens sworn. A chalice, flagon, table-cloth for the Communion table, a Bible, two Common Prayer books. Here, and in the places hereabouts, tyth is paid for potatoes. And for mills, Agistment tythe, viz., a tenth part of the rent of the mill. The clergy don’t think it worth the while to demand tythe of turf. Ballinmony does not pay first fruits, but it pays 2s. l)er an., twentieth parts. Two Protestant women teach school. Ballymoney is worth to the Rector about 50 per an." [Downes’ Tour.]

1719 to 1740 SAMUEL BROME appears as R. Ballymony and R. Kilmeen, Ross. [V.B.] In 1731 he became also Chancellor of Cork, q.v.

1737. July 13. The Bishop certifies that Brome expended in improving the glebe-house, 98 11s 2d. [D.R.]

1740. March 26 SAMUEL WOODROOFFE, AM., R. Ballymoney and Kilmeen, both vacant per resignation of Brome. [D.R.]

In 1746 Woodrooffe became P. Dromdaleague, and in 1762 was made Precentor of Cork, q.v..

1746. October 25 JOSEPH PRATT, AM., R. Ballymoney and Kilmeen, in Ross. [F.F.] He was probably of Cabra Castle, co. Cavan. He resigned these livings in 1752.

1752. August 14 CHARLES WYE, A.M., R. Ballymoney and Kilmeen, in Ross, per cessionem Pratt. [D.R.] In 1753, he was also licensed to the curacy of Kinneigh.

1782 The parish Register commences.

Charles, son of Rev. Mossom Wye, born at Dunleer, co. Louth, when sixteen years old, entered T.C.D. as Pensioner, on 28th March, 1710, and was Scholar in 1712. his will is dated 11th April, 1765, and was proved in Cork 16th August, 1784. In it he mentions his son, Francis Wye, and two daughters, Mary, wife of — Quin, and Elizabeth, his executrix.

1784. August 6 AMBROSE HICKEY, A.B., R. Ballymoney, vacant by death of Wye. [D.R.] In 1796 he became R. Murragh, q.v..

1785. March 21. Hickey memorials to build a new glebe-house; and on 3rd March, 1788, obtains a certificate for having expended 752 3s. 1d., the yearly value of Ballymoney being 315 per an. Hickey reserves his right to a chimney-piece of Italian marble, in the north parlour, and excludes it from his account of expenditure. In 1799, Hickey obtains another certificate for having expended 89 10s. 3d. in a garden wall, and 1 6s. on two farm-yard piers. The tithes of Ballymoney are now valued over 400, and the glebe is valued at 60 per an. [D.R.]

1796. May 4 THOMAS HORE, A.B., R. Ballymoney, vacant by resignation of Hickey. [D.R.] In 1798 Hore became Vicar- Choral of Ross, q.v..

1798. March 1 ROBERT MEADE, A.B., R. Ballymoney, vacant by resignation of Hore. [D.R]

1802. January 13. Meade obtains a certificate of having expended, in additions to the glebe, 295 14s 5d., and that the yearly value of Ballymoney is 643. [D.R.]

1830. Protestant population, 512.

1837. Ballymoney. A rectory, with cure. Seven miles lon by five miles broad, English measure, containing 6,668 acres. Gross population, 3,802. One Curate employed, at a stipend of 75 per annum. Tithe composition, 785. Forty-two acres of glebe, valued at 63 subject to visitation fees,1 18s. Diocesan schoolmaster, 1 5s. Ballymoney glebe-house built under the old Acts, in 1788, at the cost of 673 16s. 11d. Brit., whereof 92 6s. 1d. was granted as gift by the late Board of First Fruits, and the residue of 581 10s. 9d. was supplied out of the private funds of the builder. In the year 1798, a further sum, to the amount of 83 10s. 6d., was expended on garden wall and piers, under certificate of improvements. The present incumbent is second in succession to time original builder, and having paid his predecessor 540 12s. 2d., and since expended a certified sum of 272 19s. 5d., Brit., he will be entitled to receive from his successor 565 2s. 8d., on account of the building, and in improvement charges. Incumbent is constantly resident in the glebe-house. One church, capable of accommodating 150 persons, but so old a building, that the date and cost of its erection un-ascertained. No charge on the parish in 1832 on account of the church. Divine service is celebrated twice on all Sundays and once on the principal festivals. The sacrament is administered on the second Sunday in every month, and on the three great festivals. The benefice is a rectory. [Parl. Rep.]

1849. Sept. 3. A new church was consecrated under name of St. Paul. It was built on a site given by the Rector. The ruins of the old church are still in the grave-yard. Robert Meade, born, 1768; was fourth son of Rev. William Meade, R. Rincurran.

He was ordained Deacon on 1st August, 1790, at Cloyne, on letters dimissory from Cork, and on 26th Sept., 1790 was ordained priest at Cork.

In 1791, lie was Curate of Tracton, and in 1796 became Vicar-Choral of Ross, which he held until he was made R. Ballymoney in 1798.

He was, also, from 1796 to 1811, P. Dunsfort, Down; and from 1812 to 1826, R. Templemichael de Duagh.

Hie married Eliza, daughter of Robert Travers, Esq., and by her had issue, Wlm. Robert, (V. Kinsale, q.v..) Robert, died unmarried, and two other sons and two daughters, who died unm., besides three daughters, of whom the eldest, Barbara, was the wife of Rev. Win. Dc Courcy Meade, V. Fanlobbus, q.v. Rev. Robert Meade died 19t h March, 1852.

[In the 1881 Census for Cobham, Surrey, England there is a lodger - William MEAD unmarried 47 from Cork, Ireland]

1852. May 27 WILLIAM ALEXANDER WILLOCK, A.M., R. V. Ballymoney; certified to be worth 604.14s.4d. [DR.]

On 3rd Sept., 1 853, Mr. Willock obtains a certificate of dilapidations against his predecessor, to amount of 427 12s.9d. [D.

Mr. Willock was a Fellow of T.C.D., and on 29th June, 1854, became R. Cleenish, Clogher diocese.

1854. Dec. 21 SAMUEL BUTCHER, D.D., R. Ballymoney, on presentation of Primate and Archbishop of Dublin. [D.R.]

On 9th May, 1855, Dr. Butcher obtained a certificate of dilapidations against his predecessor, to amount of 504 5s.10d.; and on 3rd May, 1859, be obtained a certificate of charge on the benefice for 1,046 18s. 6d., the net annual value being 523 9s. 3d. [D.R.1

1860. Rev. Dr. Butcher, Rector; Rev. W. Mangan, Curate. The church and glebe-house in good order. The Rector is resident whenever his official duties as Regius Professor of Divinity in T.C.D. allow. Divine service twice each Sunday, and afternoon service from March to November in a licensed place of worship at Ballinacarrigy. Sacrament monthly; average of communicants, 31; and at Christmas, 81 communicants. The children are catechised on Fridays and Sundays. 109 children are on roll of schools, maintained by Rector and Church Education Society. The Protestant population is 256. The rent charge amounts to 588 15s., and the land is worth 63. Total value is 651.

Samuel Butcher (grandson of Thomas Butcher, Esq., of Northampton, and son of Vice-Admiral Samuel Butcher, by Elizabeth-Anne, eldest daughter of Richard Herbert, Esq., of Cahirnane, Co. Kerry), was edncated at home, and at a public school in Cork. He was Scholar of T.C.D. in 1832, Fellow in 1837, Professor of Ecclesiastical History in 1850, and Regius Professor of Divinity in 1852. He graduated AB. in 1834, A.M. in 1838, and D.D. in 1849.

He was ordained Deacon in 1839, by Mant, Bishop of Down and Connor, and Priest in 1840, by Plunket, Bishop of Tuam.

He has published several occasional sermons, and introductory lectures as Professor of History and Divinity.

Dr. Butcher is married, and has issue six children.


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THE ANCIENT and MODERN NAMES of the PARISHES of CLOYNE, taken from the Diocesan Register, written by the Right Reverend Matthew MCKENNA, R.C. Bishop of Cloyne and Ross, in the year 1785.*


Names Modern  Names Ancient  Patron Saint
Aghada, consisting of:. Ahada  St. Erasmus.
     Garrane  Dedicated to the Purification of B.V.
      Inch  Dedicated to Nativity of B.V.
        Corcabeg  Dedicated to Holy Cross
Ahina  Ahinagh  St. Ruan
Annakissy  Monanimna  St. Nicholas
       Clenur  St. Cranette
     Cang  St. Mary Magdalen.
Ballinamona  Ballinamona  St. Michael
Ballyclough and Kibrin Ballyclough and Kibrin       
Ballyhea  Ballyhaura  Dedicated to the B.V.
          Cooline and Dridinach  Dedicated to the Holy Trinity
         Imerick  St. Mathew.
          Ardsky  St. Michael
Ballymacoda  Kilmacdonog  St. Peter ad Vincula.
          Kulcreidan  Dedicated to Holy Cross
          Garrivow  Dedicated to the B.V.
          Iochtermorow  Dedicated to the B.V.
                Bouchalan  Dedicated to the B.V.
Ballyv  ourney  Ballyvourney  Ste. Gobbineta
Blarney and White Church Blarney and White Church            
Buttevant  Buttevant  Ste. Bridget.
Carrigtoohil Temple Mary  Dedicated to the B.V.
Castlelyons  Castle-Lyons  St. Nicholas
          Britway Ste. Bridget.
Castlemagner  Castlemagner  Dedicated to the B.V.
Coachford  Magourney  St. Colman.
         Ahabollog  St Eolan.
Castletownroche and Roche  Castletown-Town Roche  Dedicated to B.V.
Ballyhooly  Ballyhooly  Dedicated to Nativity of B.V.
Charleville  Charleville  Dedicated to Exaltation of the Holy Cross.
Clonmeen  Clonmeen  St. Fursteus.
           Kilcorny  St. Nicholas.
Cloyne  Cloyne  St. Column.
         Churchtown  St. Nicolas.
            Kilteskin  Dedicated to B.V.
           Shangarry  Ste. Machna, sister to Mac Con or Colman.

Conna or Curiglas 

     Ballinoe  Ste. Catherine.
           Aghern  Ste. Columba.
Doneraile  Doneraile . Dedicated to the Nativity of the B.V.
             Temple-Ruane  St. Rouanus.
Donoughinore   Donoughinore St. Lactine.
Fermoy  Fermoy  St. Molaisse.
     Clondullane  Dedicated to the Assumption of B.V.
         Kilcrumper  Dedicated to the Purification of B.V.
Freemount  Kilballane  Dedicated to the Assumption of B.Y.
     Tullaleas  St. Benignus.
         Knock-an-temple  St. Michael.
Glanworth Glanworth  Dedicated to the Invention of the Holy Cross.
      Dunmahon  St. Bernard
     Kilgullane  Dedicated to the B.V.
          Ballyclough  Ste. Catherine.
Glountane  Kilsanig  St. Sannagh or Sennagh McCarroil.
Grenagh  Grenagh  St. Lactine.
Imogeela  Mogeely  Dedicated to the B.V
    Clonmult  St. Lawrence.
   Dungourney  St. Peter.
Iniscarra Cloch-Roe  Dedicated to the Holy Cross.
Kildarrery  Kildorrery  St Bartholomew
     Farrehy  St. Colman.
      Moluga  St Molagga
      Currigdownan  Dedicated to the Immaculate Conception of the B.V.
         St. Nicolas.  St. Nicolas.
Killleagh  Killeagh  St Farrel
      Ardagh  St Glassine
        Dangan   St James
Kilworth  Kilworth St. Martin
        Macrony  Dedicated to the BV
        Leitrim  As supposed Dedicated to the BV
             Kilmurry  Dedicated to the BV
Kilnamartara  Tuathnadroman  St Lactine
Liscarroll, and  Liscarroll Dedicated to the Purification of the BV
Churchtown  Churchtown  St. Nicholas
Lisgoold  Lisgoold  St. Macodom
         Ballycranan  Dedicated to the BV
       Temple-Beodan  St. John the Baptist.
Macroom Macroom       
 Mallow Mallow Dedicated to Nativity of B.V.
Mitchelstown  Marshalstown  Dedicated to the B.V.
        Brigown  St. Finachin
Midletown Midletown Dedicated to the B.V.
       Ballynachtrach St Callachan
      Churchtown, alias Inchyna Bacey B.V.
Ballypolan St. John the Baptist.
Newrnarket  Clonfert  St. Brandin.
Queenstown  Clonmel  St. John the Baptist.
Ratheormick  Ratheormick  Dedicated to the B.V.
(Shandrum, Patron unknown)  Gurtroe  B.V.
Youghal  Youghals Dedicated to the Assumption of the B.V.



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The PARISHES of Ross, with the Names of their PATRON SAINTS, as kindly furnished to the author by the Right Rev. Michael O’Hea, D.D., 11.0. Bishop of Ross.

Parishes  Patron Saint.
1. Timoleague, and  
Nativity of B.V.M.
St. Mulooda.
2. Abbeymabon, and 
St. Bernard.|
3. Rathbarry, and 
St. Michael.
St. James.
4. Kilgarave 
Nativity of B.V.M.
Dedicated to the Holy Cross
St. Malis.
St. Quinlan.
5. Kilmeen, and .
St. Marina
Dedicated to the Holy Trinity.
6. Rosscarbery 
St. Faughuan, son of Mongach.
St. Kicran.
7. Kilniacobea 
St. Faghna.
8. Castlebaven, and 
St. Barrachane.
St. Brigid.
9. Skibbereen (as believed), and 
St. Patrick.
10 Tullagh 
      Cape Clear 
St. Kicran.
11 Affadown
St Congallus


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