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The Lord of Derreen

In 1740 William Crooke purchased a grant of land in the townland of Derreen, Parish of   Kilmeen. From here on William was called William Crooke, the First of Derreen.

Thomas Crooke took part in the transplantation to Munster which started in the late 1500s. Together with several families from his immediate (English) vicinity (either Hants. or Northants.—this has not yet been confirmed) and his ample capital, he founded an English colony at Baltimore and started a pilchard industry. For his good works he was knighted and a little later created 1st Baronet of Baltimore. The town prospered until 1631 when Barbary (Algerian) pirates plundered and burnt the town and carried off to Algiers nearly all the inhabitants, amongst them nearly one hundred English settlers. The town never recovered and remained a small fishing village. The 1st Bart. died soon afterwards.

According to an 1876 document the so-called 3rd Bart. married into the MacCarthy line (then Lords of Muskerry) and built a house near to the old castle of Castlemore (former M`Carthy stronghold) to which was given the name Crookestown. Crookestown was a large fortified structure having four towers and a fish tank in the roof.

In 1740 William Crooke, the son of Thomas Crooke of Crookestown, settled in Magourney. William Crooke purchased a grant of land of the townland of Derreen. From here on William was called William Crooke, the First of Derreen. Here he built a house, improved the lands, acquired or leased about 1000 acres at a convenient distance to Derreen. These included Nadrid, Clontane, Carhue and Pluckanes. Burke`s Landed Gentry of Ireland, 4th edn 1958 pp196/7 call this line Crooke formerly of Derreen.

Branches of the Crooke family emigrated to London, Australia and America. There were members of the family living in Derreen at least up until WW II.

The connection to the family of General James Wolfe

Connection to Major General James Wolfe: The 1st Bart Thomas Crooke had a sister Sarah who married Stephen Egerton. Stephen had a sister Anne who married 2ndly Sir John Tyndal (spelling varies). After several generations we have:

a) Bradwardine Tindall of Brotherton m 1stly Mary dau. Francis Bayldon in 1665. They had sole issue:

b) Lucy who married Edward Thompson. They had a dau.:

c) Henrietta who married Col. Edward Wolfe in 1726. They had issue:

d) James Wolfe b 21 Jan 1729 and d 13. Sept 1759. (Maj. Gen. James Wolfe)

d) is confirmed on Appendix p26 and 3 a) - d) on Appendix p29 of the book Wolfes' of Fournaughts.


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