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Depositions for Co Cork


Many Protestant settlers in County Cork had financial losses to report in the aftermath of the 1641 uprising. A list of deponents is set out below. The Co Cork depositions are identified as Trinity College, Dublin, manuscript numbers 822, 823, 824 & 825.

n.s.g., signifies 'no status given'.  

I have highlighted some names which are known to have married into the Wolfe family or are colateral relatives.


Roll of deponents

1. Parisb Abbeymahon, Barony Ibane

824.209     John Arthur, brother-in-law to Harry Sampson of Abbeymahon, yeoman.

2. Parish Aghabulloge, Barony Muskerry

823.205  Thomas Hurr of Dromtymon [Dromatimore], n.s.g.
823.218  John Oldis of Drumtymore [Dromatimore], n.s.g.
824.42    John Radcliffe of Caherow [Caherbaroul], gent.
824.212  Richard Boyle of Corrune [?], clerk.
825.55    Ellin Godson of Carkoo [?], wife.
825.115 Anthony Pullbanke of the Lecconeene [Lackaneen], n.s.g.
825.180 Regent Olders of Druntymore [Dromatimore], on behalf of Mary Gill, widow.
825.185 Robert Olders of Carhooe [Caherbaroul], yeoman.
825.269 Giles Denham of Lackanurie [Lacknahaghny], n.s.g.

3. Parish Aghadown, Barony West Carbery

825.15-16 Richard White of Inishbegneclery [Inishbeg], gent.

4. Parish Aghern, Barony Kinnataloon

822.58 Cpt James Finch of Bally McKeoman [Ballymacsimon], parish Iragherne [Aghern], esq.
825.58 Robert Flower, town and parish of Ahan [Aghern], n.s.g.
825.311 Thomas More, town and parish of Agharren [Aghern], gent.

5. Parish Agbinagh, Barony East Muskerry

822.269 George Bostock of Carga Drowhett [Carrigadrohid], gent., ensign.
823.176 Thomas Burton of Gurtine Carrune [?], parish Agheny [Aghinagh], n.s.g.

6. Parish Aglish, Barony Fast Muskerry

822.36 Grace Jakman, Aglis [Aglish]}, widow.
822.73 Henry Mills of Fargus [Fergus], n.s.g.
822.77 Philip Tancocks of Curnady [Cronody], Barony Barretts [?]., n.s.g.
823.86 John Hathway, town and parish of Agly [Aglish], yeoman.
823.202 George Winsmore of Curnady [Cronody], n.s.g.
824.213 Thomas Nealde of Cornedie [Cronody], timberman.
825.56 Anthony Godson of Aglis, n.s.g.
825.83 Thomas Godson, n.s.g.
825.286 Morgan Mundyn of Kilnadoney [?], parish Aglis, Barony Barretts [?] minister.

7. Parish Aglishdrinagh, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

824.86 Nicholas Muncton of Ballindredin [Ballynadridren], gent.

8. Parish Ardagb, Barony Imokilly

823.119 Henry Bennit [Bennett] of Ballilega [Ballyneague], parish Ardagh, n.s.g.
823.133 William Lewellin of Courneveigh [Cornaveigh], gent.

9. Parish Ardnageehy, Barony Barrymore

822.61 Christopher Steevenson [Stevenson] of Glanfrehan [?], parish Ardnagee [Ardnageehy], yeoman.
825.225 John Strort of Kilmartin [?], parish Ardnegreth [Ardnageehy], gent.

10. Parish Ardskeagh, Barony Fermoy

822.226 Robert Austen, yeoman.
822.227 Robert Austen, yeoman, on behalf of Edward Austen the younger, n.s.g.

11. Parish Athnowen, Barony East Muskerry  (This incorporates the parish of Ovens)

822.71 George Barkley of Knocknamore [Knockanemore], parish Ovens, n.s.g. (probably gent.)
822.182 John Barkley of Maghernes [?I, parish Ovens, Barony Barretts [?], n.s.g.
822.255 Robert Burden the younger of Grange, parish Ovens, n.s.g.
823.48 William Dowe of Barnegore [Barnagore], parish Ovens, n.s.g.
823.182 Elizabeth Shore and Ellen Burder of Sarsfield's Grange [?], [Grange], parish Ovens, n.s.g.
823.199 Stephen Gaynes of Maghery [?] parish Ovens, yeoman.
824.159 John Newton of Athnowen, clerk.
825.98 William Barkley of Mullaghroe, parish Ovens, n.s.g.
825.147 Robert Burdon, Sarsfield's Grange [?] [Grange], parish Ovens, n.s.g.

12. Parish Ballinadee, Barony East Carbery

823.120-1 Edward Rashly of Cloncomise [Cloncouse], gent.
823.144 Hilkiagh Hussey, clerk.
824.71 John Fleming of Kilmacsymon [Kilmacsimon], gent.
824.172 John Martin of Corrowry [?] yeoman.

13. Pansh Ballyclogh, Baronies Dunhallow and Orrery

822.154 William Ind of Gorthbofinnigh [Gortbofinna], yeoman.
823.35 John Sampson of Gornegrasse [Gortnagross], yeoman.
823.45 Edward Mitchel, town and parish of Ballyclogh, husbandman.
823.125 William Morley of Dromcostell [Dromrastill], tanner.
824.152 Edmund Cock, miller.
824.261-4 Nicholas Philpot, esq.
825.3 Roger Lorymer, Drarndoney, gent.
825.65 Robert Treegose of Gortnegrosse [Gortnagross], yeoman.
825.161 Edward Michell, Ballylogh [Ballyclogh], husbandman.

14. Parish Ballyfeard, Barony Kinalea

825.196 Henry Cooke of Ballingarry, gent.

15. Parish Ballyfoyle, Barony Kinalea

825.11 Edward Beecher, Ballefoyle [Ballyfoyle], gent.
825.38 Charles James of Britfieldstown, gent.

16. Parish Ballyhay, Barony Fermoy

822.2 William Gowers, yeoman
823.41-2 Robert Meade of Broghill, esq.
823.209 Digorye Trix of Ballyhay, mercer.
824.233 and 241 Thomas Parsons of Kilcolman [?], husbandman.
825.28 James Baldwins of Ballyhay, clothier.
825.277 William Bird of Ballyhay, gent

17. Parish Ballyhooly, Barony Fermoy

823.184 Percival Gibson of Ballyhowly [Ballyhooly], gent.

18. Parish Ballymartle, Barony Kinalea

822.200 William Dangell of Carbecarron [?], yeoman.
823.97 Peter Warner of Ballymaholas [?]., [Ballynalouhy], parish Ballymacdaniel [?] [Ballymartle], yeoman.
823.123 Edward Reney, town and parish of Ballymartle, yeoman.
824.216 William Mead [Meade] of Balintubridg [Ballintober], esq.
825.74 Thomas Hichions, town and parish of Ballymartle, husbandman.
825.149 Elizabeth Cleyes, wife to Richard Cleyes of Donnemus [?] [Dooneen], parish Ballymacdaniel [?]. [Ballymartle], hewer.
825.197 George Jolly of Ballynicholas parish [?] Ballymitchell [Ballymartle], yeoman.

19. Parishes Ballymodan and Kilbrogan, Barony Kinalmeaky

822.8 John Woodroffe, provost of Bandon.
822.45 William James of Kilbrogan, yeoman.
822.46 John Abbott of Knock [?], yeoman.
822.62 Amy Taylor, town and parish Ballymodan, widow.
822.80 Robert Bathurst of Bandon, hatter.
822.86 Richard Abbott, Tullyglass, parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
822.162 George Fenton of Bandon, merchant.
822.172 Andrew Woodly of Bandonbridge, gent.
822.198 Thomas Franklin of Bandon, butcher.
822.206 George Wright of Derrygarriff [Derrycoole], parish Kilbrogan, gent.
822.211 William Cary of Conckeyarran Knocknagarrane], parish Ballymodan, Yeoman.
822.219 Richard Webb of Killybeg [Kilbeg], parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
822.258 Susanna Forde of Gaggan, Ballymodan, spinster, on behalf of Mary Forde, widow.
822.263 James Elwell of Bandonbridge, yeoman.
822.265 John Newman, on behalf of Elizabeth Newman Gagin [Gaggan], parish Ballymodan, widow.
822.267 Arny Maskline of Callethram [Callatrim], parish Kilbrogan, widow.
822.287 William Dun, parish Ballymodan, yeoman.
823.51 John Langton of Bandon, parish Kilbrogan, gent.
823.111 Samuel Poole of Knocknameela [Knockaveale] parish Ballymodan, leather tanner.
823.129 Williarn Sellach of Gagin [Gaggan], parish, Ballymodan, tanner.
824.33 Thomas Fuller of Ballemoodan [Ballymodan], yeoman.
824.38 Samuel Sanders of Derrycool [Derrycoole], yeoman.
824.48-9 Henry Boswell (alias Bosville)of Cooltra [Callatrim], gent.
824.50 Arm Gates (alias Barber) of the bog, widow.
824.54 Emmet Draper of Ballymodan, widow of yeoman.
824,85 John Snary of Bandonbridge, clerk, rector of Kilbrogan.
824.118/9 Henry Turner of Bandonbridge, clothier.
824.168 Francis Bernard of Mussells [Mishells], yeoman.
824.170 Anne Hasell, widow and Joyce Deane, servant town of Bandon.
824.194 Christopher Trenaman of the Shennagh [Shinagh], n.s.g.
824.201 Anne Williams of Larragh [Laragh], wife to Robert Williams, butcher.
824.210 Frances Gillett of Kilgobban [?] parish Ballymodan, husbandman.
824.242 John Landen of Bandon, merchant.
825.10 Thomas Butler of Tullaghglass [Tullyglass], parish Kilbrogan, husbandman, Irish Protestant.
825.36 James Maye of Bandonbridge, n.s.g.
825.62 Anthony Shipward or Sheepheard of Bandon, clothier.
825.66 John and Francis Bemish [Beamish], town of Bandon, yeomen.
825.75 Sara Butler of Malligatto [Mallowgatton], parish Kilbrogan, widow.
825.81 Ralph Fuller of Derrygariffe, parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.82 Charles Nicholet, town of Bandon, clerk.
825.90 Benedict Ford of Bandon, husbandman.
825.96 Arthur Burchell [Burchill] of Knockmeda [Knockaveale], parish Ballymodan, yeoman.
825.108 Marie Congdon, wife of Robert Congdon, yeoman.
825.128 William Bull of Kilbrogan, hellier [haulier].
825.130 Thomas Lowe of Derrycoole parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.144 William Heynes or Haindes of Bandon, shoemaker.
825.150 Daniel Howard of Bandonbridge, gent.
825.151 Mary Berry, relict of Richard Berry of Gaggan, parish Ballymodan, widow.
825.176 John Collins oof Clancoole Begg [Clancool Beg], parish Ballymodan, yeoman.
825.181 Thomas French the younger of Collytran [Collatrim], parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.201 Thomas Standon of Colfada [?], [Coolfadda], parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.203 Richard Bemish [Beamish] of West Gullath [Gully], parish Ballymodan, yeoman.
825.204 George Dugney of Ballemodan [Ballymodan], carrier.
825.210 Mathew Johnson of Kilbrogan, husbandman.
825.223 Anne Cox of Messels [Mishells], parish Kilbrogan, widow.
825.231 Thomas Rogin of Hurtin [?], parish Kilbrogan, wheeler
825.239 Francis Sunester, Curren [Carhoon], parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.250 Richard Hulin of Gortine [Gurteen], parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.281 Samuel Burchell [Burchill] of Ballemodan [Ballymodan], yeoman.
825.290 John Lissen of Messels [Mishells], parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.291 John Harrott of Shonagh [Shinagh], parish Kilbrogan, yeoman.
825.302 Mabel Waterman, wife to Jacob Waterman of Currie Cloth Corravreeda], n.s.g.

20. Parish Ballymoney, Barony East Carbery

823.107 Robert Coate of Shanoways [Shanaway], yeoman.
823.145 Katherine Cotes of Shanoways [Shanaway], widow of Robert, yeoman.
823.197 John Fripps of Shanoway [Shanaway], husbandman.
824.31 William Warren, yeoman.
825.189 Margaret Brothers of West Derrigeagh [West Derrigra], widow.

21. Parish Ballynoe, Barony Kinnatalloon

822.72 John Pardner, yeoman.
823.54 Thomas Vezy of Clanreagh [Glenreagh], husbandman.
824.95 William Vesey, Gleanreagh [Glenreagh], husbandman.

22. Parish Ballyougbtera, Barony Imokilly

822.74 Robert Blake of Dromaddamore, yeoman.
824.90 Lieutenant William Cade of Kilmurry [?] [Killurrigal], parish Balliethor [Ballyoughtera]; his mother Izabella Cade, of Glannageare [Glennageare], widow.

23. Parish Bregoge, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

822.74 Giles Bustead of Tullagh [Tullig], n.s.g. (probably gent.).
822.88 John Runnig, yeoman.
822.92 John Runnig for and on behalf of William Damier, gent.
824.147 John Henton of Bregoge, shepherd.
s825.295 John Rany of Bregoge, yeoman.

24. Parish Brigown, Barony Condons and Clangibbon (includes Mitchelstown)

822.13 Arm Blissett, widow.
822.128 Thomas Mansell, gent.
822.191 William Adams and John Grute on behalf of Jacob Blackwell, gent.
823.36 Hugh Bunckar of Briggowne [Brigown], parish Mitchelstown, husbandman.
823.71 Robert Hogbin, (Hogben) town and parish Mitchelstown, shoemaker.
823.83 Arm Ormon, spinster.
823.149 Henry Halbord, shoemaker.
823.180 William Field, gardener.
824.25 William Harding, gent.
824.62 John Horsey of Cooleregan [Coolyregan], clerk.
824.108 John Horsey of Coolregan [Coolyregan].
824.149 William Damer, tailor.
824.153 Alexander Cashell, yeoman.
825.5 Elizabeth Bastar, n.s.g.
825.27 Matthew Boultar of Curragheruman [Curraghmere], parish Bregan [Brigown], miller.
825.45-6 Stephen Towse, merchant.
825.68 William Adams of Cargane [Carrigane], husbandman.
825.135 John Stichson, husbandman.
825.136 John Gulliams, miller.
825.137 Thomas Coollman the elder, carpenter.
825.138 John Pope of Mitchelstown, tailor.
825.139 Julian Blissett, widow, Irish Protestant.
825.140 Arm Perry widow of Edward Pierry, clerk.
825.285 William Raymond, malster.
825.287 John Grutes of Garrane[?], parish Mitchelstown, husbandman.

25. Parish Brinny, Barony Kinalmeaky

822.247 Mary Lee of Finagh [Finnis], widow.
825.255 Tristram Hake of Kilpatrick, parish Breny [Brinny], yeoman.
825.258 Robert Christman of Kilpatrick, yeoman.
825.280 Philip White, town and parish Breny [Brinny], fuller.

26. Parish Britway, Barony Barrymore

822.123 Nicholas Blight of Coolekaedane [Coolkinedane], yeoman.
822.12`6 John Thomas of Coolnedane [Coolkinedane], tailor.

27. Parish Buttevant, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

822.207 Owen McSwiney, Irish Protestant, n.s.g.
822.220 Phillip Fameham, Ballyvolane [?], yeoman.
825.41 Ellias Cotterell, yeoman.
825.51 William Kingsmill of Ballybegg [Ballybeg], squire.
825.141 Robert Robinson of Roaclogh [Rathclare], yeoman.

28. Parish Caherduggan, Barony Fermoy

822.275 John Brice, tailor.
825.170 William Groves of Cardowgan [Caherduggan], esq.
825.208 Roger Kennedy, yeoman, Irish Protestant.
825.289 Richard Lane of Croighykery [Curraghakerry], parish Kilfada [?], Barony Fermoy,  yeoman.

29. Parish Carrigaline, Barony Cork

822.51 Richard Hayes of Kinyglery [Kilnaglery] on behalf of his brother-in-law William Best, n.s.g.
822.76 William Hoade of Aghmartin [?], Barony Kinalmeaky [?], n.s.g. (probably gent.).
822.186 John Richard of Killowen [?], parish Carigolane, Barony Muskerry [?],
822.237 Nathaniel Peade, parish Cargylion [Carrigaline], n.s.g.
822.252 William Daunt, gent.
823.65 William Daunt, n.s.g.
823.187 Agmondesham Muschamp of Ballinre [Ballinrea]. esq.
824.43 Robert Beckett, clerk.
824.199 Edward Jefford of Ballinbuisigg [Ballinvarosig], n.s.g.
825.59 Richard Heyes of Cargylion [Carrigaline], n.s.g.
825.103 Ellen Bigg of Cargylion [Carrigaline], widow.
825.232 William Green of Ballinemela [Ballinimlagh], parish Cargyline [Carrigaline], n.s.g.

30. Parish Carngleamleary, Barony of Fermoy

822.31 John Polard, Cargamalira [?], [Carrigleamleary], n.s.g.
823.31 Roger Gill of Kilconaway [Kilcanway], gent.
823.44 Edward Gill, town and parish of Carrigleamleary, n.s.g.
823.126 Arm Atway, widow.
825.153 Charles Hargill of Cargymalery [Carrigleamleary], esq.
825.257 Elis Cullinan, gent.

31. Parish Cariigrohane, Baronies Cork and East Muskerry

822.236 Thomas Hak of Cooleroogh, parish Coregrohane [Carrigrohane], county of the city of Cork, n.s.g.
822.284 Hugh Burrowes, parish of Carrigrohane in the county of the city of Cork, n.s.g.
823.159 John McEdmond of Carrigleamleary, Irish Protestant, servant to Mr. John Love.
823.159 Abraham Ashton, n.s.g.
823.160 Henry Bargery, n.s.g.
823.183 Abrame Ashton, yeoman.
823.191 John Love, n.s.g.
824.141 Richard Hoop, n.s.g.
825.85 Edward Rubie, yeoman.
825.86 James Martin, yeoman.
825.91 Henry Gilman, n.s.g.
825.118 Henry Rooby, tanner
825.272 Richard Knowles of Killegroghan [?], [Carrigrohane], Cork city, n.s.g

32. Parish Carrigrohanebeg, Barony East Muskerry

822.175 William Howard of Lackintoine [Lackenshoneen], parish Killigroghan Beg [Carrigrohane Beg], n.s.g.
822.245 John Oldis, gent
823.57 Christopher Hewdon, parish Killogrohan Begg [Carrigrohanebeg], Barony Barretts [?], n.s.g.
825.237 Thomas Somersett of Dromsmore, [Dromasmole], parish Killgrohan Begg [Carrigrohanebeg], Barony Muskerry, n.s.g.
825.265 Donogh Fenan of Inishtony [?], yeoman, Irish Protestant.

33. Parish Carrigtohill, Barony Barrymore

822.67 Augustine Kingsmill of Barryscourt, clerk.

34. Parish Castlehaven, Barony West Carbery

823.1 Thomas Doggin, yeoman.
824.100 John Stukly, clerk.
825.184 Daniel Poole of Smoorane (Smorane], yeoman.

35. Parish Castlelyons, Baronies Barrymore and Condons and Clangibbon

822.202 Hugh Ellott of Ballyoran [Ballyarra], parish Cassillion [Castielyons], glover. 
822.222 Richard Vowell of Glanorooterm [Glenarousky], yeoman.
822.225 Joan 0 Colleman, wife to Teige 0 Colleman, Irish Protestant, yeoman.
822.232 Richard Seller of Kilmecurry Wilcorl, yeoman.
822.233 Sara Tucker, wife to William Tucker, yeoman.
822.240 Michael Rowe of Kilmecurry [Kilcor], yeoman
823.12 Eliner Wright of Ballyora [Ballyarra], widow.
823.17 Mary Smith, town and parish of Castlelyons, widow.
823.39 Mary Payne of Kilbarry, widow.
824.40 John Petters of Ballinatty [?], miller.
824.56 Andrew Lacy, town and parish Castlelyons.
824.59 Frances Osborne, wife to Henry Osborne of Carbertrey [Currabeha],
824.117 William Numan of Glanderoust [Glennrousk], yeoman.
824.244 Elizabeth Ennington for husband William Ennington, n.s.g.
825.54 Henry Kennet of Ballynorea [Ballyarra], yeoman.
825.271 Thomas Witherdon of Ballyoran [?], [Ballyarra], yeoman.
825.308 John Mark of Corbeth (Currabeha], yeoman.

36. Parish Castlemagner, Barony Duhallow

822.150 Robert Hayle of Ballytobber [Ballintobber], husbandman.
822.151 Christina Wiseman, on behalf of sick husband, n.s.g.
822.254 Swithin Noble, yeoman.
823.124 Richard Gould, town of Castlemacrioe [Castlemagner], carpenter.
825.1 Richard Sollace of Kilbritt [?], gent.
825.8  Patrick Cryne, clerk.
825.95 Thomas Righton of Ballygibbin [Ballygiblin]. n.s.g.
825.274 Jane Weekes of Ballintobber, widow.

37. Parish Cburchtown, Barony Orrery and Kilmore (cited parish Bruheny)

822.87 William Young of Carrigene [Carrigeen], yeoman.
822.101 Francis Percivall of Moggan [?]. gent.
822.215 Edmund Stripps of Cregin Court [Cregganacourty], yeoman.
822.246 James Button of Ballymachugh [?]. parish Brookeny [?]. yeoman.
823.28 William Holyday, clerk.
823.64 Anthony Wiseman of Ballinvalligh [Ballybahallaghl], yeoman.
824.41 John Hodder of Ballymaccowe [?], esq., on behalf of Barth Atterton, esq.
824.166 John Hodder, esq., on behalf of Sir Philip Percival.
824.191 Richard Bowley of Kilgrogan {?],  yeoman.
825.71 Edmond Martin of Welchestown [Walshestown], husbandman.
825.72 William Holyday, clerk.
825.74 Edward Holland of Greggan Courty [Cregganacourty], cooper.
825.116 John Gingell of Mogane [?]. parish Brooheny, yeoman.
825.125 Thomas Murroe of Ballyvallis [Ballybahallagh], parish Ballytemple [?], carpenter.
825.168 Henry Wiseman of Mogan [?], parish Brewheny, yeoman.

38. Parish Clenor, Barony Fermoy.

822.4 John Latchford of Killuragh, parish Clanur [Closer]. yeoman.
823.113 Walter Gill of Ballinard [?]. parish Cleanore [Closer], gent.

39. Parish Clondrohid, Barony Muskerry

825.109 Elizabeth Allen, wife to William Allen, [Allyn] clerk, of Gratrixtown
825.127 Richard Croker of Clondrohatt [Clondrohid], gent.
825.270 Richard Barnes of Carrigfooky [Carrigaphooca], n.s.g.

40. Parish Clondulane, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

822.33 Robert Gosse of Cargibrick [Carrigbrick], miller.
822.102 George Pooke of Ballinreess [?]. husbandman.
822.147 Grace Strevett of Garrymore [Garrynoe],
823.8 Haniball Horsey of Cargybrick [Carrigabrick], gent.
823.85 John Prattat of Shanecloghir [Shanacloon], husbandman.
824.160 Henry Arnold, parish Clandelane [Clondulane], n.s.g.
824.184 John Sims of Cargybuck [Carrigabrick], carpenter.
825.158 Edward Hitchins Cargybrick [Carrigabrick], weaver.
825.226 Richard Phillips of Carybrick [Carrigabrick], yeoman.
825.2 9 William Merets, gent.

41. Parish Clonfert, Barony Duhallow (includes towns of Kanturk and Newmarket)

822.1 Thomas Percivall of Ballylaghan [?], parish Newmarket, husbandman.
822.7 William Coker, Newmarket town, carpenter.
822.9 Mary Meade [s], of Rossecon [Rossacon], parish Newmarket, widow.
822.17 William Ullin of Newmarket, yeoman.
822.22 Ralph Steers of Newmarket, blacksmith.
822.41 John Richman the elder, Newmarket, husbandman.
822.48 2William Hoder of Glanturk [Kanturk], tanner.
822.52 James Ford of Glanturk [Kanturk], n.s.g.
822.99 Robert Keirby, town of Newmarket, husbandman.
822.117 Thomas Haynes of Duragill [Duarrigle], carpenter.
822.259 Kathleen Wall, Newmarket, parish Clonfarta [Clonfert], widow.
823.25 Richard Gafley of Chane Parky [Park], parish Newmarket, tanner.
823.73 Mary Parker of Newmarket, widow.
823.155 John Warren of Newmarket, parish Clonfadda [Clonfert], tanner.
824.67 Thomas Grant of Newmarket, shoemaker.
824.68 George Tanner of Newmarket, baker.
824.177 Alice Bretrish of Newmarket, widow.
824.179 John Ellis of Newmarket.
824.217 Katherine Stackbird of Glananock [Glennamucklagh], widow.
824.218 Joan Inyver, town of Newmarket, widow.
825.20-21 Thomas Raymond, town of Newmarket, gent.
825.40 Robert Owgane of Newmarket, gent.
825.48-9 Juan Lee of Newmarket, widow.
825.77 John Powell of Newmarket, clerk, on behalf of Thomas Fisher, clerk, of Mallow and Winifred Foard [Ford] of Newmarket, spinster.
825.88 Richard Richman of Clonferto [Clonfert], husbandman.
825.105 John Woodmason on behalf of his brother Joseph and his sister Margaret, spinster.
825.119 Katherin Hall of Newmarket, widow.
825.121 John Woodmason of Clanturke [Kanturk], parish Newmarket, cooper.
825.244 Thomas Owgan of Ballymacceral [?]. parish Newmarket, n.s.g.
825.259 Robert Howes of Newmarket, innkeeper.
825.298 Gilbert Barthlet of Newmarket, slater.

42. Parish Clonpriest, Barony Imokilly

822.261 Robert Rookes, Ballykelly [Ballykilty], gent.

43. Parish Clontead, Barony Kinsale

822.21 John Pulham, Castlevallename [Coolvallanbeg], clerk.
824.192 Nicholas Ham of Ballyrustick [?]. [Ballinrichard], gent.|
825.198 Elizabeth Smale, wife of Henry Smale of Bulleston [Butlerstown], yeoman.

44. Parish Cloyne, Barony Imokilly

822.203 Phellim Fitzsimons, clerk, Irish Protestant.
823.101 John Binnes, Cloyne, clerk,
823.131 Rice Wight, Cloyne, clerk.
824.238 Henry Rugg, clerk.

45, Parish Coole, Baronies Condons and Clangibbon, Bartymore and Kinnatalloon

823.138 William Rowe, yeoman.
822.169 Helen Baynard, widow.
822.231 James Bruce of Coole, clerk.
823.45 George Streat, town and parish Coole, Barony Kinnatalloon, yeoman.
824.58 John Whetcome, gent.
824.84 Richard Cooper, yeoman.
824.111 Richard Pearl, husbandman.

46. Parish Cooliney, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

822.164 William Holcorne, of Cooline parish [Coolincy], gent.
824.32 George Hakes, yeoman.

47. Parish Cullen, Barony Kinalea

822.176 Elizabeth Woolson, [Wilson] widow.
823.127 Katherin Spencer, of Cargy [Carrigeen], parish Cullane, widow.
823.229 Millisent Owen of Garrigine [Carrigeen], parish Cullane, widow.
824.109 William Doare of Coolin [probably Curren], n.s.g.
824.154 Robert Gill of Carrigine [Carrigeenj, husbandman.

48. Parish Currykippane, Barony of Cork

822.37 John Looby of Clochine [Clogheen], yeoman.
822.66 Anthony Hussie of Blarney, park-keeper.
824.20 John Jennings, Corromrowhoe [Coolymurraghue], n.s.g.
824.89 William Atwell of Blarney, husbandman.
824.197 Thomas Woolcock of Carraborrahoe [Coolymurraghue].
824.227 Als
Holyday, n.s.g.
825.32 Baptist Lawrence of Cloghimes [Clogheen], n.s.g.
825.211 John Spred [Spread], Cork city, n.s.g.
825.241 William Jennings of Coorvurlin PI, n.s.g. (probably miller).

49. Parish Derryvillane, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

824.144 Richard Mansell, son to Captain Thomas Mansell.c

50. Parish Desert, Barony Ibane and Bartyroe

822.165 Robert Bramble of Desert, Barony Duhallow [?], mariner.
823.63 Robert Rickett of Ballybroman [?]., parish Disert [Desert], n.s.g. (probably a tanner).
824.203 Sasana Charles of Ballybronian [?]. widow.
825.175 Bridgett lagnes of Cahirgall [Cabergall], widow.

51. Parish Desertserges, Barony East Carbery and Kinalmeaky

822.12 Robert Salmon, on behalf of Ann Salmon of Arkyth [Ardkitt],
822.188 Nicholas Harte of Briglany [Breaghna], husbandman.
822.212 Michael Chatterton of Kilcolman, carpenter.
822.264 Thomas Townsend of Arkett [Ardkitt], husbandman.
824.15 Ann Fottrell, wife to Richard, n.s.g.
824.23-4 Perergrine Banister of Farnisery [Farrannasheshery], esq.,
824.35 Elizabeth Stower, parish of Kilcolman [?]. weaver.
825,61 Thomas Harris of Ardkitt West, gent.
825.76 William Glen of Arkett West [Ardkitt], mason.
825.104 William Recraste, town and parish of Desert, yeoman.
825.111 William Wright of Farronsesty [Farrannasheshery], yeoman.
825.126 Mary Horne of Capreknockane [?]., widow.
825.155 Randall Warner of Kilcolman, gent.
825.245 Thomas Harrison of Knocknegillagh [?]. [Knocknacullen], yeoman,
825.248 Thomas Haynds of Kilcolman, yeoman.

Parish Doneraile, Barony Fermoy

822.24 Henry Pepp, gent.
822.29 Richard Basted of Rossacke [Rossagh], yeoman.
822.37 John Owgan, n.s.g.
822.56-7 Denis Pepper of Kylblocks, [?] [Kilbrack], parish Dumeragh [?].,on behalf of 
D. Pepper, Snr., n.s.g.
822.66 Richard Gethings of Ballinaderne [Ballyandrew], gent.
822.95 William Holmes of Doneraile, gent.
822.108 Thomas Martin of Doneraile, gent., on behalf of daughters Anne Fowle and Dorothy Martin.
822.122 Robert Saunders, town and parish of Doneraile, gent.
822.196 Richard Groves of Carrigine [Carrigeen], gent.
822.213 William Acocks of Doneraile, n.s.g.
822.224 David Thomas of Doneraile, n.s.g.
823.153 Simon Brudges of Doneraile, n.s.g.
823.192 Garret Hadrington of Doneraile, n.s.g.
824.46 William Cook of Carkar [Carker], yeoman.
824.112 Three deponents on behalf of Sir William St Leger (viz. Richard Gettings, gent.; Thomas Rice, gent.; George Dent, all Doneraile).
825.2 Joan Lane of Doneraile, widow.
825.35 William Burnham of Croagh [Croaghnacree], gent.
825.106 Tables Welsh of Doneraile, gent.
825.205 Edward White of Doneraile, joiner.
825.230 Thomas Martin of Doneraile, gent.
825.253 John Strange of Doneraile, esq.
825.278 Lewis Michell of Doneraile, n.s.g.

53. Parish Dromtaniff Barony Duhallow

823.215 Robert Brimble, of Disert [?], parish Drumagh, Barony Duhallow [possibly townland of Dromagh, parish Dromtarriff], Deposition by John Hodder, parish Churchtown, esq.

54. Parish Dunderrow, Barony Kinalea

822.185 Josias Farlow of Ballimallisant [?]. esq.
823.22 John Shippward, gent.
823.100 William Aleshine, town and parish Downerowe [Dunderrow], yeoman.
823.142 Ann, late wife of Thomas Slater, now wife of Edmund Nicholson of Kinsale, merchant.
823.194 William Phillips, butcher.
825.193 Francis Skinner husbandman.
825.253 Henry Smale, yeoman.

55. Parish Durrus, Barony Bere and Bantry (see also Kilmocomoge parish)

823,76 Martha May and brother Nathaniel May of Bantry, he is described as a yeoman.
824,211 Nicholas Harvy, late Blackrock [?]. yeoman.
825.23 Ralph Oliver of Whiddy island, yeoman.

[Note Bantry and Whiddy Island are included in the 1851 census in the parish of Kilmocomoge.]

56. Parish Fanlobbus, Barony East Carbery

824.142 Alis Robinson of Knockeduff [Knockaghaduff], widow.
825.84 Nathanid Richards of Westmarch [Manch West], yeoman.

57. Parishes Fermoy and Kilcrumper, Baronies Condons and Clangibbon and Fermoy

822.34 Agnes Pope, parish Fermoy, widow.
22.170 Sir Arthur Hyde of Carrignedy [?]. parish Carrigneedy [?].
823.60 Samuel Hutchings of Mullinepook [?]. parish Kilcrump [Kilcrumper], yeoman.
823.89 Thomas Bulman of the Coole in Fermoy, parish Kilcrumper,
823.95 Faith Anger of Farmoy [Fermoy], parish Kilcrumper, spinster, on behalf of her husband Anthony Anger, absent in England.
824.96 John Wyett, town of Fermoy, gent.
824.97 Richard Dashwood of Fermoy, parish Kilcrumper, yeoman.
824.99 Ann Hope of Fermoy, parish Kilcrumper, wife to Alexander Hope, blacksmith enlisted in army
824.102 Julian Wyett, town of Fermoy, n.s.g.
824.115 Giles Cooke of Fermoy, parish Kilcrumper, gent.
824.225 John Parr of Fermoy, parish Kilcrumper, merchant. 

[Note that in the census of 1851 Fermoy constituted a single parish in the Barony of Condons and Clangibbon and Kilcrumper was a distinct parish divided between the baronies of Condons and Clangibbon and that of Fermoy. This distinction does not appear to have prevailed in 1641.]

58. Parish Garrycloyne, Barony East Muskerry

823.93 Adarn Newman of Blarney, n.s.g.
824.228 John Welsh of Freefelscastle [?].county and city of Cork, n.s.g.
825.178 William Hudsen [Hudson] of Blarney, n.s.g.

59. Parish Garryvoe, Barony Imokilly

825.235 Thomas Hole, town and parish of Ballyhennick [Ballyhimikin], gent.

60. Parish Glanworth Barony Condons and Clangibbon

824.158 Robert Nixon of Manning, yeoman.

61, Parish Gortroe, Barony Barrymore

822.241 Henry Turgare of Pursuvantstown [?], yeoman.
824.190 George Saier of Ballinterig [Ballinterry], husbandman.
825.14 Richard White of Scartynarrow [?], parish Gort [?]. [Gortroe], husbandman.
825,64 Margery Howell of Claquill [Clykeel], widow.
825.164 Robert Rodger of Gurtane, [Gortroe], [?]. yeoman.
825.190 John Durdane, n.s.g.
825.310 Clement Trock of Crophebode [Curraghphilibbode], yeoman.

62. Parish Impbrick, Barony Fermoy

822.91  John Toller, yeoman.
822.171 William Conway of Ballyhowry [Ballyhoura], alias Kilwallicke, gent
822.210 Robert Shinkwin of Ballyhaury [Ballyhoura], shoemaker.
823.16 and 224 John Dore of Ballyhosgrane [?], parish Emortick [Imphrick], gent.
825.162 Robert Rice of Lisballihag [Lisballyhay], parish Embrick [Imphrick], yeoman.

63. Parish Inchinabacky, Barony Barrymore

823.112 Evan Gevan of Inishinbarry [Inchinabacky], n.s.g.
823,117 William Ward of Insanaboke [Inchinabacky], husbandman.
824.207 Thomas Badnidge, esq.

64. Parish Inishannon, Baronies Kinalea and East Carbery

822.183 Jane Bayly, parish Eneshannig [Inishannon], widow.
823.128 William Burlingham of Sheemanish [Shevanish], yeoman.
824.229 Symon Smith of Corrint [?], [Corranure], yeoman.
824.230 Dermot and Teig O'Coughlan, late of Drummkeen [Dromkeen], malsters.
825.227 Elizabeth Nelins, widow.

65. Parish Inishkenny, Barony Cork

824.198 William Lone, parish Inskenry [Inishkenny], Cork city, n.s.g.
825.172 Cyprian Hawkins of Ardrostick [Ardarostig], Barony Kerrycurrihy [?], n.s.g.

66. Parish Kilbolane, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

822.98 Benjamin Baxter of Kilbolane, husbandman.
823.88 John Hopkins of Kilbolane, embroiderer.
823.135 Henry Fudge of Kilbolane, husbandman.
824.60 Benjamin Baxter, husbandman

67. Parish Kilbrin, Barony Duhallow

822.116 John Slade of Ballycriston [Ballyhest], shepherd.
822.161 Jonas Smith of Ballymacpierce [Ballymacpierce], gent.
822.187 John Slade of Ballyrihine [Ballyrusheen], yeoman.
824.176 Thomas Johnson, town of Ballintobber [?], miller.
825.42 Jane Ellis of Dromonargall [Drominagure], widow.
825.283 John Slade of Ballyriskin [Ballyrusheen], yeoman (on behalf of his father in co Clare).
825.316 John Morris of Garrans [Garranmacgarrett], yeoman.

68. Parish Kilbroney, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

825.229 Thomas Hill of Ballinbooly [Ballinguile], yeoman.

Parish of Kilcumper. see under Fermoy

69. Parish Kilcrummer, Barony Fermoy

823.15 Arm Dowdall of Reny [Renny], Barony Fermoy, widow.

70. Parish Kilgarriff Barony West Carbery

822.10 Rebecca Barnham, widow, Clonakilty.
822.38 Thomas Paddeson, Lisburnett [?], husbandman.
822.82 Joan Vincent of Clonakilty, wife.
822.89 James Martin of Clonakilty, yeoman.
822.96 Thomas Holland of Curraugh [Carhoo], gent.
822.103 Ann Baker of Clonakilty, widow.
822106 George Stukly of Clonakilty, gent.
822.137 William Bodell of Clankelly, [Clonakilty] [?], yeoman.
822.141 Kathern Fisher of Clonakilty, widow.
822166 John Austine, burough of Clonakilty, tanner.
822.242 William Strangway, Clonakilty, gent.
822.288 James Dyer of Skartagh [Scartagh], borough Cloghlikelly [?], clerk.
823.49 Humfry Hunt of Clonakilty, gent.
823.53 Thomas Worrall of Clonakilty, innkeeper.
823.204 Charles Hitchins of Clonakilty, husbandman.
824.27 Walter Bird of Clonakilty, esq.
824.145 Thomas Jude of Clonakilty, feltmonger.
824.175 William Sleman of Clonakilty, yeoman.
824.220 Lewis Harris of Clonakilty, cooper.
824.222 Nicholas Coker of Clonakilty, yeoman.
825.113 Jane Savell, wife of Robert Savell, yeoman
825.148 Rebecca Bennett, wife to Nicholas Bennett, tanner.
825.194 Thomas Sermon, Clonakilty, yeoman.
825.247 Thomas Kingson [Kingston] of Clonakilty, yeoman.
825.263 Joan Hamilton wife to George Hamilton, yeoman of Kilty [?]
825.267 James Pace of Clonakilty, shoemaker.

71. Parish Killaspugmullane, Barony Barrymore

822.47 Henry Harris of Conygallike [?], [CooInacaha] [?], n.s.g.
822.178 Agnis Tuker of Crosane [?], [Kilrussane], parish Kilmalane [?] [Killaspugmullane], widow.
822.234 Henry Barnes of Coshan [?], parish Kilnemollan [?], [Killaspugmullane], yeoman.
824.178 Robert Hawkins
of Connegally [?], [Coolnacha], n.s.g.

72. Parish Killathy, Barony Fermoy

824.18 Leonard Tily of Ballymacphilip, husbandman.

Parish Kilowen: see under Murragh

73. Parish Kilmacabea, Baronies East and West Carbery

823.74-5 Richard Christmas of Cappaonabagh [Cappanabohy], parish Kilmacgibby [Kilmacabea], clothmaker.
|825.222 John Minor of the Leap, parish Kilmackubby [Kilmacabea], merchant.

74. Parish Kilmaclenine, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

825.148 Henry Lashfoord of Kilmackerin [?], [Kilmaclenine], husbandman.

75. Parish Kilmocomoge, Barony Bantry (see also parish Durrus)

822.142 Thomas Moorecocke of Dromanare [Dromdoneen], wheelwright.
822.249 Thomas Heyford of Bantry, gent.
822.273 Thomas Henry of Whiddy, yeoman.|
823.23 John Browne of Whiddy, yeoman.
823.55 William Wood of Carir Inshikeene [?]. [Inchinarihen] [?]., joiner.
823.87 John Winter of Bantry, parish K., husbandman.
823.100 John Lak of Whiddy Island, husbandman.
823.122 Thomas Moorcock, Dromanara [?].
[Dromdoneen], parish K, yeoman.
823.143 Edmund McCarty of Bantry, yeoman.
823.169 Valentine Gordon of Bantry, spinster, Scottish Protestant.
823.190 Anthony Blunt of Bantry, yeoman.
24.149 Agnis [Agnes] Tucker, of Whiddy Island, widow.
824.223 Katherin Heyford, wife of Owen Heyford of Bantry, n.s.g.
825.7 Christopher Speringe of Bantry, timberman.
825.264 William French of Kilmacom [Kilmocomoge]. tanner.
825.318 Robert Collins of Whiddy, yeoman.
76. Parish Kilmonoge, Barony Kinalea
822.25 Giles Massrey, Belgooley [Belgooly], miller.
824.29 John Mosley, Belgooly, n.s.g. (probably gent.).

77. Parish Kilnaglory, Baronies Cork and East Muskeny

822.260 Edward Bennett of Ballynora, n.s.g.
822.276 Katherin Vestment of Ballinagally [Ballingilly], widow.
823.33 Katherin Allard of Coolebane [?]. widow.
823.164 John Skinner of Minchullick [?], n.s.g. (probably gent.).
824.44 William Burdon, n.s.g.
824.248 Robert Matron of Ballynora, husbandman.
825.50 John Whiteing, n.s.g.
825.200 Robert Milton of Ballynora, n.s.g.

78. Parish Kilnagross, Barony East Carbery

822.40 Henry Bennett of Gallens [Gallanes], yeoman.
823.196 Joan Barguff of Gullam [?], [Gallanes], widow.

79. Parish Kitnamartery, Barony West Muskerry

823.222 Joan Hupp, wife of John Hoop, town Clogheny [?] [Clogheena], n.s.g.

80. Parish Kilpatrick, Barony Kinalea

823.137 Thomas Dant [Daunt?] of Gortigenane [Gortigrenane], esq. (deposition made by William Dant [Daunt] of Carrigaline).
825.214 Lawrence Spenser of Kilpatrick, yeoman.

81. Parish Kilquane, Barony Barrymore

824.151 Gregory Aldworth, gent.

82. Parish Kilroan, Barony Courceys

825.199 Phebe How on behalf of John How, gent., her husband of Ballinbooly [?]. parish Coortupptin [probably townland of Courtaparteen, parish Kilroan], Barony Courceys.

83. Parish Kilshannig, Barony Duhallow

822.23 Samuel Willies of Rathcoman [?], Barony Orrery [?]. mason.
822.30 William Jul of Carriglan [Carrigleena], yeoman.
822.55 John Busted of Gortmolery [Gortmolire]. yeoman.
823.217 Thomas Gilborne of Sharrough [Sharragh]. n.s.g.
824.22 William Busted of Gortevelaire [Gortmolire]. yeoman.
825.22 Edward Harris of Rathcoman [?], husbandman.
825.60 Emanuell Faire of Kilvalide [?], [Kilvealaton] [?]. clerk.
825.217 Mary Sumers of Carrigalane [Carrigeleena], spinster, Irish Protestant.
825.275 Robert Faier of Killvallidie [Kilvealaton]. n.s.g.

84. Parish Kilwortb, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

822,97 Samuel Andrews of Kilworth, yeoman.
822.217 James Olifer, town and parish of Kilworth, yeoman.
824.17 William Mitchell of Glanseskin, parish Kilworth, yeoman.
824.21 John Leynard of Glanseskin, parish Kilworth, yeornan.
824.161 George Blackburne, town of Kilworth, yeoman.

85. Parish Kinneigb, Barony East Carbery

822.20 John Sampson of Castleton [Castletown], tanner.
822.49 Ralph Woodley of East Tedes [Teadies], n.s.g. (probably gent.).
822.54 Diana Holland, wife to John H. of Enniskeen, blacksmith.
822.64 Richard Fripps, Hurtline [?], husbandman.
822.65 John Newelocke of Drummedeclaugh [Dromidiclogh], yeoman.
822.114 John Browne of Inishkyan [Enniskeen], yeoman.
822.134 George Baskam of Arleak [Anaharlick], husbandman.
822.136 Richard Baskains of Aherlick [Anaharlick], husbandman.
822.251 Nicholas Suite of Castletown, husbandman.
822.257 Philip Jagoe of Iniskeen [Enniskeen], yeoman.
822.268 Cheney Polden of Castletown, ensign to Captain Banister.
822.274 William Redwood of Castletown, butcher.
823.79 Judith Radcliff, wife to Richard Radcliff and widow of William Cobbe of Inishkien, n.s.g.
823.80 William Richardson of Castletown, clothier.
823.82 John Stannine of Inishkyen [Enniskeen], husbandman,
823.91 Als Bayle of Ardcostick [?], parish Inishken [Enniskeen], n.s.g.
823.114 Robert Horne, town Inishkene [Enniskeen], gent.
823.118 John White of Corknostowick [?], weaver.
823.140 John Fullbrooke, of Inishkyen, yeoman.
823.148 Hugh Wellington of Eniskeane, feltmaker.
823.177 William Ward of Castletown, tanner.
823.185 John Steevens of Eniskeane, butcher.
823.220 Richard Sampson, n.s.g.
824.36 William Roe, town of Iniskeane [Enniskeen], tanner,
824.196 Thomas Kinsey, clerk.
824.200 Richard Samell, chandler.
824.214 Nicholas Heard of Trumfeelty [?], n.s.g.

825.13 Richard White of Castletown, clerk.
825.34 Robert Shut of Castletown, gent.
825.37 Thomas Moorecock of Bekrof [Buckree], wheeler.
825.80 George Johns of Castleton, yeoman.
825.97 Edmund Michell of Chaine 0 Moricke [?]. shoemaker.
825.124 Richard Bickam of Skyethen [?]. yeoman.
825.146 Edward Arthur, sawyer.
825.165 John Polden of Castleton, gent.
825.s182 George Ellett of Castletown, n.s.g.
825.183 Richard White, clerk for his son Gabriel White, n.s.g.
825,220 Hugh Williams of Inishkyrth [?].
825.252 Richard Shute of Castletown, n.s.g. (probably gent.).
825.282 Richard Sargeant of Castletown, malster.
825.301 John Smith of Gurtirow [Gurteenroe], husbandman.
825.314 Thomas Lassells of Drorntyclugh [Dromidiclogh], tanner.

86, Parish Kinsale, Barony Kinsale

822,26-7 Tristram Whitcombe, merchant.
822.152 William Vincents, servant to William Thomas, esq.
823.24 Symon Lightfoot, blacksmith.
823.189 Edward Lassells, gent.
823.213 John Buckingham, gent.
825.212 Robert Southwell, gent. (really malster).
825.228 John Rowe, merchant.

87. Parish Knockavilly, Barony Kinnalea

823.29 Randall Holland of Garryhankane [Garryhankard], clerk.

88. Parish Knockmourne, Barony Kinatalloon.

822.16 Richard Winchester, clothier.
822.146 Hugh Mansell, yeoman.
822.139 Richard Seward of Ballinbrody [Ballybride] and Charles Seward, n.s.g.
823.78 Thomas Abram, yeoman.
823.221 Thomas Fudge of Ballybred [Ballybride], yeoman,
823.225 Richard Seward of Ballybrody [Ballybride], n.s,g.
824.92 William Clay of Ulconer [Kilcoran], yeoman,
824.104 Richard Clay of Ulconor [Kilcoran], yeoman.
824,143 Edward Jerman of Cooldoragh [Cooladurragh], yeoman.
824.182 John Cloud of Coneky [Conna], husbandman.
824.183 Robert Danborne of Cargeen [Carrigeen], yeoman.
824.187 Edward Rogers of Balydas [Ballroom], butcher.
824.193 Philip Bleight, clothier.
824.205 Elizabeth Pope, wife of William Pope of Coolebane [Coolbaun], n.s.g.
824.260 William Whittyer of Ballibridge [Ballybride], yeoman.
825.319 Joan Markes, wife of Thomas Markes of Corbert [?]. n.s.g.

89. Parish Leitrim, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

822.70 John Sprange of Arglen [?], parish [?], Litrum [Leitrim], millwright.
822.79 Edward Collins of Ardlinbridge [?], soapmaker, for and on behalf of Anabelle Emry of Ardlinbridge
[?], parish Lehin [?], [Leitrim], widow.
824.73 Robert Lake of Kilmurry, timberman.
824.83 July Mitchell, wife to Richard Mitchell of Arglinbridge [?].
parish Letrium [Leitrim], n.s.g.
824,103 Augustine Ludgate of Arlinbridge, parish Leitrium [Leitrim], yeoman.
824,180 Thomas Powell of Kilmory [Kilmurry], parish Leitrim, yeoman.

90. Parish Liscarroll, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

822.119 Sagn [?], Smart, wife of Robert Smart, widow.
822.277 Elizabeth Twait, Irish Protestant, widow.
822.285 Thomas Williams of Moegg [Moyge], parish L., n.s.g.
825.70 John Fisher of Kilbridg [?], gent., on behalf of Mary Goddard, spinster.
825.132 John Fisher of Kilbride [?]. gent.
825.297 Samuel Savedg [Savige?] of Liscarroll, parish Bruhenye [?], yeoman.

91. Parish Lisgoold, Barony Barrymore

824.188 Philip Huddy of Ballygarrt [?]. yeoman.

92. Parish Lislee, Barony Ibane and Barryroe

822.105 Daniel Maxfield, carpenter.
822.184 John Arthur, son to Joan Laborne alias Arthurtown and parish Lisby [Lislee], Joan a widow.

823.94 Florence Bryan on behalf of grandson Thomas Jorneck, n.s.g., of Colen Coshery [?], [Cullenagh], parish Lesly [Lislee], n.s.g.
825.12 Richard White of Cargine [Carrigeen], yeoman.
825.293 John Arthur, town, yeoman (also hewer).
825.307 Isacke Filpott of Agha, gent.

93. Parish Lismore and Mocollop, Barony Condons and Clangibbon (county Cork only)

822.84 Edward Ingrey of Lynone [?], parish Castle Mocollop, gent.
823.3 Francis Cook of Ballymacklase [?]. skinner.
824.76 Thomas Carter, gent.
824.107 Richard Helliard of Ballamaglas [?]. yeoman.

94. Parish Litter, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

823.61 Thomas Smith, clerk.

95. Parish Macloneigb, Barony West Muskerry

822.163 Henry Cooke of Ballyglassan, parish Macdonagh [Macloneigh], Barony of Muskerry, yeoman.

96. Parish Macroney, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

822.197 Richard West, yeoman.
823.32 William Howell of Curmon [?], parish Morrony [?], [Macroney], Barony Fermoy, glover.
823.34 Walker Williams of Macroney, n.s.g. (either shoemaker or tanner).
824.236 Thomas Stout of Kilclogh, yeoman.
825.304 Alexander Crease, n.s.g.

97. Parish Macroom, Barony West Muskerry

822.60 William Taylor, town and parish Macrom [?]. [Macroom], n.s.g.
823.70 Humphrey Warren, n.s.g.
825.268 James Bruner of Macrourn [Macroom], n.s.g.

98. Parish Mallow, Baronies Fermoy and Duhallow

822.3 Philip Vaghane, jnr., of Mallow, gent.
822.14 George Chimery the younger on behalf of G.C. the elder, merchant.
822.28 Katharine Hudson, widow.
822.32 Elizabeth Maguire, widow, British Protestant.
822.42 Amy Standish, town of Mallow, widow.
822.83 Donell Shigham, late of Mallow, Irish Protestant, yeoman.
822.90 Francis Bidell for Randall Clayton, gent.
822.94 Edy Forest, wife of John F. of Mallow, carpenter.
822.143 Arthur Kingsmill of Mallow, clerk.
822.158 Thomas Haynes of Mallow, merchant.
822.199 Thomas Fisher, town and parish of Mallow, clerk.
822.223 Thomas Morris, Mallow, n.s.g.
822.230 Philip Vaughan of Mallow, yeoman.
822.238 Arm Cockinge, widow.
822.239 William Holmes of Mallow, n.s.g.
822.282 Stephen Chymery of Mallow, yeoman.
823.2 Edmund Stiles, n.s.g.
823.4-5 Arthur Bettesworth, gent.
823.11 Richard Aldworthy, yeoman.
823.19 Thomas Bettsworth of Mallow, esq.
823.96 Robert Darling, tailor.
823.116 Timothy Lee of Mallow, yeoman.
823.198 Frances Badell of Mallow, gent.
824.88 Henry Kniverton of Mallow, n.s.g. (gent. or malster).
824.150 John Rice of Mallow, weaver.
824.173 Thomas Blake of Mallow, n.s.g.
824.206 Robert Stanton of Mallow, yeoman.
824.215 John Wiseman of Mallow, cooper.
824.221 Christopher Wright of Mallow, yeoman.
825.18 Richard Williamson, gent.
825.67 Thomas Fisher, clerk.
825.73 Philip Vaughan, the elder, yeoman.
825.159 John Collins of Mallow, yeoman.
825.160 Thomas Wright of Mallow, dyer.
825.166 William Rowse of Mallow, yeoman.
825.167 Francis Bertridge of Mallow, n.s.g.
825.215 John Bastry of Mallow, yeoman.
825.216 John Hagan of Mallow, shoemaker.
825.218 John Godsell, the younger of Ballydahill [Ballydahin], skinner.
825.221 Steven Chinery, town and parish of Mallow, maltmaker.
825.238 Robert Walker of Ballindalin [Ballydahin], parish Mallow, n.s.g.
825.246 John Collins of Mallow, yeoman.
825.261 Thomas Bettsworth, town and parish of Mallow, esq.
825.300 William Wakelet of Mallow, weaver.
825.309 Gregory Newman of Mallow, gent.
825.313 Alice Timberlake, wife to John Timberlake, smith.
825.315 George Keitely of Mallow, gent.
825.320 John Marnes of Mallow, miller.

99. Parish Marshalstown, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

825.63 Elizabeth Mitchell, relict of Robert Mitchell, husbandman.

100. Parish Mogeely, Barony Kinnatalloon

822.156 James Andrews of Curreglass [?], yeoman.
823.6 Walter Croker of Curriglass [?], gent.
823.7 Barnard Guppy of Shanekill, yeoman.
823.9 John Russell of Glanballiconlane RI, husbandman.
823.77 John Williams of Balleren [?], n.s.g.
823.84 John Rowe of Templevally [?], yeoman.
823.136 Edward Markam of Leckbeake [?], shearman.
824.80 Sarnuel Blancher of Garret James [Garrane James], yeoman.
824.155 John Rowe of Templevally [?], husbandman.
825.114 Theodore Cumby of Templevalley [?], husbandman.
825.288 Simon Randall of Gortnawherne [?], husbandman.

101. Parish Monaniny, Barony Fermoy

822.100 John Marton of Ballygriffin, shepherd.

102. Parish Moviddy, Barony Muskerry

822.278 Dorothy Burt of Garran and Buddagh alias the Knock Lough [Garranehamuddagh], late wife to Jo Burte, yeoman, now wife to Hugh Winter of Kinsale, ropemaker.
823.163 William Beard, clerk.

103. Parish Murragh, Barony Kinalmeaky (note that Murragh included the parish of Killowen in 1851 census)

822.11 Thomasin Dun of Killowen, widow.
822.133 Hirah Gilslan of Morragh [Murragh], clerk.
822.205 John Pressley of Killowen, yeoman.
822.266 Alice Warrs, widow.
822.272 Eleanor Johnson of New Liston [?], [Newcestown], widow.
823.13 Thomas Arthur of Marragh [Murragh]. sawyer.
823.14 Thomas Rubie, Ballylemett [?], n.s.g.
823.193 John James of Callaghglasse [Tullyglass], yeoman.
823.201 Joseph Scott of Killineere [Killaneer], chandler.
824.19 Stephen Shooting of Marragh [Murragh], yeoman.
824.30 John Greenfield of Tullaghglasse [Tullyglass], yeoman.
824.167 Edward Clerk, gent.
824.171 John Ware of Newseton [Newcestown], yeoman.
825.44 Daniel Perkins of Bengor [Bengour], tanner.
825.78 Elizabeth Clerk, widow, deposition by her son-in-law John Bond.
825.79 Alre Paul of Malbegg [Maw-beg], deposition by John Bond.
825.99 John Baker of Killowen [?], husbandman.
825.112 Richard Bell, town and parish of Morra [Murragh], yeoman.
825.123 Thomas Hill of Killoyen [Killowen], husbandman.
825.177 Robert Heale and Mary Long of Killowen, yeoman.
825.187 Henry Young, town and parish of Morrath [Murragh], yeoman.
825.202 Richard Lucas of Newcoston [Newcestown], yeoman.
825.219 Robert Warr of Farrenkanlogh [?], [Farranthomas], yeoman.
825.251 Edward Oldis of Mabeg [Maw-beg], husbandman.
825.292 Humphrey Woad of Kilmeere [Killaneer], yeoman.

104. Parish Myross, Barony West Carbery

823.141 Henry Tatardall of Brade, tanner.
823.210 Henry Pomeroy of Ballincolly [Ballincolla], yeoman.

105. Parish Ratbbarry Barony Ibane and Barryroe

824.105 William Jobson of Dowenore [Donoure], gent.

106. Parish Rathclarin, Barony East Carbery

823.146 Iseak Philpott the younger of Cloncalla [Clooncalia], gent.

107. Parish Rathcooney, Barony of Cork

822.104 Robert Piersy of Ballincrokegg [?], [Ballincrokig], searcher of port.
822.235 George Kelly of Cork, parson of rectory of Rathcooney and prebend of St Michael's, clerk.
823.92 Henry Ware, n.s.g.
823.219 Roger Beer, [Beare ?] town and parish of Rathcooney, tanner.
825.69 Gregory French of Garranbuy [Garraneboy], yeoman.
825.242 Charles Gay of Knockargen [Knocknahorgan], on behalf of John Tucker of same, his father-in-law, n.s.g.
825.284 Thomas Sheane of Knockorgen [Knocknahorgan], Cork city, n.s.g.

108. Parish Rathcormack, Barony Barrymore

822.189 Philip Upham of Kilbruen [Kilbrien], yeoman.822.250 Elizabeth Buck, on behalf of children of Joan Lanard, widow, deceased sister to deponent.
822.279 Elizabeth Buck of Lisneguard [Lisnagar demesne], on behalf of ailing husband, George Buck, n.s.g.
823.40 Joane Crews of Mawlane [Maulane], yeoman.
823.59 Henry Normon, town and parish of Rathcormack, yeoman.
823.67 Edward Liffe, miller.
823.72 Nicholas Parker, yeoman.
824.39 William Foster, yeoman.
824.55 Joan Lunn, widow of shoemaker.
824.146 Thomas Herrington, husbandman.
825.33 William Murryfield of Craghtymore [Curraghteemore], yeoman.
825.93 Adrian Morefield of Craftymore [Curraghteemore], yeoman.
825.134 Philip Upham, son of Robert Upham of Kilbrien, yeoman.
825.306 Pillip Brock of Rathcormack, yeoman.

109. Parish Ratbgoggan, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

823.38 Phillip Cross, town and parish of Rathgoggan, yeoman.
823.48 Daniel Whittle of Rathgogan [Rathgoggan], n.s.g.

110. Parish Ringcurran, Barony Kinalea

823.98 Robert Milner of Sillpoint [Scilly], near Kinsale, clerk.
824.157 Henry Saunderburg of Cappuch [Cappagh], yeoman.
824.186 Thomas Martin of Kippa [Cappagh], yeoman.

111. Parish Ringrone, Baronies Courceys and Kinsale

822.18-9 Eperetus Bellew of Ballymacredmond, gent.
822.124 John Bellew, son of Nicholas Bellew of Evagh [?], gent.
824,51 John Marsh of Oldcourt, gent.
824.174 Thomas Tieepes of Conwhoe [Currahoo]. yeoman.
824.189 Elizabeth Sutton, relict of Thomas Sutton of Ballifidina [?I, widow.
824.219 John Marsh, Oldcourt, gent., on behalf of Mary Nicholson, widow absent in England.
825.209 John Temple of Castle Park [Castlepark], gent.

112. Parish Ross, Barony East Carbery

822.167 Roger Waters of Dunedo [?], [Detergeen], parish Ross Carbery, husbandman.
822.177 Arm Sellers of Bohowna [Bohonagh], parish New Carbry [Ross Carbery], widow.
823.50 Richard Charming of Rosebarry [?], [Ross], husbandman.
823.138-9 Osmond Crode of Carrigronmore [Carrigagrenane], husbandman.
823.152 Edmund Gillingham, town and parish of Rosscarbery, yeoman.
824.45 Arm Horsey, widow and Helen Horsey, spinster.
825.6 Christian Bolton of Rosscarbery [Ross], widow.
825.24 John Yew of Cahiron [?], [Cahermore], yeoman.
825.30 Thomas Boyle of Ross, clerk.
825.142 Thomas Fryth, Archdeacon of Ross and J.P. for Cork and Kerry, clerk.

113. Parish St Finbarr's, Barony of Cork

822.35 Thomas Nevell, parish St F., esq.
822.168 John Chappell of Kilcomine [Killumney], parish St Barries [St Finbarr's], gent.
822.179 Thomas Nevell of Ballinicurrig [Ballincurrig], esq.
822.193 Eleanore Acalley, wife to Robert Acalley of KilIhumeny [Killumney], n.s.g.
822.229 John Freeman, n.s.g.
822.244 Thomas Spencer of Gortaglane [Gortagoulane], n.s.g.
822.281 Mary Smith of Gill Abbey [Gillabbey], parish St Barry's [St Finbarr's], widow.
823.103 Abraham Battin of Gurtagolane [Gortagoulane], n.s.g.
823.105 Anthony Watts, n. s.g.
823.109 Thomas Bennett; Edward Johns; Robert Bayly; Richard Bennell, [Bennett?] all clerks of St Finbarr's.
823.110 Dorcas Hall, widow.
823.115 William Browne, n.s.g.
823.181 Henry Whetcroft of Cork, yeoman.
824.34 Thomas Pinchon of Ballinspeckbey [Ballinaspig-beg], n.s.g.824.140 Henry Smart, yeoman.
824.164 Richard French, ironmonger.
824.224 John Hall, clerk.
824.231 Henry Bryan of Inshegaggen [Inchegaggin], n.s.g.
824.249 Thomas Roberts, clerk.
825.53 Francis Butterfieid, husbandman.
825.120 Robert Kellye, [Kelly] parish St Barry's, husbandman.
825.186 Hugh Burrowes the elder of Magellin [?], parish St. Barries, n.s.g.
825.188 Christopher Band of St. Barries, n.s.g.
825.234 John Gilman the younger, n.s.g.
825.240 Gartwright Wilson of Killadywood [?], on behalf of her husband Robert Wilson, n.s.g.
825.243 James Deacon of Gurtagolane [Gortagoulane], n.s.g.
825.276 William Wheeler, n.s.g.
825.294 Israel Taylor, clerk.

114. Parish of St Mary's Shandon, Barony of Cork

822.253 William Knight, n.s.g.
824.234 Robert Fennell of the North Abbey [?], county of the city of Cork, merchant.
825.94 Thomas Martin of St Mary Shandon, Cork city, n.s.g.
825.154 Justance Hall of Half Mile House [?], n.s.g.
825.179 Thornas Morley of St Mary's Shandon, n.s.g.
825.233 Thomas Martin and Thomas Morley of St Mary's Shandon, n.s.g.

115. Parish St Michael's, Barony Barrymore

824.185 Mary Ward, the quarter, parish of St Michael, county Cork, n.s.g.

116. Parish Shandrum, Barony Orrery and Kilmore

822.6 Thomas Williams of Loske, parish Ballinekelly [Ballynakilla], gent.
822.43-4 John Damian of Curryglass, wheeler.
822.120 John Hardon of Killmore [Kilmagoura], husbandman.
822.214 John Fisher of Kilrahan [Killabraher], yeoman.
822.243 John Hunt of Curragh Clonbou [Curraghcloonabro], husbandman.
824.53 Elias Fitch of Kilmagower [Kilmagoura], yeoman.
824.81 Thomas Meade of old Orchard [?], gent.
824.204 William Greene of Newtowne [Newtown], n.s.g.
825.145 James Mitchell of Curriglasse [Curryglass], husbandman.
825.299 William Williamson, town and parish of Balynykilly [Ballynakilla], gent.

117. Parish Skull, Barony West Carbery

822.135 Thomas Way, clerk.
823.212 John Northeran of Lencom [Leameon], yeoman.
824.253-9 Sir William Hull, knight..

118. Parish Templeboden, Barony Barrymore

823.47 Edward Way of Templebodan, n.s.g.
824.114 John Meiger, Ballyvodin [?] [Templebodan], Barony Barrymore, shepherd.

119. Parish Templemichael, Barony Kinalea

823.206 Francis Oster of Clothniedownan [Clogheenduane], n.s.g.
825.29 William Robinson of Temple Michelliagh [Templemichael], clerk.

120 Parish Teniplemolaga, Barony Condons and Clangibbon

822.109-10 Jasper Horsey of Ballyshurdane, gent.
823.227-8 Edward Horsey of Athcroff [?], gent.
824.74 Jasper Horsey of Ballyshordane [Ballyshurdane], gent,

121. Parish Templemartin, Barony Kinalmeaky

822.190 John Quarry of Granahoonick [?], [Graigue], yeoman.
822.216 Robert Lane, late of Derrybeth [?], parish Temple [?], yeoman.
822.218 John Launcelate [Lancelot] of Cottyvarth [?], parish Temple [?], yeoman.
822.256 Steven Barrett of Farmavan Farranhavane], yeoman.
822.262 Stephen Cregan of Skirtinmuch [Seartnamuck], n.s.g.
823.10 Thomas Sherowe of Deryverth [?] parish Templetan [?] [Templemartin], yeoman.
823.165-8 Walter Baldwin of Granahoonick [?], [Graigue], yeoman.
823.186 David Arthure of Fynagh [?] yeoman.
824.47 Augustine Hicks of Shanloghane [Shanacloyne], yeoman.
824.163 Giles Dangar of Granaheny [?] [Graigue], tanner.
824.181 Richard Wilsheene of Agreenagh [?], Barony Barretts [?] n.s.g.
825.43 William Sarsfield of Garran [Garranes], clerk.
825.47 Richard Keele of Currovardy [Curravordy], clothier.
825.92 Henry Vizard of Coravordye [Curravordy], yeoman.
825.163 Robert Cripps of Aghineenagh [?], parish Templemortagh [?], [Templemartin], Barony Barretts [?] n.s.g.
825.266 Waiter Baldinge, brother to James Baldinge of Lisnegatt [Lisnagat], gent

122. Parish Templenacarriga Barony Barrymore

822.221 Nicholas Whetham of Ballyelyney [Ballymacsliney], yeoman.
823.102 John Soolevan of Cargysmall [?], [Carrigogna], parish Templenecarrig [Templenacarriga], Barony Agnacorroe [?],

123. Parish Templeroan, Barony Fermoy

824.87 William Smith of Ballymundra [Ballyhourode], gent.

124. Parish Templetrine, Barony East Carbery

822.201 Samuel Pawyly of Garretstown [Garrettstown], n.s.g.
825.256 John Sweate of Ballydownis, gent.

125. Parish Templeusque, Barony Banymore

822.159 Samuel Croft of Connygally [Coneybeg], husbandman.
822.271 Alexander Durdane of Killologha [Killalough], husbandman.
823.30 Philipp Dardane of Cashery [Crushyriree], widow.
823.203 Samuel Croft of Conygally [Coneybeg], n.s.g.
825.195 Michell Dundann of Killclogh [Killalogh], n.s.g.

126. Parish Timoleague, Barony Ibane and Barryroe

823.223 George Davis of Timoleague, husbandman.

127. Parish Tracton, Barony Kinalea

822.146 James Daunt of Tracton Abbey, esq.
824.195 John Brien of Farrenbrien [Farranbrien], British Protestant n.s.g.
825.191 William[Allen of Farrenderacly [?] yeoman.

128. Parish Tullagh, Barony West Carbery

824.162 Elizabeth Rogers, town and parish of Tullagh, widow.
825.173 Jonathan Bennett of Bandon, on behalf of himself and his two brothers Thomas and Amos, all sons of Roger Bennett, a merchant of Baltimore Castle,
825.273 Thomas Mokes of Baltymore [Baltimore], n.s.g.

129. Parish Whitechurch, Barony Barretts

824.78 William Stewart of the quarter [?], Barony Decies [?], county Cork. (This belongs to county Waterford where there is a parish of Whitechurch, Barony of Decies-without-Drum with a townland Bridgewater)

130. Parish Yougbal, Barony lmokilly

822.111 John Clone, Youghal, merchant.
822.113 Thomas Hincks for Margery Hazard, widow.
822.155 Richard Newman of Youghal, carrier.
822.194 John Redish and Thomas Beard, Youghal, gents,
822.208 Richard Myers, town and parish of Youghal, gent.
823.58 Stephen Clove of Youghal, chapman.
823.132 Thomas Hinckes, merchant and Mary his wife.
823.170-5 Therlagh Kelly, Youghal, gent., Irish Protestant.
823.216 Francis Kerrine of Youghal, widow of merchant.
824.93 Thomas Turner of Youghal, merchant.
824.98 David Blayney, clerk.
823.131 and
824.251 Jonas Clone, town and parish of Youghal, merchant.
824.246 Nicholas Stout, gent.
825.101 Thomas Beard of Youghal, gent.

131. Cork city

(deponents who identified themselves with the city of Cork and who could not be assigned to an identifiable parish Other city deponents appear under parishes of Carrigrohane, Currykippane, Gartycloyne, Inishkenny, Rathcooney, St Finbarr's, St Mary's, Shandon.

822.69 Henry Hawkes of Powllymore in the parish of Gallygrahane, the county of the city of Cork, n.s.g.
822.248 Mary Cudmore, Christchurch parish within the city of Cork, widow.
823.27 Edward Osborne of Glannekittane, county of the city of Cork, gent.
823.106 Thomas Banks, minister of Christchurch, city of Cork, clerk.
823.108 James Piercy of Cork in the county of the city of Cork, gent. and controller of the port of Cork.
825.122 William Kinge [King] of Cork city (no parish cited), gent.
825.206 John Gilman, the elder, of Currisure, Barony Barretts, within the county of the city of Cork, n.s.g.
825.303 William Smarte of Synane, in the city of Cork, yeoman.

132. Parish Glanbaraban, Barony Carbery

(note that no such parish has been located in the 1851 census, with the result that the name of the parish itself and the names of the townlands cannot be checked against that standard. It appears from internal evidence that the parish was close to Castlehaven and may, by 1851, have been absorbed into the parish of Castlehaven)

823.18 Peter Scuse of Driffane [possibly Drishane, parish Castlehaven], parish Glanbrahan, Barony Carbery, yeoman.
823.211 John Woods of Gortreagh, parish Glanbrahan, Barony Carbery, husbandman.
823.214 Richard Scusse of Driffane [possibly Drishane], parish Glanabaroha, yeoman.
825.169 Arm Ratcliffe of Derrylieth [possibly Derryleigh, parish Castlehaven], parish Glanbarraghan, widow.

133. Parish Killurd, Barony Fermoy and Condons and Clangibbon

(note that no such parish has been identified in the 1851 census. It appears from internal evidence that this parish lay close to the parish of Kilworth, Barony Condons and Clangibbon)

822.78 John Lachford, town and parish of Killurd, husbandman.
822.180 Mary Smith, wife to Thomas Smith, town and parish of Killurd, innholder
824.232 John Wright, parish Killurd, mercer.

134. County Cork deponents from unidentified parishes

822.107 John Andrews of Ballyoniste and parish of [?] Elldades, no Barony cited, husbandman.
822.130 John Savadge of Ballycomin, parish of Knovall, Barony Kymelbore [?], [Kilmore], county Cork, yeoman.
822.145 Richard Parsons of Ballyvard, parish Glanura [?] no Barony cited, county Cork, shepherd.
822.160 John Heger of Clanrogge, parish Cary RI, Barony Carbery, yeoman.
822.192 Nicholas Waite of Carrigalome, parish Lenagh [?], Barony East Carbery, husbandman.
822-204 John Farneham of Caseyknocke in the county of Cork, gent.
823.21 Cathrin Roberts, relict of George Roberts, parish Unnderkett [?] Barony Duhallow, widow.
823.56 Thomas Price of Tonnyglossy, parish Clenckler [?] Barony Barrymore, shipwright.
823.160 Arm Sarjeant, wife of Symen Sarjeant, townland of Ballinasbugg, n.s.g.
823.195 John Martin for his son Leonard Martin of Cole, parish Glantunda [?] Barony Kinalea, yeoman.
824.37 John Robinson of Gurtine, parish Mohey [?] Barony Muskerry, n.s.g.
825.39 Mary Cumbes of Downedonnell, parish Bre [?] Barony Kinalmeaky, widow.
825.110 An Ryan of Shartnanore, parish [illegible], Barony Imokilly, widow.
825.133 Anthony Mansell of Ballyhustie, Barony Duhallow, gent.
825.224 George Childs of Castlemor, Barony Barretts, husbandman.
825.305 Thomas Scuse of Dennycow, parish Ardes [?] Barony Carbery, yeoman.

135. Cork depositions incorrectly assigned by county

823.52 Robert Hunt, properly belongs with county Limerick.
823.157-8 William Eames, properly belongs with county Limerick.
823.161 Anthony Sherwin,  properly belongs with county Limerick.
824.3-4 William Bushop,[Bishop] more relevant to counties Monaghan and Meath.
824.78 William Stewart, may properly belongs with county Waterford.
825.25 Sir Robert Tirrell, properly belongs with county Limerick.
825.283 John Slade, on behalf of his father, property belongs to count Clare.

Parish Ovens.. see under Athnowen

(No parish of Ovens appears in the 1851 census but the area previously covered by that has been absorbed into tbe parisb of Atbnowen, Barony East Muskeny).





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