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Queries from Wolfe Forum

Posted by Janice O'Connor Jessen on May 31, 1998.  LJessen681@aol.com
The John O'Connor/John Wolfe (1782-1998) Family Home Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/j/e/s/Janice-C-Jessen/

Looking for any info on family of John WOLFE.  John was born about 1782 in County Cork, Ireland. He married Mary YOUNG in Cork before 1820. They had at least one daughter Ellen b. abt. 1820 in County Cork and possibly a son Richard born about 1826 in Ireland or Canada. They emigrated to Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada between 1820 and 1830. They had seven another children in Canada,: Mary, Nicholas, William, John, Elizabeth, Esther, Ann (Nancy). John died Jan 10, 1885 in Marmora, Hastings Co. Canada

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Posted by Wendy Kuzela  July 29, 1999    kelt@shoal.net.au

I am looking for anyone who may be related to a John Thomas Wolfe born about 1810 in Cork Ireland. He was married to Ann Main/Mayne who was also born about 1810.   They emigrated to Tasmania, Australia in 1837.  John Thomas Wolfe died in Melbourne, Australia in 1848.

I am also researching Edward William Wolfe, son of John Thomas Wolfe and Ann Main), who was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia. 

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Russ Carr  posted this message on June 09, 1998 oldcarr@compuserve.com

Lydia Anne Wolfe b 9/4/1832 in Ireland was in CA by 1856 when she married James Scouler who was originally from Scotland. Searching for any info on these families.

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David Wolfe posted this message on July 02, 1998 wolfe@alphalink.com.au

My GGG Grandfather, John Wolfe with wife Elizabeth and son John, emigrated from the Lanark area in Scotland to Australia in 1853/54. That's about 80km to the North West of Langholm.  My research to date leads me to suspect that Wolfe is an Anglisised Woulfe (Ireland).

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Redmond O'Hanlon posted this message on October 30, 1998      roscoe@indigo.ie

I live in Kilmurry Grove in County Wicklow in Ireland. My house is about 180 years old and stands alongside the original house which is about 300 years old. When I bought the house I got a brief history which included two contradictory references to General Wolfe (of Quebec fame). One stated that he was born here at Kilmurry Grove while the other referred to him spending vacations with his relatives who lived here. There is reference to '... (his) family with a long military tradition who had emigrated from Ireland to England in the middle of the seventeenth century. His great-great-grandfather, Captain George Woulfe, had made a name for himself as a member of the Catholic army defending Limerick in 1651. By fleeing to England, changing his religion and altering the spelling of his name, George survived the usual fate of those defeated by Cromwell and lived to see his son Edward commissioned ......'

There is a lot more biographical data and if anybody is interested I can OCR it and post it.

Does anybody have any information on Wolfe's Irish connections and, in particular, with Kilmurry Grove


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This message was posted by: Barb Ziek on  February 05, 1999   bziek@clsp.uswest.net

My g.g.g.g.grandmother was Sarah Timmings who married Joseph Nash. She was born in 1759.  Family lore (no  pproven) has it that Sarah Timmings was the illegimate daughter of Katharine Lothar and James Wolfe

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Janice O'Connor Jessen posted this message on April 05, 1998  LJessen681@aol.com

General Wolfe's parents were Major Edward Wolfe and Henrietta Thompson. James was born 1/2/1727 in Westerham, Kent, England and died 9/13/1759 in Ontario, Ca. According to my records he had a brother, Edward who was born the same place 1/10/1728. Also, I show James married to Katharine Lowther with one daughter Sarah, who was married with the surname Timmings. My connection is that my great-grandfather John O'Connor b. 1826 in Ireland, emigrated to Hastings Co., Ontario, Canada and married Mary Wolfe c. 1852. 

According to family stories Mary was somehow connected to James Wolfe. If you have any infotmation on succeeding generations from James and how that may be connected to Mary, I would appreciate it.


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Helen Pettibone posted this response to PM Johnston on August 04, 1999 

Life of Major General James Wolfe by Robert Wright, p. 1864 by Chapman and Hall, London.

Information that follows is mostly from this book and encyclopaedias.

James Wolfe b. Eng. 1727  d. Canada 1759

BROTHER: 1728-1744 died of consumption. No issue

FATHER: Lt General Edward Wolfe 1685-1759. (only) Two sons

MOTHER: Henrietta Thompson 1703-1764 whose FATHER was Edward Thompson, Esq. of Marsden in Yorkshire and whose MOTHER was Henrietta Tindal of Brotherton.

Lieutenant General Edward Wolfe’s sister was Mrs. Burcher b. 1727 James Wolfes' will left f1000  to uncle, Major Wolfe and cousin Goldsmith (Captain Edward Goldsmith).

The last of the male branch of the Wolfe familys was the old General's brother, Major Water (Walter) Wolfe who died in 1771.

Very brief notes p3, 4:

pre   1605    Wales
        1605    Ireland         res. Wolfe Hall 
        1814    Limerick      res. Corbally  

James Woulfe:        Bailiff
George Woulfe:      Sheriff  1650-1651
Francis Woulfe:      Head of the order of Franciscan Friars - 
George Woulfe
:      George dropped the 'U', adopted reformed faith. 
Edward. Wolfe
b.1727 was in the Battle of Laffeldt in the Netherlands and also, the Battle o  Forntenoy and, in 1743, in the Battle of Dettingen, (War of Austrian Succession)

The 'E' on the end of Wolfe denotes English ancestry.

There is an English novel, The Virginian by William Makepeace Thackeray that depicts the life in London and VA, 1756/76, includes Geo. Washington and James Wolfe and is about brothers on both sides in the American Revolution.

There is a Romney painting,  'Death of Wolfe' and statues of Maj. Gen. James Wolfe in London and Montreal.

p. 473 Although possibly betrothed to Katharine, daughter of Robert Lowther, he died unmarried.

p.595 Death and rites - body returned to England and lies in the family vault under the parish church of Greenwich.


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Kenneth Howard at maft00@dial.pipex.com   posted this message on March 18, 1998

The  maternal great-grandfather of Maj. Gen. James Wolfe was Sir Henry Thompson of Kilham, Yorkshire, England who was my ggggggg grandfather.


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John Green posted this message on October 25, 1999 sewingparadise@compuserve.com

Anyone connect to Eliza Wolfe, born 1811 in Forenaghts, Co. Kildare? Eliza married to  S. Sturgeon. 


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Carol Davies at CDa9458691@cs.com   posted this message on July 29, 1999

I would appreciate any information on Edward Cornwell b 1735, VA; USA  d 1808, Monroe Co, VA  [WV] USA; m ca 1760, VA USA, Frances Wolfe  b 1737, the niece of General James Wolfe of Quebec fame (DAR National #390984).
Frances may have been dau of: Edmund Wolfe, son of: Edward Wolfe and Henriette Thompson who was b in Yorkshire, Eng. He was son of George Wolfe.

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This message was posted by: Ray Gentleman on September 02, 1999  rayandsharon@hotmail.com

I was recently given a family tree about the Wolfe Family. The tree begins with William Wolfe. It says that he was born around 1720 and was the first cousin of the General. The family tree is a very old photocopy and has mostly first names and very few dates and places.

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Barbara Clark  http//familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/c/l/a/Barbara-G-Clark  is researching her gr-gr-gr-grandfather has conflicting information and would appreciate any information on the following family.:

William Wolfe (gentleman) b. abt 1760 res. Ballycommisk m. Margaret Mehigan of Castle Mehigan near Dunmanus in 1803. As Margaret was RC the children appear to have been bapt. in differnt parish churches. Issue: James , Joseph, Robert and Margaret, birthdates unknown.  William's wife, Margaret died 1808. Children Robert and Margaret emig. to Canada and nothing further is known.

Other information alleges that William and Margaret were having issue c 1825 so that is a puzzle.  Any help appreciated.




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