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Wolfe (Co Cork) Newspaper Entries

Biographical Notices

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The following newspaper entries for Wolfe were extracted  from Rosemary ffolliott's Biographical Notices collected from newspapers 1756-1827

ffolliott's is a well-known genealogist.  Her research for the publication Biographical Notices collected from newspapers 1756-1827 is extensive and contains thousands of names.  It is available for research at the National Library of Ireland, in good genealogical libraries and through the LDS Family History Centres.

List of Abbreviations


Cork Advertiser
Published thrice weekly in Cork on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Cork Chronicle
Published twice weekly in Cork on Monday and Thursday
Cork Evening Post
Published twice weekly in Cork on Monday and Thursday
Cork Gazette
Published twice weekly in Cork on Wednesday and Saturday
Corke Journal
Published twice weekly in Cork on
Monday and Thursday
Cork Mercantile Chronicle
Published thrice weekly in Cork on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Cork Morning Intelligence
Published thrice weekly in Cork on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
DG Dublin Gazette Published in Dublin
Dublin Hibernian Journal
Published thrice weekly in Dublin on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Faulkner's Dublin Journal
During the 18th century Published twice weekly in Dublin on Tuesday 
and Saturday
Freeman's Journal
During the 18th century Published twice weekly in Dublin on Tuesday 
and Saturday
Finn's Leinster Journal
Published twice weekly in Kilkenny on Wednesday and Saturday
Hibernian Chronicle (Cork)
Published twice weekly in Cork on Monday and Thursday
Limerick Chronicle
Published twice weekly in Limerick on Monday and Thursday
M of M
Magazine of Magazines
Published in Limerick at the end of each month
MJ Munster Journal  

Southern Reporter (Cork)

First published twice weekly in Cork on Wednesday and Saturday, 
and later published thrice weekly on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

The Constitution (Cork)

Published thrice weekly in Cork, first on Monday, Wednesday and 
Friday then on Mnday, Wednesday and Saturday, and later on 
Tuesday Thursday and Saturday
VJ Volunteer Journal Published twice weekly in Cork
WM Waterford Mirror Published twice weekly in Waterford



HC M 9 Aug 1773
a few days ago, Mr. John Wolf of Youghal to Miss Morgan of Mallow
FJ 3 Jly 1770
Joseph Wolfe to Hannah eldest dau of Jonathan Morgan in the Barony of  Muskerry, co Cork
CEP M 9 Jly 1770
a few days ago, Mr Joseph Wolfe to Miss Hanna Morgan dau of Mr Jonathan Morgan of Muskerry co Cork
FDJ Tu 7 Feb 1764
Corke, Mr Nicholas Wolfe formerly an eminent linen draper in said city
CJ Th 2 Jan 177211
died Mrs Wolfe, wife of Theobald Wolfe of Aungier street, Dublin Esq
C Tu 13 Spt 1825

on Saturday at St Paul's church by the Rev. Dr Sealy Baldwin, William Wolfe Esq of Newtown, Rosscarbery to Eliza 2nd dau of John Gillman Esq of Milane in this co
HC M 17 Nov 1794
last Saturday on the Coal Quay in an advanced age, Miss Catherine Woulfe
HC M 2 Jne 1788
died last Friday in Fish street after a long and painful illness, Mrs Elizabeth Woulfe mother of Mr John Woulfe merchant
HC M 4 Mch 1776
last Saturday at St Paul's church, Mr John Woulfe of this city merchant to Miss Dorcas Noall…800 pounds
HC M 10 Jly 1786

died last Thursday in Mallow after being delivered of male twins, Mrs Woulfe wife of Mr John Woulfe merchant of said place…the children are likely to live
HC Th 10 Sep 178?
died yesterday in Francis street, Mrs Woulfe, wife of John Woulfe, merchant.
HC M 30 Apl 1776 in Bowling green Street, Mr. Woulfe
HC Th 4 Mar 1773.
last night on Hammond’s Marsh, Mrs. Mary Woulfe, a widow gentle woman.
HC Th. 12 Sep 177?
this evening Mr Michael Woulfe, Robert of this city to Mary Anne Mahony of Charleville, dau of the late Councillor Mahony.
HC M 27 Jun 1774
married last Thursday, Mr. Michael Woulfe, merchant to Miss Shea, daughter of Mr. John Shea, merchant.
HC Th 10 Oct. 179?
yesterday morning, Mr. Mich. Woulfe, Robert, assistant Barrack master.
HC Th. 13 May 178?
yesterday in Ann street, Mrs Woulfe, wife of Mr Michael Woulfe, Robert.
MJ M 12 Jun 1749
Advertisement:: Robert Woulfe at the Sign of the Three Keys near the Exchange, Corke, silk, damask satin etc
CJ 6 May 1756
Advertisement:: Robert Woulfe near the Exchange, at the three Kings.... silk mercer and haberdasher.
CMC F 13 Feb 1818

on the 7th Nov. last at Rosscau in the Island of Dominica, Robert Woulfe Esq. Surgeon to the Forces in Antigua and Dominica..... a natve of this city [Cork] ...deprived in early youth of his father, married in 1812...wife died 26 last August [1817] leaving is four infant children...(long and very interesting account of his career.
CEP Th 31 July 179?
Died last Thursday at Coolersheen near Cloughnakilty, Mr. Wm. Woulfe senior.



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Miscellaneous Newspaper Entries

A correct List of the Certificates issued by J. Medlicott, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Kildare, between the 1st of May, 1799, and the 1st of October in same year, pursuant to an Act passed in this Kingdom in the 39th year of his Majesty's reign, entitled an Act for granting his Majesty certain duties on Certificates to be issued with respect to the Killing of Game.

Annesley Charles, Ballyfax

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Wolfe John, jun., Forenaught

By Order of the Commissioners, PETER HOLMES, jun. Sec. Stamp-office, Feb. 22, 1800

A correct List of Certificates issued by Walter Young, Clerk of the Peace for the County of Monaghan, between the first day of May, 1799, and the first of October in same year, pursuant to an Act passed in this Kingdom in ...

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The above meeting, pursuant to notice, took place last Monday evening, and far surpassed our expectations in point of numbers assembled, and the amount collected. At seven o'clock the theatre was crowded, and Charles Doherty, Esq. was called to the chair, and addressed the meeting at considerable length, and with political fertility of thought which would do honor to the leading agitators of the 19th century. His speech embraced master strokes, which would stagger the man of monopoly, though supported by the crown, and as strong as the pillars of Hercules. The Rev. James Dunphy, R.C. rector of the city, who so generously promoted the success of Ireland's Monday, by his princely contribution and great influence, handed in the sum of 5l. from a friend to Repeal. Dr. De Wolfe, a native of Nova Scotia, paying 1l. 5s, became a member of the Repeal Association. The Subscription of Denis Burke, employed as stoker or fireman in a steam-boat, was announced to be 5l. The amount collected last Monday evening was 75l., which added to the sum of the previous evening, brought the gross proceeds of the simultaneous meeting up to 1,060 dollars, which being announced from the chair, created several peals of Repeal thunder, showing how loud the public voice was calling for justice for Ireland. Such a sum was never before collected at one Repeal meeting at this side of the Atlantic, a fact which proves that the friends of Ireland in this city know how to organise a meeting better than their fellow-countrymen in the colonies, or their fellow-labourers in the United States. The thanks of the meeting having been given to Mr. Doherty, for his exemplary conduct in the chair, the meeting adjourned with several rounds of cheers for the leading agitators of the day St. John Liberator. The Repealers of this city (St. John) contributed more at the simultaneous meeting than all British America on the same occasion. The laurels of the patriotism are blooming on their brow, and to them belongs the proud boast of having collected more at one meeting than has ever been received in one day, in any part of the New World.

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From the Ennis Chronicle, Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland 26 September 1799:

We whose Names are hereunto subscribed, deeply interested in the peace and prosperity of the Co. of Clare and Kingdom at large, APPROVE of the Measure of a LEGISLATIVE UNION with Great Britain on equal and liberal principles, and on a sense of mutual interests and affection, as the only means of tranquilizing this County, and abolishing those religious distinctions which have unhappily distracted this Kingdom.

John Woulfe, Cahirush Co Clare

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Connaught Journal
Galway, Ireland
Thursday, March 27,1823
Volume 69 Price 5 Pence

CORK: February 27-Last night, a daring attack was made on the house of William MARTIN, esq. of Johnstown, near Glenville. At about nine o'clock Mr. MARTIN was alarmed by a noise on the roof of the house immediately over the water-closet. At the same time the kitchen door was assailed with a sledge, when Mr. MARTIN threw up the sash of a lobby window, and fired at the gang, one of whom ran round to the front of the house, another attack having been commenced on the hall door, exclaiming he was shot. Mr. MARTIN also crossed at the same time from the back to the front, and having thrown up one of the sashes, he discharged a blunderbuss, which was heavily loaded with ore from the Ringabella Mines, when one of the ruffians fell through a hedge of box, which ranged with the house. The party immediately fled in all directions, and Mr. MARTIN, with two women of the name of SHINE and HURLEY, who were in the house, sallied out, but the wounded men had escaped; carried off, doubtless, by their daring associates. The communication which informs us of the above particulars also states, and the authority is too respectable to permit us to doubt the fact, that one of the parties which were out on Friday night, amounting to one hundred men, attacked the New Inn on the Ballyhooly-road, fourteen of whom entered the house, and went over it from top to bottom, in search of arms. They were armed with muskets and bayonets and their Leader appeared to be a respectable man. Informations of this outrage have been sworn before Robert COURTENAY, Esq., of Ballyedmond.

In other parts of the country the same lawless spirit is in full activity. At the early hour of eight o'clock on Tuesday night, a larg party attacked the house of James FOLEY, on the lands of Carrageen, the property of A.G. CREAGH, Esq., and set fire to his house and barn in three different parts, and cut and mangled two fine cows, for no cause, but that FOLEY took the land from Mr. CREAGH, about two years ago, and was a sober, well-conducted man. Carrageen is not more than one mile from Doneraile.

We copy the following from the Advertiser of this morning: "We learned yesterday evening that a considerable quantity of arms which had been plundered from a wreck near the old head of Kinsale, had fallen into the hands of the peasantry of that neighbourhood. William Preston WHITE, Esq. has, we are happy to say, obtained information of importance respecting some of those individuals.-Thirteen of them have engaged in a conspiracy of a Whiteboy character, but of a more atrocious tendency than has hitherto belonged to the the generality of their outrages. Mr. William Preston WHITE would himself have immediately proceeded, with the energy which has always distinguished him, in pursuit of these miscreants, were it not that having perfect reliance on the efficacy of the Soverign of Kinsale, he transmitted the warrant to that Magistrate with instructions how to act."

The farm-house, out-offices, &c (the best in that neighbourhood) of Ballyburden, near Ballincollig, the property of Mr. HAWKEN, were set fire to last night by Whiteboys, and the entire totally consumed. We have just heard from respectable authority, that the dwelling-house, corn &c, of Mr. Charles CROFTS, of Ballyhay, near Charleville, were totally consumed last night, supposed to be the act of the deluded insurgents that still annoy that neighbourhood.


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Wolfe entries extracted from TIARA 
(The Irish Ancestral Research Association) 

WOLF, Mary Elizabeth (O'DONNELL); 90; IRL>Sacramento CA; Reno G-J (NV); 2000-3-20; spike

WOLF, Mary Elizabeth (O'DONNELL); ; IRL>Sacramento CA; Sacramento Bee; 2000-3-20; ncpsac

WOLF, Nicholas; ; Dublin DUB IRL; Freeman's Journal; 1764-2-7; dja

WOLFE, Arthur; 55; Nenagh TIP IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1856-4-14; dja

WOLFE, Edward Young "Eddie"; ; Timoleague COR IRL; Irish Examiner; 2002-2-11; dja

WOLFE, Eleanor Matilda Miss; 24; Kingstown DUB IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1863-12-9; dja

WOLFE, James Swanton; ; Luton BDF ENG; Irish Examiner (COR IRL); 2001-5-7; dja

WOLFE, Julia Anne (CONNOLLY); 95; Glendort Cork IRL>Alameda CA; The Daily Review; 2002-10-22; sadie

WOLFE, Kathleen Stanley Miss; ; Bandon COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1863-3-2; dja

WOLFE, Mary "May" (MURPHY); ; Blarney COR IRL; Irish Examiner; 2001-11-28; dja

WOLFE, Maud ( ); ; Douglas COR IRL; Irish Examiner; 2003-12-17; dja

WOLFE, Philip; 52; Bantry COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1881-9-30; dja

WOLFE, Robert Travers; 56; Miel Rosscarbery COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1865-5-27; dja

WOLFE, Thomas J; ; Clonakilty COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1881-4-18; dja

WOLFF, Catherine Bernadette (KEENAN); ; Dublin DUB IRL; Irish Examiner (COR IRL); 2002-6-8; dja

WOULFE, Annie Marie ( ); ; Athea LIM>Ballybunion KER IRL; Cork Examiner; 1898-9-3; dja

WOULFE, Mary (CAHILL); ; Dunganville Ardagh LIM IRL; Irish Examiner (COR IRL); 2001-1-11; dja

WOULFE, Maura "Sister Francesca"; ; Kilmallock LIM IRL; Irish Examiner (COR IRL); 2002-6-19; dja

WOULFE, Michael Rev; 73; IRL; SF Chronicle (CA); 1995-11-4; fhutch

WOULFE, Tommy; ; Mallow COR IRL; Irish Examiner; 2000-12-7; dja

WOULFE, William; 42; Ballydehob COR IRL; Cork Examiner; 1856-1-23; dja


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