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Marriage License Bonds

for the Dioceses of

Cork, Cloyne, Cork and Ross

Index of O'Kief, Coshe Mang, Slieve Lougher, and Upper Blackwater in Ire land Casey, Albert E. (Albert Eugene) , 1903-1982

Index to the marriage licence bonds of the Diocese of Cloyne, Ireland, for the years from 1630-1800 : preserved in the Public Record Office of Ireland. FHL BRITISH Film 908143 Item 6





Abel Woulfe Mary Kingston 1825
Alleyn Wolfe Jane Jennings 1821
Ann Wolfe Kenneth MaKenzie 1769
Ann Woulfe Thomas Young 1784
Ann Woulfe Daniel Lannin 1790
Anna Wolfe Samuel Engel 1766
Anna Wolfe James Samuel Engel 1779
Anne Wolfe Thomas Bennett 1808
Anne Wolfe  John Jennings 1829
Anne Wolfe Samuel Connell 1838
Anne Wolfe Edward Jeffers 1839
Avis Woulfe James Woulfe 1829
Benjamin Woulfe Mary Fuller 1812
Catherine Wolfe Adam Howell 1822
Catherine Wolfe Benjamin Quarry  1831
Edward Wolfe Anne Bryan 1842
Eliz Wolf John Jamett 1753
Elizabeth Wolfe Joseph Willis 1761
Elizabeth Wolfe John Nash 1745
Elizabeth Wolfe Jonathan Wolfe 1814
Elizabeth Wolfe William Vickery 1824
Elizabeth Wolfe John Betchenor 1833
Elizabeth Wolfe John Damery 1843
Elizabeth Woulfe Allyn Brady 1777
Elizabeth Woulfe Robert Brien 1812
Elizabeth Woulfe  George Burchill 1839
Elizabeth Wolf John Bennett 1753
Elizabeth Woulfe Roger Madden 1832
Elizabeth Woulfe  James Wagner 1800
Elizabeth Woulfe Robert Swanton 1782
Elizabeth Woulfe Charles Warner 1790
Eliza Wolfe Henry Williamson 1844
Eliza Woulfe Richard Woulfe 1802
Ellen Woulfe William Bryan 1842
Ellen Woulfe Josias Bennett 1842
Ellen Woulfe Thomas Williams 1807
Ellen Wolfe Fred. Emery 1812
Ellen Wolfe Benj. Roberts 1822
Ellen Wolfe Stephen Dealy 1839
Elinor Wolfe John Wright 1780
Esther Wolf Wm. Hickson 1801
Hannah Wolfe Attiwell Hayes 1768
Hannah Wolfe Robert Good 1803
Hannah Wolfe Joseph Reynolds 1843
Hannah Woulfe John Wolfe 1761
Hester Wolfe Edw. Roycroft 1820
Hester Wolfe William Warner 1825
Hester Woulfe Thomas Attridge 1759
Hester Woulfe Samuel Wright 1757
Hester Wolfe James Wolfe 1825
James Wolfe Hester Wolfe 1825
James Woulfe Avis Woulfe 1829
James Wolfe Mary Anne Bernard 1827
James Wolfe Jane Copithorn 1828
Jane Wolfe Richard Forbes 1818
Jane Woulfe Richard Willis 1779
Jane Woulfe Robert Miller 1778
Jane Wolfe George Wagner 1832
John Wolfe Hannah Woulfe 1761
John Woulfe Mary Kingston 1809
John Wolfe Jane Parrott 1786
John Woulfe Dorcas Noall 1776
John Woulfe Elizabeth Good 1779
John Wolfe Elizabeth Deans 1787
John Wolfe Ann Lavers 1795
John Wolfe Elizabeth Wilson 1796
John Wolfe Elizabeth McCarthy 1807
John Wolfe Elizabeth Beamish 1828
John Wolfe Sarah Swanton 1827
John Wolfe Anne Maine 1837
John Wolfe Ellen Roberts 1844
John Wolfe Anne Hamilton 1835
John Wolfe Anne Willis 1862
John Woolfe Elizabeth Doharty 1737
Jonas Wolfe Jane Hungerford 1818
Jonathan Wolfe Elizabeth Wolfe 1814
Joseph Wolfe Hannah Morgan 1769
Joseph Wolfe Susanna Stanley 1793
Joseph Wolfe Avis Levis 1804
Joseph Woulfe Anne Willis 1831
Joseph Wolfe Susanna Caverly 1828
Joseph Wolfe Elizabeth Fuller 1824
Joseph Wolfe Anne Sames 1842
Joseph Woulf Hester Willis 1761
Martha Wolfe Ignatius Hoffman 1804
Mary Anne Wolfe John Burke 1824
Mary Wolfe Robert Ferguson 1754
Mary Wolfe Thomas Dean 1806
Mary Wolfe Stephen Wright 1811
Mary Wolfe John Bryan 1822
Mary Wolfe Abraham Haynes 1834
Mary Wolfe Richard Stout 1844
Mary Wolfe Richard Sweetnam 1844
Mary Woolf Benjamin Shorten 1768
Mary Woulfe George Gosnell 1790
Mary Wolfe  James Wright 1793
Mary Woulfe William Shannon 1829
Michael Wolfe

Elizabeth Northridge

Michael Woulfe Mary Shea 1774
Michael Woulfe Mary Ann Mahony 1776
Rebecca Wolfe Jonathan Eddy 1766
Rebecca Wolfe Edward Jermyn 1814
Rebecca Wolfe John Denny 1823
Rebecca Wolfe Moses Adderly 1832
Richard Woulfe Anne Fuller 1817
Richard Wolfe Frances Tyner 1843
Richard Wolfe Lydia Roberts 1830
Richard Woulfe Eliza Woulfe 1802
Richard Woulfe Mary Hayes 1786
Robert Wolfe Eliza Deane


Robt. Travers Wolfe Catherine Pattison 1838
Rosanna Woolf William Swanton 1768
Samuel Woulfe Margaret Swanton 1841
Sarah Wolfe Joseph Appelbe 1813
Sarah Roche (alias Wolfe) Edmond Roche 1820
Sarah Woulfe Thomas End 1779
Sarah Wolfe William Jenkins 1820
Sarah Wolfe William. Jennings 1820
Sarah Wolfe George Thompson 1835
Sarah Wolfe James Brien 1837
Thomas Wolfe Sarah Eedy


Thomas Wolfe Mary Bateman 1788
Thomas Wolfe Rebecca Unkles 1777
Thomas Wolfe Lydia Eedy 1817
William Wolfe Ellen Jermyne 1779
William Wolfe Sarah Roberts 1791
William Wolfe Ellen Roberts 1838
William Wolfe Ann Ahern 1797
William Woulfe Mary Bird 1823
William Woulfe Mary Mehegan 1841
William Woulfe Margaret Mehegan 1803
William Woulfe Jane Swanton 1836
William Wolfe Ellen Roberts 1791
William Wolfe Eliza Starkey or Stanley? 1802
William Wolfe Eliza Gillman 1825
William Wolfe Grace O'Hara 1834
William Woolf Ellinor McGivirin 1778
William Wolf Elinor Wren 1744
Catherine Wolfe John Hoskins 1679
Anne Woulfe John Young 1750
Elizabeth Woulfe  Alexander Phoenix 1745
Priscilla Woulfe Tilbury Grey 1749
Robert Woulfe Mary Quinn 1738


Parish of Kilmeen register
Feb 11 1823 John Denny of Phale married Rebecca Wolffe of Caherkirky.

Tithes 1834 in the Barony of  Kinalmeaky, Civil Parish of Templemartin and Poor Law Union of Bandon
QUARRY, Benjamin, 5, c35 acres

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Some marriage licences of interest for the Jermyn(e) and Wolfe surname

Alleyn Charles Jnr Rebecca Jermyn 1693
Alleyn Wolfe Jane Jennings 1821
Rebecca Wolfe Edward Jermyn 1814
William Wolfe Ellen Jermyne 1779

Other marriage licences for related names

Thomas Beamish Jane Kingston 1726
Jonathan Eddy Elizabeth Bateman 1742
William Bateman Amy Kingston 1750
John Beamish Mary Good 1736
Sarah Beamish Thomas Bennett Jnr 1739
Mary Eddy Stephen Clark 1746
Mary Eddy Thomas French 1741
Mary Good (wid) Edward Unkles 1703
Margaret Eddy Jeremiah Kingstone 1710
John Unckels Elizabeth Raymond 1720
John Unckles  Rebecca Glass 1733
Rachel Uncles Samuel Raymond 1715
Rachel Uncles William Raymond Jnr 1743

Marriage Licence Grants Diocese of Killaloe Co Clare

Woulfe Alicia ? ?




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