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Griffith's Valuation

Wolfe/Woulfe Entries for County Cork
Index to Griffith's Valuation of Ireland, 1848-1864

The Griffith's Valuation entries were extracted from the CD-ROM.  It has been noted that the disk has some omissions and errors. Check these entries against the microfiche.

Surname Given Parish Townland
Wolfe Anne Fanlobbus Dunmanway South Tn , Dunmanway Green West
Wolfe Anne Skull Cooragurteen
Wolfe Anne Skull Stouke
Wolfe Daniel Magourney Madrid Coachford Village
Wolfe Edward Abbeystrowry Coronea
Wolfe Edward Ardfield Moneennamucky
Wolfe Evas Skull Stouke
Wolfe James Ballinaboy Ballyhooleen
Wolfe James Ross Derryduff
Wolfe James Skull Cooragurteen
Wolfe James Skull Shanavagh
Wolfe James Skull Stouke
Wolfe John Castleventry Cooloraheen
Wolfe John Castleventry Inchinattin
Wolfe John Durrus Rooska West
Wolfe John Rathbarry Cahorbeg
Wolfe John Skull Stouke
Wolfe Joseph Abbeystrowry Town of Skibbereen Bridgetown
Wolfe  Joseph Creagh Gortnaclohy T. Skibbereen North-Street
Wolfe Joseph Durrus Clashadoo
Wolfe Joseph Durrus Rooska West
Wolfe Joseph Skull Ballycummisk
Woolfe Joseph Caheragh Mullaghmore
Wolfe Lydia Kilgarriff Scartagh T. Clonakilty Barrack-Street
Wolfe Mary Ballymoney Derrigra T. Ballyneen
Wolfe Mary St. Marys Shandon Man's Lane Cork
Comment : Lodgers
Wolfe Robert Kilgarriff Tawnies Upper
Wolfe Robert Kilmacabea Ballyroe
Wolfe Robert Ross Curraheen
Wolfe Robert Ross Maul
Wolfe Samuel, Jr. Skull Stouke
Wolfe Samuel, Sr Skull Stouke
Wolfe Thomas Rathbarry Kilkeran
Wolfe William Abbeystrowry Town of Skibbereen Bridgetown
Wolfe William Abbeystrowry Town of  Skibbereen Bridgetown-Quay
Wolfe William Castleventry Cooloraheen
Wolfe William Creagh Gortnaclohy T Skibbereen North-Street
Wolfe William Kilmacabea Cashel
Wolfe William Kilmeen Derreen
Wolfe William Skull Ballycummisk
Wolfe William Skull Ballycummisk
Commenmt: Postmaster
Wolfe William Skull Ballydehob
Wolfe William Skull Ballydehob T Ballydehob
Wolfe William Skull  Clashmore
Wolfe William Skull Cooragurteen
Wolfe William Skull Foilnamuck
Wolfe William Skull  Shanavagh
Woulfe Edward Desertserges Farrannasheshery
Woulfe Elizabeth Kilmocomoge Town of Bantry Main Street
Wolfe William Ballymoney Kilvurra
Woulfe George Kilmeen Milleennagun
Woulfe James Aghadown Drisheen
Woulfe Jane Dromdaleague Moyny, Upper
Woulfe Jane Kilmeen Kilmeen
Woulfe Richard Aghadown Drisheen
Woulfe Richard Aghadown Mallavonea
Woulfe Richard Kilnagross Gallanes
Woulfe Richard Kinneigh Ballaghanure
Woulfe Robert Drinagh Coomatallin
Woulfe Robert Drinagh Curraghalicky
Woulfe Robert Kilgarriff Scartagh
Woulfe Thomas Dromdaleague Moyny Upper
Woulfe Thomas Kilmeen Lisnabrinny
Woulfe William Desertserges Farrannasheshery
Woulfe William Myross Bawnlahan
Woulfe William Skull Ballydehob T  Ballydehob



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