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1809-1870 Abstracts from

Ballymoney Parish Records

Events are for christenings which can be public or private; marriages which can be by banns or by license and burials. Abbreviations used are priv: private; pub: public; bns: bans lic: license; bur: burial; conf: confirmaton.

Date Event Name Parent (s) or Spouse Sponsors 


1809 Nov 19 C. priv Martha James Fuller    
1808 Nov 10 C. pub. James William Cue   
1809 Nov 22 C. priv George Thomas Wright   
1808 Dec 2 C. priv John William Farr   
1808 Dec 10 C. priv Susanna George Sealy   
1808 Dec 10 C. priv Thomas Thomas Connell     
1008 Dec 14 C. priv. Anne Francis Peyton   
1809 Mar 5 C. pub Rebecca William Wolf  [Wolfe]   
1809 Mar 20 C. pub John Richard Gabriel   
1809 Apr 13 C. priv John Richard Wright   
1809 May 1 C. priv Lea Edward Swan   
1809 Jul 16 C. priv Benjamin George Tanner   
1809 Sep 7 C. priv Sarah George Crowley   
1809  Sep 17 C. priv Samuel Robert Anglin   
1809 Nov 5 C. priv. Fanny William Bottimer [Butimer]    
1809 Nov 11 C. priv. Rachel William Fuller    
1809 Nov 25 C. priv. James John  Bradfield   
1809 Dec 18 C. priv. Elizabeth Thomas Burchill   
1827 Oct 21 C. priv Eliza McCarthy Barter    
1827 Nov 28 C. priv George Geroge Damery   
1827 Dec 2 C. priv Marian Richard Unckles   
1828 Jan 21 C. priv Thomas Thomas Damery   
1828 Feb 3 C. priv Mary John and Frances King   
1828 Feb 3 C. priv Catherine William Connor   
1828 Feb 15 C. priv Benjamin John Squoffil     
1828 Feb 17 C. pub. Anne Sarah Edward Good        
1828  Feb 20 C. priv Elizabeth Joseph Fuller         
1828 Feb 21 C. priv Samuel William. Milner        
1829 Dec 10 C. priv Catherine Richard Damery      
1829 Dec 27 C. priv Thomas Thomas Wolf [Wolfe]   
1830 Feb 3 C. priv Mary John and Frances King    
1829 Feb 3 C. priv Catherine William Connor   
1829 Feb 21 C. priv Samuel William Milner   
1820 Mar24 C. priv Jane Richard Damery  
1830 Apr 11 C. priv. Anne James Good.         
1830 Apr 11 C. priv Eliza Jane Parr Cotter  
1830 May 5 C. priv Anne William Milner  
1830 May 9 C. priv. Joseph Joseph Good      
1830 May 9 C. priv. Anne John Good  
1830 Apr 23 C. priv. Samuel

John Roberts


1830 May 11

C. priv. Mary John Denny  
1830 July 20 C. priv. Ellen John Jagoe   
1830 Aug 5 C. priv. James John Ellis   
1830 Sep 12 C. pub Jane John Suel   
1834 Jan 30 C. priv. Margaret Richard and Mary Damery      
1834 Jan30 C. priv Andrew John and Margaret Damery   
1834 Mar 9 C. priv Adam Joseph and Eliza Patterson     
1834 Mar 26 C. priv William Richard & ? Rynald ?            
1834 Apr 26 C. priv Mary Abel Wolf [Wolfe] of Kilvurra         
1834 Nov 13 C. pub Susanna James Shiel        
1835 Dec 2 C. priv Rebecca Jane William Peyton        
1835 Nov C. priv Eliza Jon Roberts         
1835 Nov ? C. pub. Anne Robert Good            
1836 May 18 C. priv Anne Abel Wolf  [Wolfe] of Kilvurra         
1836 May 18 C. priv Jane John Jagoe of Ballineen       
1836 June C. pub Judith Francis Hennigan          
1836 July C. priv James John and Margaret Damery of Ballineen          
1844 Jan 9 C. priv Ellen Daniel  and Jane Hurley of Granure        
1844 Jan 21 C. pub William James and Julia Connolly of Ballineen Richard Damery, William Farr ?, Mary Sullivan
1844 Jan 28 C. pub James James and Mary Dammery of Corram Thos and William Damery; Mary Wolfe
1844 Feb 13 C. pub. Eliza Isaac and Mary Peyton Mrs Morgan, Frances Peyton, ? Wolfe
1844 Mar C. pub Jane Thomas and Eliza Damery of Ballymoney  
1844 Apr 28 C. pub William John and Mary Ellis Mrs E. Elllis, James Damery of Corram,and James Damery
1844 June 2
b. 13 May
C. pub David John William Sherrwald?  and Matilda, his wife of Ennikeane Cottage Rev. John Leech of Mayo, Rev F Brady of Gardville Mrs Mgt.  Beecher
1844 June 28 C. pub Sarah Thomas and Eliza Godsil Mrs J Burchill, John Good and his sister
1846 May 24 C. priv. Anne James and Mary Good Rebecca Parrot, Alice Deane and Thomas Good.
1846 May 11 C. pub George Charles Joshua and Mary Beamish James Walker, Charles Kingston, Hester Beamish
1846 May 11 C. pub Joshua Joshua and Mary Beamish Michael Milner, Joshua Beamish, Eliza Burchill
1846 June 14 C. priv. Mary John and Eliz Damery of Corran Wlm Shiel, Anne Northridge and Ellen Wolfe
1846 June 14 C. priv John John and Eliz Damery of Corran Mrs Damery, Thomas Wolfe, Ann Northridge
1846 Aug 9 C priv James James and Julia Connell  
1846 Aug 9 C. priv Mary Isaac Peyton and Margaret Peyton of Balineen Richard. Jagoe, ? Fuller and ? Wolfe
1846 Aug 14 C. priv James Thomas and Eliza Farr  
1846 Sep7 C. priv Richard Michael  and Mary Milner  
1846 Oct 18 C. pub Harriet James and Susan Cue Thomas Jenkins, Richard Farr, . Cue
1846 Nov 16 C. pub. Robert John and Mary Ellis  
1848 Nov 12 C. pub Augustus James and Anne Hornibrook of Kilmeen Samuel Nash, Samuel and Rebecca Hornibrook.
1849 Mar 10 C. pub  Anne John and Eliza Damery of Corran William and Mary Damery, Susan Wolfe
1849 May 17
b. 2 Apr
 C. pub  Shaw  Thomas and Francis Alicia Gillman of Ballineen Edward and Anne Shaw and T Gillman 
1849 Mar 10 C. pub Anne John and Eliza Damery of Corran Wlm Damery, May Damery, Susan Wolf  [Wolfe]
1849 Mar 28 C. priv John William and Mary Stanley of Curricrowley  
1849 pril 3 C. priv George John and Susan Sealy Knockanedy  
1849 May 17 C. pub Shaw Thomas and Frances Alicia Gilman of Balineen Edward and Anne Shaw and T. Gilman
1949 Aug 12 C. pub Richard James John and Maryanne Good of Phale  William Philips, Geo. Stanley and Mrs. William Denny
New Church: St Paul's consecrated  by James, Lord Bishop of the Diocese -  with 20 Clergy assisting 
1849 Sep 16 C. pub George James and May Riley George Jennings , Mary Jennings and child's father
1949 Sep 23 b.2 Sep C. pub Catherine George and Eliza Ahern  Sarah Paine, Geo. Ahern, Anne Ahern
1849 Oct 14 C. pub Fanny Francis Stanley Samuel A Burchill, Sarah Stanley
1849 Nov 25 C. pub Frances Sarah Michael and Mary A Williams of Granure  Sarah Eedy, Eliza Morgan, William Wolf   [Wolfe]
1856 Oct 10
b. Oct 1
C. Eliza William and Eliza Milner, a farmer of Edincurra, Ballinacarriga Curate: Wlm. R. Mangan
1856  Nov 16
b. mid Oct .
C. Mary Field  - a foundling left at Shanavagh. Curate: Wlm. R. Mangan
1857 Jan  25
b. 1856 Dec 6
  C. priv. Ellen Germ?n sic [Jermyn] Robert and Maria Wolfe farmer of Miel, Rosscarberry   Curate Wlm. R Mangan, Richard Wolfe , Ellen Emery and Anne Wolfe.
1857 Apr 12
b. 1857 Apr 5
C. priv. Catherine John  and Catherine McCarthy - land holder of the Cross, Ballineen Curate Wlm. R Mangan. Sps Jane Patterson, Eliza & John Carthy
1857 Apr 19
b. 1857 Jan 30
C. priv Frances Jane James & Margaret Walmsley, a land holder and Constabulary of Police, Ballineen Curate Wlm. R Mangan. Sps. Hry. & Mary Ann Harris, Mary Walmsley
1857 May 3
b. 1857 Apr 13
C.priv Edward Hayes Thorn Charles and Eliza Morrison M.D.? and Mill owner of  Ballinacarriga Curate Wlm. R Mangan.
1857 June 18
b. 1857 May 28
C. priv Catherine Henry (gent) and Louisa  Deciv? of Phale House Curate Wlm. R Mangan.
1857 Sep 27
b  1857 Sep 13
C. priv Abraham Benjamin and Mary Scholefield, a farmer of Knockaneady Rector: ? Butcher.  Sps. John Shorten , Robert Scholefiekd and Anne Bennett


Date Event/age Given Name Surname Residence
1908 Dec 11 bur William  Gay Nil
1808 Dec 29 bur William  Wright  Ballihaneen sic
1809 Mar 20 bur Anna dau of John Gabriel   
1809 May12 bur Rebecca dau of Andrew Poole Snr Esq.   
1809 May13 bur Jane dau of George Tanner   
1809 May14 bur Elizabeth dau of Andrew Poole Snr Esq.   
1809 Sep 5 bur Agnes dau of William Hallyburton   
1809 Sep 27 bur Unnamed   dau of William Jennings    
1830 Jan 2 bur. Mrs Frances         
1830 May 11 bur Mrs Collins, a widow   
1834 Jan 30 Bur. Mary wife of Richard Damery Ballineen
1844 Jan 4 Bur Thomas Ellis       Shanavagh  
1844 Feb 19 Bur. 70 yrs Mary Wood           
1844 Mar 3 Bur 30? yrs John Damery     Corran
1844 June18 Bur. 16 yrs Thomas Coombs        
1848 Nov 12 bur. 52 yrs Peter Hallyburton     Enniskeane
1849 Jan 30 bur. abt 63 Mary Farr     Ballineen
1849 Feb 15 bur. 2 yrs Joseph George Peyton son William Peyton Bandon
1849 Feb 16 bur. 69 yrs Elizabeth Poole Beamish     Kilmaloda House
1849 Feb 26 bur. 65 yrs James Jenkins     Ballineen
1849 Mar 23 bur. 45 yrs John Ellis    Shanavagh
1849 Mar 30 bur.   ? Shorten          Dunmanway
1849 Apr 28 bur 86 yrs Grace Farr Fortrobert
1849 May 5 bur 42 yrs John Daunt    Kinneighaged
1849 Jul 25 bur 90 yrs John Collins   Ballineen
1849 Sep 4 bur John infant son of Joseph and Mary Fuller      
1869 Jul 28  bur 4 yrs Henry  Beamish Clonakilty
1869 Jul 28 bur. 3 yrs Edith  Beamish Clonakilty
1869 Dec 4 bur  60 yrs  Mary                           Wolf  [Wolfe] Ballyneen 
1869 Dec 15 bur. 89 yrs Mary Gabriel   Desertserges        
1869 Dec 16 bur. 26 yrs George Fuller Cork
1870 Feb 5 bur  65yrs James Fuller Clonragne Parish of Kennleigh
1870 May 9 bur. 23 yrs  Robert  Good Bandon


Date Event Groom Bride Witnesses
1827 Oct 16 M bns Richard Damery Mary Tanner          
1827 Oct 17 M. bns Thomas Hinigan Mary Donovan        
1827 Nov 13 M lic Robert McGivern Jessie Mullen (both of Dunmanway       
1827 Nov 13 M lic John Wolfe Rebecca Nash     
1828 Feb 7 M lic John Beamish Eleanor Kearny     
1828 Feb 12 M. bns ? Far ? Far       
1830 Oct 26 M. Bns Frances Peyton Dora   ?       
1844 Apr 14 M lic. George Good of Ballineen Mary Gibson of Ballineen          
1846 Aug 11 M. bns John Regan Mary Good both of Ballymoney       
1847 Aug 25 M. lic Joseph Fuller of Ballineen Mary Williams       
1849 Aug 29 M. bns Archibald Campbell   Eliza Good of Ballineen          


Date Event Given Name Surname      
1848 Oct conf. Anne Good      
1848 Oct conf. Rebecca Hornibrook      
1848 Oct conf. Elizabeth Morgan     
1848 Oct conf. Anne Farr   
1848 Oct conf. Eliza Damery   
1848 Oct conf. Lilly Callaghan     
1848 Oct conf. Mary Sheehan     





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